No More Rescues, Sorry

It has been a stressful few months as we have been operating at full or should I say bursting capacity with almost 5 to 6 dogs at the vet at any one time. We had Cassie, Bobby and Dawn who were hospitalized for months. There was also Taz, Cody, Hiraku, Ah Mei, Milky and Kopi. This has caused a huge strain on our resources.

We need help urgently as we are currently in serious need of funds. We will not be taking in any more new rescues as we simply cannot afford it. There have been a never-ending stream of requests for help but we are unable to assist simply because we cannot afford it. It is very tough on us as we feel very guilty for every NO uttered to each request for help. Any new admission will require a deposit and although some vets do allow us some slack in terms of payment, there is a limit to the overdrawn amount. It has come to a point whereby for the first time in years, we are not even able to clear our outstanding bills.

What is even scarier is that we spent most of the spare funds we had put aside for our dogs who are in commercial boarding. We have 3 dogs who are on long term commercial boarding because no fosters / adopters have come forward for them and we could not bear to release them as they will not be able to survive as strays simply because they were rescued when they were very young or they were abandoned cases. We did not want to leave them at kennels where they would be kept in small enclosures with no human contact. Thus, we placed them in a boarding facility where they will not be caged and costs were also higher at $480/month for each dog (after discount). This is a fixed cost we incur monthly and with 3 dogs, this translates to almost $1500/month and payment for this will be due in a week’s time.

Other than rescue work, we provide kibbles and food for our weekly stray feeding of 50 dogs, food for factory caregivers and low income senior citizens, and we have a list of more than 20 dogs from various factories whom we visit monthly to apply Frontline and Revolution because it’s cheaper to prevent than to treat. We also have 3 special needs dogs who have a list of items required such as diapers, wet tissues, pee pads, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, massage and long term medical care. We have already stopped hydrotherapy and acupuncture for Matthieu and Harper but continue for SiDa as she still needs lots of support to get better. All these don’t come cheap and when there are no incoming funds, it’s a steady drain on our resources.

We are not a big rescue group with unlimited resources and we rely heavily on your kindness. When there is a dramatic new case with heart wrenching injuries, donations stream in, but afterwards, after the dog recovers, there are still mounting expenses for follow up vet reviews or therapies, which we have to pay. Harper is now 1.5 years old. When she was first rescued, she was so adorable and sweet. We received assistance initially for her medical treatment, but how many know the daily struggles in taking care of her? That she needs 8 to 10 diapers a day as she has no control over her pee / poo. Or that she needs nappy rash cream as she has rashes and sores from long term use of diapers, or that she needs medications applied on her twice a day as she has open wounds from dragging herself on days that she is just too weak to push herself up to stand. Or SiDa who goes for acupuncture only once a week because that’s all we can afford and each session costs us $132 (2 way transport $60 and the acupuncture session $72) as it’s on a weekday and we can’t find volunteers with cars to fetch her.

Or Elmo on his special diet ($35 per pack per week) or else he may still not have fur. Oscar, who is on a host of medications for his long term heart medication and permanent skin problems. And he may have liver failure re-occurrence which is extremely worrying. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but these small amounts add up and with the 19 dogs, we can no longer afford to pay for their upkeep.

We are known to have extremely strict guidelines on adopting our dogs. We have also been criticized for being too strict on the selection of our adopters. We stick by our beliefs that adopting a dog is a lifelong commitment and we only want the best for our dogs as once we rescue them, they become our responsibility. We could easily rehome dogs to any individual who writes in, not bother to conduct house checks and just give them a dog or two, but we don’t. We rush after work and break our necks just to do our due diligence and we don’t take short cuts. We don’t take chances and we try to find the best home for all our charges. We won’t rehome dogs to families who are out more than 10 hours a day, leaving the dogs home alone for long hours as that’s not what it means to have a dog. We work very hard to make the right decision on behalf of the dogs as we do not wish for any dogs to be abused, returned, neglected or abandoned.

Dogs that are presently in our care, some for almost two years :

1)    Matthieu (Special Needs) 

2)    SiDa (Special Needs)

3)    Harper (Special Needs)

4)    Elmo (Special Needs)

5)    Happy

6)    Oscar

7)    Walter

8)    Jerry

9)    Blake

10)   Sasha

11)   Sunny (Senior)

12)   Ah Boy (Senior)

13)   Kate (has one eye missing from a nasty accident)

14)   Cassie

15)   Bobby (Senior)

16)   Blossom

17)   Cody

18)   Mishka (Puppy)

19)   Dawn (3-legged)

We appreciate any amount you can help with, big or small. It would be great if you can sponsor a dog on a regular basis as well towards his / her boarding or medical care. Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you can help in anyway; be it financial, in kind, or if you can volunteer your time, the doggies say "Thank You”!


