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Whoever said money can't buy happiness has never paid an adoption fee!

Thinking of getting a dog? Ever considered adopting and rescuing a dog from the streets? Our rescued dogs are waiting to be brought home by a loving family.

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Adoption fee applies. 

* Updated on Feb 2024

🐶  Adopter Criteria 🐶
  1. Our dogs are on home cooked food twice daily because it is healthier (unless medically the dog requires prescription food). It can be a simple fare consisting of boiled meat and vegetables.
  2. The dog is to be given at least 2 walks each day, about 20-30mins slow walk for exercise and mental stimulation. Never off leash outside.
  3. Be financially prepared for pet ownership. As vet bills are increasingly expensive, you must be committed to the dog's medical care during its lifespan.
  4. Take preventive measures to reduce potential risks at home for the dog, and making your home safe.
  5. If you have an existing dog, please be ready to separate them in the beginning, then slowly introduce for a successful integration. We do not expect the dogs to get along right away so patience is needed. Meeting outside on neutral grounds is quite different from a place where your dog considers it her/his personal territory.
  6. Our adoption fee is $350 for dogs age 4 and above. For younger dogs, it will be $500.
  7. Upon adoption, we require the adopter to register the dog with AVS for a dog licence (this is a requirement under AVS rules)
To adopt, please fill out this form.  Shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Adora HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)

* Female
* Local crossbreed
* 8+ years old
* Pee pad & grass trained
* Calm, good on leash

You might not be able to tell from her smiley face that Adora has actually gone through hell. She was plunged into despair when her owners dumped her far away from home, and was reduced to skin and bones by the time we saved her. We have helped her to heal physically,   but Adora has a lot of fear and anxiety caused by her past experience of being abused and neglected. This is her story.

Adora is slow to warm up, and may take months before she trusts you. Sudden movements can startle her enough for her to bare her teeth, sometimes without warning. It's fear driven, and can we blame her, after all that she has gone through? However, once she trusts and accepts you, you will have a very loyal and intelligent dog. But this trust is hard earned.

We are looking for someone whom she can trust to overcome her fear and to teach her the way to love and show affection. Potential adopters must be VERY experienced, VERY patient, willing to put in time for training and most importantly of all, be able to love her for who she is.

We hope that after all she had suffered, she can find a place she can call home soon.

Harper HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)
*Special Needs Dog

* Local crossbreed, Female, 10 years old (born with a broken spine)
* Vaccinated 

* Moves about with her wheelchair, incontinent
* Good with children
* Good with dogs
Born with a severe handicap in her lower spine that cripples her from the waist down, six-week-old Harper was crawling on her chest and dragging her hind legs painfully over rough gravel when she was first spotted in a construction site on Jurong Island. It was so hard for her to search for food, that she had to swallow gravel and metal pins to alleviate the gnawing hunger in her stomach sometimes. Such was the hard life that baby Harper had.

Her fate changed for the better when Mr. Aziz, a kind Muslim man who worked in that area, brought her to HOPE’s attention. With the fosterers and volunteers’ love and patience, Harper is now a changed dog. She is much happier and clearly enjoys the new lease of life given to her. After the rescue, Harper went through two more unfortunate episodes that threatened to take her away from us – a chest infection due to the haze, and a blockage in her stomach, but she braved them all, valiantly and admirably, just like a warrior. 
Harper is 9 years old and a bundle of joy to all those who have had the good fortune to meet her.  Read about our little ray of hope here and here.

Banjo HDB-Approved 

* Male, Poodle, almost 17 years old 
* Severe spondylosis, partially blind and deaf 

* Playful and affectionate
* Grass trained
Banjo has come a long way from a skeletal dog. With love and attention, he has shown us that he is wonderful sweet loving dog despite his traumatic past. This is his story 

His new family must not leave him home alone for more than 3-4 hours, understand the challenges of aging issues, and have the means to provide veterinary care. Here are the things that may help you to decide if you are able to open your home and heart to this lovely endearing dog.

  • Playful especially after baths and first thing in the morning when he wakes up.
  • Very affectionate and will approach for rubs. Loves "stalking" movements.
  • Loves his walks, enjoys wind in his face. Short leash preferable. 
  • Fussy with food and fruits, will eat with food toppers. On home cooked food, loves lamb and salmon which he gets occasionally as a treat. Hand feeding may be required.
  • Sociable, loves people and dogs
  • Loves dental treats and goat's milk.
  • Will walk constantly till tired. Play pen required so that he can rest well.
  • Has good and bad days due to his spondylosis. May snap due to pain so best not to pick him up.
  • Tolerates showers if you hold under the chest with a hand.
  • 5 pee breaks daily. Belly wrap for overnight.

