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Updated May 2021.

Adora HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)

* Female
* Local crossbreed
* 8+ years old
* Pee pad & grass trained
* Calm, good on leash

You might not be able to tell from her smiley face that Adora has actually gone through hell. She was plunged into despair when her owners dumped her far away from home, and was reduced to skin and bones by the time we saved her. We have helped her to heal physically,   but Adora has a lot of fear an anxiety caused by her past experience of being abused and neglected.

This is her story.

Adora is slow to warm up, and may take months before she trusts you. 
Sudden movements can also startle her enough for her to bare her teeth, sometimes without warning. It's fear driven, and can we blame her, after all that she has gone through? However, once she trusts and accepts you, you will have a very loyal and intelligent dog. But this trust is hard earned.

We are looking for someone whom she can trust to overcome her fear and to teach her the way to love and show affection. Potential adopters must be VERY experienced, VERY patient, willing to put in time for training and most importantly of all, be able to love her for who she is.

We hope that after all she had suffered, she can find a place she can call home soon.

Harper HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)
*Special Needs Dog

* Local crossbreed, Female, 10 years old (born with a broken spine)
* Vaccinated 

* Moves about with her wheelchair, incontinent
* Good with children
* Good with dogs
Born with a severe handicap in her lower spine that cripples her from the waist down, six-week-old Harper was crawling on her chest and dragging her hind legs painfully over rough gravel when she was first spotted in a construction site on Jurong Island. It was so hard for her to search for food, that she had to swallow gravel and metal pins to alleviate the gnawing hunger in her stomach sometimes. Such was the hard life that baby Harper had.

Her fate changed for the better when Mr. Aziz, a kind Muslim man who worked in that area, brought her to HOPE’s attention. With the fosterers and volunteers’ love and patience, Harper is now a changed dog. She is much happier and clearly enjoys the new lease of life given to her. After the rescue, Harper went through two more unfortunate episodes that threatened to take her away from us – a chest infection due to the haze, and a blockage in her stomach, but she braved them all, valiantly and admirably, just like a warrior. Since then, her health condition has improved a lot, though she is still wobbly and unable to control her pee and poo. She has been attending regular hydrotherapy and acupuncture sessions to help build muscles and stimulate her nerves. She is now able to walk for a few minutes unaided.
Harper is 9 years old and a bundle of joy to all those who have had the good fortune to meet her. She is sweet-natured, fun-loving and as playful as can be. We hope to find someone who can give her a loving home and the proper care that she deserves. Would you be that someone?
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  • Female Shih Tzu
  • 10 years old
  • A little chilli-padi-ness, but she has a warm and brave heart
  • Loves to play with squeaky toys and go for walks
  • Ear cancer
  • Sterilized, microchipped
  • Grass and pee pad trained
Olive came to us with a massive ear wound on 9 September 2022. It was diagnosed in late September by a vet that she has squamous cell carcinoma, a type of cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes. It's
very sad because she is young and healthy except for her cancer and moderate heart murmur. Surgery was performed on 27 September 2022 to remove her cancerous tumour from her ear.

On the home front, she has been doing well overall. She loves to go for her walks, just so eager to step out on her own as she seems to have discovered the joy in her daily walkies!

Olive is also curious and appears to like toys that make sounds as she has been eyeing a toy that her temporary foster’s dog plays with that has a baby rattle! Olive is also a clever escape artist as she discovered a way out of her enclosure by squeezing her way under the TV rack and inspired the other dog in the house to follow her lead! It seems Olive has a lot of personality and it is now starting to shine through.

She does still have times when she is grouchy and can be defensive and snap if you approach her then, especially her ears, feet and face. We believe this may be on account of the pain she suffers from, as she has an open gaping wound on her right ear (from her tumour). Hopefully with time she can learn to tolerate being handled at all times around her face and feet. Until then, we approach her carefully (cleaning face only with thick gloves on) and when she is up for it!

Despite her little chilli-padi-ness, she also has a warm heart and one early morning went over to her temporary foster’s bed to wake them up and put her paws at the edge of the bed and started pawing to get attention. She is, after all, a dog with a brave and open heart, despite being left behind by her family and their neglect for not taking her to the vet for her huge tumour. It seems Olive is trying her best to take it in her stride and continue to fight her way to a happier future that has already begun for her!

We hope she starts thriving, despite the sad diagnosis on her ear cancer. The ear tumour and lymph nodes have been removed so hopefully it will buy her another year or two. She has been left neglected for a long time, and we hope against all odds, she can find a loving home to live out her days.

Olive is also looking for a foster, as her current temporary foster already has a dog and can't care for her long. She cannot be left alone more than 4 hours a day, needs 2 walks a day, home cooked meals 2 times a day, wound cleaning and she may snap until she builds trust.
Present temporary foster wears gloves to apply eye drops, wipe face and clean feet. If you are interested in helping Olive in her journey by fostering or adopting her, please email


* Local crossbreed, male, 17 years old
* Approximately 20 kg
* Good with humans and dogs

Zeus is a calm and collected senior dog who was found with a huge gaping wound. He also had multiple slipped discs which he had to undergo spinal surgery to treat. Zeus is a little prone to UTI. But like a true gentleman, Zeus takes all this within his slow stride with dignity. 

Zeus has a really sweet disposition and just requires a bit of extra care due to his age and related issues. Zeus' wound which we found him with, is healing well, but still requires cleaning twice a day until it is fully healed up. He will also need to be handled with care due to his spinal issues. And to minimize the risk of UTI, he should preferably go without diapers in the day when he can be watched over to prevent accidents. He should preferably not be left alone for more than 3 hours at a time. He has medication and supplements which he will need to take daily. Like all our other dogs, Zeus requires 2 home-cooked meals a day and walks at least 3 times a day on a grassy area as he is grass-trained. Being a senior dog, the walks need not be too long, just around 15 minutes as Zeus tires easily, but he can be carted around in his wagon to take in the sights and smells. He has water retention and poor circulation so his potential adopter would need to massage his limbs daily and take him for massage sessions twice a week.
If you can look past his age to the charming old soul inside, why not consider giving Zeus a loving home to live out his golden years in? 
To adopt Zeus, email