Helping a senior citizen and his senior dog, Taco

At HOPE, we believe in providing veterinary assistance to dogs who belong to low-income senior citizens. Not only do dogs provide the elderly with company, but they help keep dementia at bay.

Taco at the vet for his full medical

That said, we would advise potential owners to understand that their dogs need constant love in a forever home.

Mr Akira, a low-income senior citizen with his 10-year old beagle, Taco, recently went to the vet. Transport paid by HOPE as well.

Taco is slightly overweight at 19.5kg but as Mr Akira is a doting owner who loves his dog, Taco tends to be fed more whenever he asks for food. 

Getting checked by the vet

We recently paid for a full medical check at the vet for Taco – his blood works and heart were clear, but the X-ray showed that Taco’s lungs were inflamed. His ears were badly infected, and his paws were swollen. There was also a small cyst on his left hind. The lump was bleeding and though we wanted to do a fine needle aspiration and biopsy, the vet said we would only draw blood and to wait for another time when the lump is no longer bleeding.

Swollen and itchy paws 

Mr Akira was given medication and ear gel for Taco and to return for a review in about a week or so.

HOPE has also been providing dog food and dog shampoo to Mr Akira for the past 7 years.

Would you be able to help Mr Akira with the vet bills and to help him keep his dog healthy? Vet bill was $ 657/- and pet transport $50/-.

Email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you would like to help. Thank you in advance.

Written by: Felicia Tan