Adopt Jerry. Tall, sleek and lean machine!

Jerry was rescued when he was a 1 month old,  found in a construction site with a broken tail. 
He recovered well after his tail was amputated. Within 2 months, he was adopted by a French family, who kept Jerry for 8 months but they left him behind when they left Singapore.

We're going to bombard you with many photographs of Jerry, to convince you that he's the best thing that could ever happen to you!

Look at Jerry's mesmerizing eyes

Jerry is enjoying the view outside. He is on leash because he is at a friend's apartment and there are no window grilles. (Safety precaution)

A little goofy, Jerry is really a gentle giant despite his size. At first sight, his size may be rather intimidating but he would never harm a fly. Always standing still to allow little humans to stroke him, he is an angel with children of all ages and other dogs, including small dogs. In fact, if he could, he would be friends with the whole world; such is his gregarious, gentle nature.

Such a pleasant sweetheart

Enjoying his walk with our volunteer

Other than humans, and dogs, Jerry loves food! With food, all things are possible with Jerry. He learns fast with the right motivation and is ever eager to please. He knows when to play and when to remain calm and chill. He enjoys his walks and runs but is equally comfortable lazing beside you while you work or watch TV. Toys are his other love. He is able to entertain himself when given a toy. Not only does he entertain himself, he will also entertain you with his silly antics! Jerry is not destructive, is outdoor, as well as pee pad trained. How much better can it get?

What a gentleman!

Jerry loves his toys and will entertain himself when you are busy

If you are looking for an exercise companion, Jerry is the perfect fit for you. With his tall and lean build, he is able to keep pace with you as you go on your runs. He could probably gallop much faster but being the sweetheart that he is, he is willing to accommodate your pace and run beside you, looking to you for direction every now and then. 

Jerry loves playing fetch and catch

Intelligent and a fast learner

Easy-going and happy-go-lucky, his temperament is sweet and when you meet him, this charming boy will steal your heart easily, and his gorgeous brown eyes will mesmerize you. Jerry will really thrive in a home with children, attention and love. He would be a perfect family dog, lying quietly while the children brush or pat him. Will you open your heart and home to him and bring him home?

He'll be your child's best friend (Children who grow up with dogs learn empathy and compassion.)
This young boy was initially terrified of dogs but Jerry taught him how to overcome his fear

Jerry gets on well with dogs of all sizes (Seen here with Harper)
Jerry is presently at a home foster and will only have the home foster till October 15, after which he will need to go to commercial boarding. This will not only cost us money (boarding fees), it will also upset Jerry tremendously while he readjusts to being kept in a commercial boarding facility.
Will you please give Jerry a home? He dreads going to the commercial boarding facility

Will you give Jerry a home?

Jerry is excellent with children

Jerry is a local crossbreed, extremely tall, lanky and graceful looking. He is estimated to be about 1 ½ years old and definitely not HDB approved.

To give Jerry a home, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg He is equally comfortable in an apartment or in a house with a garden.



It wasn't the norm for Kat’s father (Mr S) to be urgently contacting her over the phone. It must be something of great magnitude. Mr S had received an appeal from a friend to help circulate the pressing message for immediate adoption of 3 dogs as the owner would be flying off the very next day.

What would happen to these dogs if there were no takers within the next 24 hours?  

Would they be abandoned? Sent off to a shelter? If so, what would their fate be?

Just arriving back in Singapore from a trip, Kat had to do something. Firstly, she posted a Facebook status that 3 dogs were urgently up for adoption. Following, Kat messaged her friend, Fiona, who is the founder of Hope Dog Rescue. Despite knowing HOPE had already hit beyond their capacity to take in any more dogs under their wings, Kat still looked to Fiona for advice on what could be done to avert a possible untold destiny of the 3 dogs up for immediate adoption. Thankfully, Fiona replied swiftly and without further ado, she was willing to take in all the dogs and help re-home them. Another avid canine lover, Ivy, responded to Kat’s Facebook status and was ready to adopt one of the dogs.
This picture was sent to Kat
While trying to establish the background of the dogs, Kat got to know that there were 3 dogs for immediate adoption - 1 French bulldog (which had already been taken up by the time Kat responded) and a pair of poodles. Unexpectedly, the initial owners were in fact pressing to have the dogs sent away that very night, with less than 2 hours till the very next day when the owner will be flying off. They were ready to send the canines to any person’s doorstep, along with the cage.

More dogs were given away
In the nick of time, Kat contacted Ivy and is very grateful to Ivy and family as they were agreeable to welcome the male poodle at the eleventh hour.

