Help Our Dogs

If you do not have the time to physically help us out, it would be great as well if you are able to provide us with the following items for our animal rescue work. 

Please email  or should you want to contribute any of the following items to us.

If you wish to sponsor one of our rescue dogs or help with vet bills, please email


The vet requires us to Frontline the strays that we bring in weekly for sterilization, as they are often tick infested.


On top of the Frontline that are applied on the stray dogs that we regularly encounter, we also apply Revolution on them to prevent a host of other parasites that they might encounter while living on 
the streets. Revolution is used to prevent the dogs from being plagued by heartworm, fleas and also mites. 

As with our Frontline, we would apply Revolution for more than 40 dogs a month, including our 
rescues. Without your help, we would not be able to upkeep this monthly Revolution application.

We use martingale collar as it helps prevent a dog from slipping out of their collar, as we find that not only are most traditional collars not effective in preventing escape, these collars have to be buckled quite tightly for it to work, sometimes making it uncomfortable for the dog. Martingale collars are 2-loop collar systems which not only sits well on the dog’s neck, it only tightens up when the dog tries to pull away.


We need thick hardy leashes as the thin ones are not strong enough to hold a stray when they struggle and we can't risk losing them.

For Maggot Wounds

We often come across dogs with injuries, mostly wounds from dogfights. We sprinkle this on them while they eat - in the hope that their wound would recover. It is also used on dogs that we can't catch, as this is the best we can do for them and hopefully their wounds don't become maggot infested.


For the little puppies with bloated tummies that we see on the streets.


You may also help feed our rescues and strays by contributing to the food fund. You may contact one of our pet food shop partners listed below and order through them. They will then deliver the food to us as and when we need it.

Nature's Gift Canned Food (700g) - available in beef, chicken and lamb.

$33.60 per carton of 12 cans or $2.80 per can.

You may purchase the food from following shops and they will deliver the food to our dogs!
Blk 221 Boon Lay Place
Boon Lay Shopping Centre Singapore 640221
Tel: 6265 8510 / 9661 6103 (Peggy)

(Call Peggy to place your orders and you can do a DBS / POSB fund transfer to the pet shop, or email us at

Here’s another hassle-free and convenient way you can now donate food for our dogs! Nekojam’s Bless a Shelter initiative allows donors to pledge pet food and supplies to HOPE, with a 10% discount on all qualifying items. Head over to their website for more details:

Rein Biotech Services is offering 1-for-1 food donations to HOPE! Credit card payments accepted. Order online here.
Food offered are Azmira and Wishbone. Delivery is provided.

Want to do your part for dogs but don’t have the time, space or energy? Well, there are many ways that you can lend a helping hand! Many of the lovely dogs at HOPE Dog Rescue are street or special needs dogs. As such, we are often short of resources and depend on the generosity of people like you.

Our collaboration with Kohepets is one avenue in which you can support us. If you can buy food and flea / tick prevention for the dogs, it would be paw-some!

Please purchase the item(s) here. We look forward to your continued support and generosity!


In support of the work we do, Perromart has listed products that allows you to contribute food for the street dogs that we feed and care for. With your support and generosity, we have been feeding these streets dogs for more than a decade. 

All you have to do is click on this link and order online
And they will deliver the food to us.

We thank you for your support.