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Thinking of getting a dog? Ever considered adopting and rescuing a dog from the streets? Our rescued dogs are waiting to be brought home by a loving family.

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Updated Jul 2020.

Adora HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)

* Female
* Local crossbreed
* 5 years old
* Pee pad & grass trained
* Calm, good on leash

You might not be able to tell from her smiley face that Adora has actually gone through hell. She was plunged into despair when her owners dumped her far away from home, and was reduced to skin and bones by the time we saved her. We have helped her to heal physically,   but Adora has a lot of fear an anxiety caused by her past experience of being abused and neglected.

This is her story.

Adora is slow to warm up, and may take months before she trusts you. 
Sudden movements can also startle her enough for her to bare her teeth, sometimes without warning. It's fear driven, and can we blame her, after all that she has gone through? However, once she trusts and accepts you, you will have a very loyal and intelligent dog. But this trust is hard earned.

We are looking for someone whom she can trust to overcome her fear and to teach her the way to love and show affection. Potential adopters must be VERY experienced, VERY patient, willing to put in time for training and most importantly of all, be able to love her for who she is.

We hope that after all she had suffered, she can find a place she can call home soon.

Harper HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)
*Special Needs Dog

* Local crossbreed, Female, 8 years old (born with a broken spine)
* Vaccinated 

* Moves about with her wheelchair, incontinent
* Good with children
* Good with dogs

Born with a severe handicap in her lower spine that cripples her from the waist down, six-week-old Harper was crawling on her chest and dragging her hind legs painfully over rough gravel when she was first spotted in a construction site on Jurong Island. It was so hard for her to search for food, that she had to swallow gravel and metal pins to alleviate the gnawing hunger in her stomach sometimes. Such was the hard life that baby Harper had.

Her fate changed for the better when Mr. Aziz, a kind Muslim man who worked in that area, brought her to HOPE’s attention. With the fosterers and volunteers’ love and patience, Harper is now a changed dog. She is much happier and clearly enjoys the new lease of life given to her. After the rescue, Harper went through two more unfortunate episodes that threatened to take her away from us – a chest infection due to the haze, and a blockage in her stomach, but she braved them all, valiantly and admirably, just like a warrior. Since then, her health condition has improved a lot, though she is still wobbly and unable to control her pee and poo. She has been attending regular hydrotherapy and acupuncture sessions to help build muscles and stimulate her nerves. She is now able to walk for a few minutes unaided.
She is a year old, and is a bundle of joy to all those who have had the good fortune to meet her. She is sweet-natured, fun-loving and as playful as can be. We hope to find someone who can give her a loving home and the proper care that she deserves. Would you be that someone?
Read about our little ray of hope here and here.

Matilda HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)

* Local crossbreed, female, 7 years old
* Sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped
* Pee pad trained
* Affectionate, playful
* Good with calm and older children
* Good with dogs

Matilda is a beauty both on the outside, and in. Physically, she stands out with her unique brindle coat. And inside, she is a big goofball who just wants to love and be loved on. However, Matilda is an anxious dog and she is easily spooked in unfamiliar environments and situations.

Matilda had a rough start in life, living in a vacated factory that used to deal with heavy metals. She was picked up for a bloated tummy and was later discovered to be suffering from lead poisoning. She has since recovered and is very healthy, except for a mild thyroid which requires half-yearly vet reviews. So far, her reviews in the past 3 years have been good and she is on medication to maintain her condition. Maybe it was the lead poisoning that caused her anxiety, as studies have been shown the relationship between lead exposure and anxiety in humans. Or maybe not. Just as there are anxious humans, there are anxious dogs.

Matilda is very playful at home, which she considers her safe haven, but is skittish and easily spooked when outside. At 23kg, though only a medium-sized dog, she can tug the leash very hard when her flight instinct kicks in. What she needs is a patient handler who has experience dealing with skittish dogs, and one who is also physically strong enough to withstand her tugs. She will not be suitable for households with very young children as she is afraid of loud noises. 
As she is spooked by loud noises, even at home, her new family needs to ensure that the main door is securely closed at all times as any loud noise beyond anyone's control may cause her to run out of the home in order to escape the perceived threat.

If you have experience handling strong, skittish dogs, and have space in your home and your heart for another dog, why not give Matilda a chance? She will charm you just as she has charmed us, once she opens up to you.

Read her story here.

Tako (Not HDB Approved)

* Male
* Local crossbreed
* 7-8 years old
* Sterilized
* Big-sized, weighs about 30kg
* Very energetic. Plays well with some of the regular dogs but tends  to test the new ones.
* Does not engage with strangers well, requires time to get familiar with new faces.
* For experienced foster/adopter
* Bite history

Tako is a misunderstood dog that, more than anything, needs good humans to see beyond his exterior to the dog that he is inside and treat him well.

Tako was one of the famous Bukit Batok puppies who lived on the hill near Bukit Batok MRT station. Read here
Rescued with his siblings when he was just a few weeks old from deep inside the forest, he was adopted when he was 3 months old. He was then surrendered by his owner in 2019 when Tako was about 6-7 years old.

Tako comes from a line of feral dogs and thus, has very little trust in humans. His entire litter of siblings have been known to show aggression with people and dogs. He is presently in a commercial boarding facility as it is near impossible to find a foster home for him.  He would greatly benefit with an experienced foster who can help him get over his trust issues with humans. If you are experienced in handling dogs like Tako and would like to foster, or better yet, adopt him, please email


* Male
* Local crossbreed
* About 8 years old
* Medium-sized, weighs about 22 Kg
* Walks well on leash. Grass trained but knows how to use the pee pad
* Not sterilized. Vaccinated
* Friendly, no aggression with humans
* Territorial with other dogs so best in a single pet household
* Skin allergy

Sharpei is a sweet-natured dog. You have to be tough to survive on the 
streets. But Sharpei was so sweet that he used to end up being bullied by the other strays.Our volunteers had been feeding Sharpei as a stray for a while and only decided to rescue him when they noticed that he had an eye injury.

Sharpei loves human attention, and is very affectionate with humans. He is not as good with other dogs, most likely because he used to be bullied by them and his first instinct when meeting other dogs is to defend himself.

That is not to say that he cannot play nice with other dogs, just that he needs to be introduced to them slowly. Sharpei does have some skin problems which could be due to either a food or environmental allergy. When his allergies flare up, it can result in a doggy scent that people with sensitive noses might find hard to tolerate. There are treatments available for skin allergies but they require commitment to administer which is a challenge in a boarding situation.

He is  currently in boarding because we do not have experienced fosters who can take in a rescued dog who has never lived in a home environment before. It is such a pity that he's locked up in boarding because he really is a very friendly dog who absolutely loves to be in the company of people and would make for a very loyal companion. If you would
like to give this goofy cuddlebug a chance, please email