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Updated Dec 2017.

Adora HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)

* Female
* Local crossbreed
* 4 years old
* Pee pad & grass trained
* Calm, good on leash

Adora is an absolute darling to take care of and she loves her food. She even takes her medicines without qualms! She has food aggression, due to being starved at one point in her life, but we are confident that time and trust will resolve this.

Adora is an independent girl with no separation anxiety. She loves the company of humans and most dogs.

This is her story.

You might not be able to tell from her smiley face that Adora has actually gone through alot. We hope that after all she had suffered, she can find a place she can call home soon.

Cody HDB-approved (Under Project ADORE)

* Local Male crossbreed
* 5-6 years old
* Strong, tall and handsome boy
* Calm and moderate energy
* Walks extremely well on leash
* Outdoor-trained
* Good with dogs, but needs time to warm up
* Still getting used to human contact, not tested with children

Looking for someone tall, dark and handsome? Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Cody isn't dark, but he is definitely tall and handsome!

Cody is a local crossbreed, approximately 2-3 years old. He is calm and of moderate energy. He can be a bit timid around people he does not know and is still getting used to human contact, but he is otherwise very sweet. Despite his wariness of people, he loves walks and adventures! He is outdoor trained and walks very well on leash. He does not tug or lag behind, but will let you set the pace and follow alongside you quietly. 

Cody needs a patient owner who can help him overcome his shyness in his own time. If you would like to take this shy but dashing boy home, email

Read his story here and here

Donut HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)
*Special Needs Dog

* Est 6 yrs old
* Female
* Victim of hit & run
* Do-nut give up attitude

Donut's lovely eyes hide the trauma she has endured during and after a hit & run accident. In spite of everything she has gone through, she is still sprightly, and alert with hope someone would keep her safe.  It was her enthusiasm to live that prompted Hope volunteers not to give up on her despite her spinal injury. She just had surgery, and as a special needs dog, she needs to have her bladder expressed 4 times a day & be massaged twice a week for now. 

Although Donut is unable to walk, this independent girl  doesn't  seem to be aware as she keeps trying.  Despite her condition, do-nut underestimate her zest to live. As a sweet & trusting dog, we hope to find  an adopter who shares her zest for life and is able to give her a home as well as the care she deserves. Would you be the one to open your heart to this sweetheart Donut? 

Read about her story here.

Harper HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)
*Special Needs Dog

* Local crossbreed, Female, 6 years old (born with a broken spine)
* Vaccinated 

* Moves about with her wheelchair, incontinent
* Good with children
* Good with dogs

Born with a severe handicap in her lower spine that cripples her from the waist down, six-week-old Harper was crawling on her chest and dragging her hind legs painfully over rough gravel when she was first spotted in a construction site on Jurong Island. It was so hard for her to search for food, that she had to swallow gravel and metal pins to alleviate the gnawing hunger in her stomach sometimes. Such was the hard life that baby Harper had.

Her fate changed for the better when Mr. Aziz, a kind Muslim man who worked in that area, brought her to HOPE’s attention. With the fosterers and volunteers’ love and patience, Harper is now a changed dog. She is much happier and clearly enjoys the new lease of life given to her. After the rescue, Harper went through two more unfortunate episodes that threatened to take her away from us – a chest infection due to the haze, and a blockage in her stomach, but she braved them all, valiantly and admirably, just like a warrior. Since then, her health condition has improved a lot, though she is still wobbly and unable to control her pee and poo. She has been attending regular hydrotherapy and acupuncture sessions to help build muscles and stimulate her nerves. She is now able to walk for a few minutes unaided.
She is a year old, and is a bundle of joy to all those who have had the good fortune to meet her. She is sweet-natured, fun-loving and as playful as can be. We hope to find someone who can give her a loving home and the proper care that she deserves. Would you be that someone?
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Matilda HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)

* Local crossbreed, female, 4 years old
* Sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped
* Pee pad trained
* Affectionate, playful
* Good with calm and older children
* Good with dogs

Matilda had a rough start in life, living in a vacated factory that used to deal with heavy metals. She was picked up for a bloated tummy and was also later discovered to be suffering from lead poisoning.  She has now recovered and is very healthy, except for a slightly elevated level of lead in her blood as her body is slowly expelling it naturally.

Matilda has a unique brindle coat, and at 7 months old, already weighs 18kg. She is very sweet, playful, goofy and affectionate. She gets along well with children and other dogs. She is a food enthusiast and has an extremely healthy appetite! She is learning to walk on leash, but is easily startled by loud noises, so will require a patient family to help her gain confidence and be more assured around noise. 

Will you open your heart and home to this gentle sweetheart?

Read her story here.

Currently, we are looking for homes for some of Uncle Seng's cats. Click here to read his story. When we first took in these cats, they were very afraid and unfriendly. They had lived their whole lives in a secluded factory, and Uncle Seng was the only human they ever knew. We thought they were semi-feral at first. But over time, as they got used to human interaction, they have become more friendly, and even trusting.

Right now, all these cats are living at a boarding facility. However, they're all old and sick, and desperately need a real home. We understand that they are not ideal pets for a lot of people, but we are hoping that there is a cat lover out there, who will have the kindness to share his/her home with these needy senior cats.


* Female
* 10 years old
* Sterilised
* Friendly, can be petted
* Calici Virus

* Male
* 12 years old
* FIV+
* Sterilised