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Saving a dog is a long term commitment and we often hesitate due to lack of funds. Donations are largely received during the initial rescue with the big story on the grave injuries and pitiful eyes. However, it is the long term care after recovery which forms the bulk of the expenses. It may take months or even years for a dog to get adopted and the vet bills, monthly medication, food and boarding charges adds up to a very significant chunk of our monthly expenses.

By sponsoring a dog, you will be freeing up our resources to rescue and commit to more dogs. Sponsor a dog today and save not one but two lives. You need not sponsor the full amount and any amount is warmly welcomed :)

If you would like to sponsor, please fill up this form and we'll be in touch soon.

Thank you.


* Local crossbreed
* 2+ years old

Adora is an absolute darling. She's usually calm and will even take her medicine without complaint. She really loves her food. She also loves the company of humans and most other dogs. You might not be able to tell from her smiley face, but Adora has actually gone through a lot for such a young dog. When we rescued her, she was horribly thin and malnourished, and was too weak to even stand. She also showed signs of abuse. Today, Adora is still struggling with severe food aggression. She is fearful of strangers and panics at sudden movements, even reflexively snapping and biting sometimes. But once you gain her trust, Adora becomes very sweet and affectionate. Read about her story here. It costs $250 per month to sponsor Adora. If you would like to be Adora's sponsor, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Adora will be very grateful!


* Male
* Golden Retriever
* 13 years old

Poor Charlie was clearly a victim of abandonment. He was found leashed to a lamp post for hours. He must have been terrified. When he was found, his gums and mouth were bleeding from biting at the leash. Perhaps due to the trauma, Charlie has mild separation anxiety and will bark for a while when there’s no one around. He also has a fear of rain, thunder, and loud noises. You can read more about Charlie here. For a senior dog, Charlie is in good health. He has, however, shown early signs of cataracts and also needs supplements for his kidneys, liver, and joints. His food and medication cost $350 per month. If you would like to sponsor Charlie, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Charlie is most appreciative!


*Local crossbreed
*3 - 4 years old

Chester was found with maggot-infested wounds on his head and ears. He was shaking his head from the discomfort and pain. Thankfully, our volunteers were able to gain his trust and bring him to the vet to get his wounds checked and cleaned. Chester has since recovered, and has blossomed into a very sweet boy who is good with people and loves jogging. He is so smart and well-behaved that he even manages to keep pace! He loves food and goat's milk. You can read more about Chester’s rescue here. It costs $450 per month to sponsor Chester. If you would like to be his sponsor, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Chester thanks you!


* Local male crossbreed
* 4+ years old

Cody came from the streets, in an area with a very high culling rate. He was found with a wound on his rear. We suspect that he had encroached on the territory of other dogs, who attacked without hesitation. He was probably younger and smaller, and was lucky to get away without worse injuries. Read his story here and here. After receiving treatment at the vet, Cody was placed in a kennel as it would have been too risky to release him back onto the streets, with the threat of being caught and culled hanging over him. Today, Cody is still waiting for a forever home. He's grown up to be a strong, tall, and handsome boy. He's calm and walks extremely well on leash. It costs $450 per month for Cody's upkeep and boarding. If you would like to sponsor Cody, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Cody will be very grateful!


* Est 6-7 yrs old
* Female
* Victim of hit & run
* Do-nut give up attitude

Donut's lovely eyes hide the trauma she has endured during and after a hit & run accident. In spite of everything she has gone through, she is still sprightly, and alert with hope someone would keep her safe.  It was her enthusiasm to live that prompted Hope volunteers not to give up on her despite her spinal injury. She just had surgery, and as a special needs dog, she needs to have her bladder expressed 4 times a day & be massaged twice a week for now. 

Although Donut is unable to walk, this independent girl  doesn't  seem to be aware as she keeps trying.  Despite her condition, do-nut underestimate her zest to live. As a sweet & trusting dog, we hope to find  an adopter who shares her zest for life and is able to give her a home as well as the care she deserves. 

Donut needs about $900 a month – to cover her daily necessities such as pee pads, diapers, massage and hydrotherapy & vet reviews. If you would like to sponsor Donut, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.


Harper, a special needs dog, is currently staying with a volunteer. She is still yearning for a home and a family she can call her own. Other than being less mobile and needing a wheelchair when walking, Harper is nothing short of a sweetheart. She is on home-cooked food and her massages, diapers, pee pads, Revolution and Frontline add up to $450 per month but she has no sponsor for her expenses while waiting for her furever home. If you are willing to help sponsor Harper, please drop us an email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg and Harper will be very thankful for your help!


At 3 years old, Matilda is a bundle of sunshine. She is a cute brindle, cross-breed puppy who is  very friendly to both humans and dogs. While waiting for a permanent home, Matilda has not yet found someone to sponsor her expenses. It costs about $200 per month to care for Maltida, inclusive of food, monthly Frontline and Revolution. If you can sponsor Matilda, please contact us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg and Matilda thanks you in advance for helping her!

Sida (Partially sponsored)

Sida has yet to find her forever home.

Meanwhile, she is living in a home boarding with her hydro-therapist who has very kindly been sponsoring Sida’s hydrotherapy sessions twice a week. This has helped us greatly although we are still chalking up huge expenses with her care. Each month, Sida’s home boarding costs $350. Fortunately though, she receives 24/7 round the clock care as well as specially prepared food to suit her dietary needs. Additionally, Sida has to undergo acupuncture and massage weekly and this amounts to another $400-$600 dollars a month excluding transportation costs.

These are monthly fixed expenses which is a huge strain on our finances, especially with on-going rescues having complicated health issues which might require expensive surgeries or long term therapy / medication.

As a result, we are appealing for Sida’s boarding, acupuncture and massage sponsorship. Any amount, no matter big or small, will go a long way in allowing us to continue doing what we do. Any help is greatly appreciated and we would like to thank everybody for your generous and kind support thus far.

Please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you would like to play a part in Sida’s monthly care.


Currently, we are looking for homes for some of Uncle Seng's cats. Click here to read his storyRight now, all these cats are living at a boarding facility. We understand that they are not ideal pets for a lot of people, but we are hoping that there is a cat lover out there who will have the kindness to sponsor them, if not adopt them. Their boarding fee is $150/month for each cat.


* Female
* 10 years old
* Sterilised
* Friendly, can be petted
* Calici Virus

Nina's monthly boarding fee is $150. If you can help sponsor Nina, please contact hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg and Nina will be very thankful for your help!


* Female
* 4-5 months old
Extremely sweet and affectionate lap cat
* Energetic, loves to play

Emma's monthly boarding fee is $330. If you can help sponsor Emma, please contact hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg and Emma will be very thankful for your help!