Holly HDB-Approved (Under Project Adore)

* Female
* Local Crossbreed, 10+ years old 

* Approximately 20kg
* Pee pad trained
Holly lived in the forest before she was rescued from a camp site, where she was seen looking for food. She was a bag of bones and had painful wounds all over her body. This is her story

She was diagnosed with heartworm, but has since recovered. No major health issues at this stage except for the occasional ear infection.

As a feral dog, Holly is still very wary of her surroundings. Her new home should have a spare room for her to decompress, and house proof for high-flight risk dogs. While she is still a little afraid of humans, she is not aggressive. If she is scared, she would retreat to her private space and avoid eye contact. Holly is a very sweet dog if you give her time to adjust to our way of life. She can co-exist with another dog within a household.

Her new family must have experience with Singapore Specials, be able to help her overcome her fear however long it takes and feed her 2-3 meals daily. She is on human grade dog food.

Russell HDB-Approved 
  • 13 years old, Male Silky Terrier
  • Weighs 5.8kg, Sterilized
  • Friendly to humans and dogs
  • Pee pad and grass trained
  • On home-cooked food twice daily, food-motivated, learns fast with food
  • Leash-trained, walks well
  • Suitable with other dogs in a household
  • Evidence of cardiac disease but no clinical signs. With medication, it can delay progression of heart disease and he can still live for many years
  • Joints seem ok now but with age may be prone to arthritis
  • Bad dental and gums. Will need a dental surgery to extract teeth and
  • repair gums in 2 months' time (HOPE will cover the cost of surgery)
  • Has not been left alone at home much so he may struggle to be alone.

As a guide, he should not be left alone for more than 4 hours as he is a senior dog after all

Russell, our first rescue of 2024 has a very sweet and mild personality - friendly, curious and makes a good housemate with other dogs. He is food motivated and will be easy to engage and reward. He also has a bit of spunk in him and can make you laugh once he gets familiar with you.
He also has zoomies at 13!!

Thanks to his foster, he has put his past behind him and is health is also on the mend. Even though it is getting harder to find senior dogs homes, we hope his sweet and mild personality will win over someone who can give him his best life after the neglect he suffered.

If you have interest to adopt, please fill out this form.

This is his backstory.

Cassidy HDB-Approved 
  • 7 years old, Female Shetland Sheepdog (ex-breeding dog)
  • Weighs 18kg, Sterilized
  • Intelligent, trainable and has a nice temperament. Shy though, so you have to give her some time to warm up
  • Finicky eater, must have patience to try different meats and vegetables. On novel protein diet - only kangaroo, venison, crocodile due to IBD
  • Grass trained
  • Requires regular brushing and grooming
  • Mild arthritis at her lower spine and hips. On monthly Cartrophen injections to provide relief from pain. Needs regular walks to strengthen her muscles
  • Abdomen ultrasound completed. Has to be on Ursofalk lifelong for her gall bladder sludge. Has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) -  part of the digestive system is inflamed.
  • Dental to be done 6 months late
Cassidy is a survivor with a heart of gold! Rescued from a breeding farm, this sweet girl is ready to embark on a new chapter of her life.

Currently, Cassidy is on a journey to recovery, addressing health issues related to her skin, ears, and dental care. She also needs time to learn to walk on a leash.

Experienced dog owners who understand Cassidy's needs and can provide her with the time and attention she deserves would be the perfect match for this special girl.

This brave girl is making strides every day and deserves a loving home where she can continue her healing journey surrounded by kindness and patience.

If you have interest to adopt, please fill out this form.

Special Needs Pups - Mickey & Beanie HDB-Approved 
  • 3 months old
  • Male Maltipoo
  • Hind legs deformed, paws turned in the wrong direction, no knee caps to support their legs, causing their knees to twist and wobble as they drag their hind legs.

They may look cute, but they are result of  poor breeding! 
These puppies require physiotherapy and orthopedic reconstructive surgery, which will be very costly. 
There is no guarantee they can walk even after all these effort, and this is 15-year commitment. 

If you have interest to adopt, please fill out this form.

James HDB-Approved 
  • 4 years old, Male Maltese
  • Weighs 3kg
  • Sweet temperament but nervous as he has not be exposed before
  • Blood has no significant abnormalities except suspected band neutropils which could be related to dental
  • Mild ear infection, mild fungal infection
  • Xrays show no significant abnormalities
  • Next vaccination due in July
  • Significant dental disease, will likely need full mouth extraction.
  • Proceeding with dental and neuter next week (Hope will pay for the treatment)
We are still learning him as he was taken out of a breeding farm a week ago. Sweet temperament, not trained. His testicles are descended and was no longer useful to the breeders. He has been caged his whole life so his new family must help him assimilate into a household routine, be patient to train and socialize him. He will be almost toothless as the vet has cautioned us that he requires a full mouth extraction.

If you have interest to adopt, please fill out this form.