The female poodle, on the other hand, had no certain place to be sent to in such short notice, as Fiona was out on a rescue mission and unable to arrange for an immediate destination for the dog to be sent to. Thus, Kat and family decided that they would house the female poodle overnight, so that Fiona could arrange for a pick up the next day.

Shortly passed 11pm, the female poodle arrived at Kat’s doorsteps. Her cries echoed through the tranquility of the quiet night. Kat witnessed the female poodle crying out a destitute and throbbing goodbye to BinBin (the male poodle to be sent to Ivy after this stop). After all, they had been kept together as a breeding pair for some years.

Within minutes of settling down at Kat’s place, the curious little poodle was peeking out of her cage. She is very good natured and a very loving dog.

At the Vet
The next morning, Fiona had the poodle sent to the vet for a thorough medical check-up. This sweet girl is estimated to be 4 years old, has undergone a full medical health check and is in perfect health. She has since been sterilized, had some teeth extracted and vaccinated.

We named her Blossom.

How much do you think they have made from her
It is questionable that these dogs were breeding canines. A total of 4 pure-bred dogs (a pair of French bull dogs and a pair of poodles) were initially up for immediate adoption. It is unclear why the previous owner wanted to dispose the dogs so urgently, together with unmarked kibbles in plastic bags, cages and all. If the previous owner was indeed a home breeder, how much tainted money did they make from these pitiable dogs?

To adopt Blossom, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg 


Hurray For Bobby

Bobby has been a particular favorite of mine. He is not the most handsome dog, neither was he the friendliest. Instead, he was a bag of bones who ignored us most of the time. However, his will to survive, never say die attitude and deep love for food endears him to me.

When I first met Bobby, we had just rescued him and he was lying motionlessly on the consult table, waiting to be seen by the vet. I only knew he was alive from his eyes, which were filled with pain. When the vet saw him, she threw her hands in the air exclaiming, ‘Why does Hope Dog Rescue always bring me such sad cases?’ She continued to sigh in pity, feeling so sorry for Bobby as she examined him. We never wanted to be known as the rescue group with the sad cases but many a times, we were asked why our rescues always seem to be in such bad shape. We do not have a shelter and thus, do not rescue healthy strays. Instead we feed them and if they have a regular caregiver, we provide food to them, to lighten their load. We can’t save them all and reserve our resources for the worst cases. Bobby is probably the worst this year.
Wound Cleaning
His surgical wound is so much better now, no longer red and raw
When I first saw him, Bobby was a dirty, dusty dog covered in ticks and fleas with a big maggot wound on the side of his body. The maggots were crawling out of his raw wound and we killed two as they crawled out from his rotting flesh. There were fleas everywhere crawling and jumping around, even fleas in his eyes and wound! It still gives me chills thinking about it. The diagnosis was bleak but not life threatening. He was warded at the vet and his maggot infested wound slowly recovered. However, throughout his entire stay at the vet, he remained expressionless. He hardly moved, stared into nothing or just slept his days away. Everyone who met him could feel his deep sense of sadness. What was he sad about?  His tick infestation? Did he miss someone terribly? We even asked his factory worker to visit him, just in case Bobby was pining for him, but he wasn’t the one Bobby longed for.

Dearest Bobby
Our kind volunteer, HK, who is also a groomer, shaved him down and gave him a good shower. His fur was so badly matted with flea dust that it took her two sessions of 2 hours each just to shave him down and give him a good shower. To our surprise, he is white and not grey as we first thought.

Still a Bag of Bones
One day, the vet noticed him whining and straining while trying to pee as she was examining him. His penis has been badly infected and he has been put on a course of antibiotics. He must be in extreme pain as dogs generally have a high threshold of pain and seldom whine unless it is unbearable. The vet recommended that we amputated his penis as it has grown so much more swollen and doesn’t seem to be recovering in the time that he was at the vet and she suspected it might be cancer. We were put in a dilemma; Bobby had a heart murmur and a general anesthesia will mean he might never wake up. After much deliberation, we decide to go ahead. What is the quality of life if it’s one filled with pain? We must give Bobby a chance to have another shot at life even though financially, we could hardly afford it.

An opening surgically created from his scrotum for Bobby to pee

Bobby proved to be a fighter when he woke up. We were ecstatic when we heard the news as we had feared the worst. The vet removed a mass which was almost 25cm long. It has been sent for testing and we still do not know if its cancerous as the results are not back yet. It took him another two weeks to get better as after the operation, his scrotum got infected and a catheter has to be inserted to keep the area dry and allow it to recover.

After 45 days at the vet, we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. A very kind foster has contacted us to offer to take care of Bobby. He can finally leave his tiny cage at the vet and recuperate in a home filled with love. Although Bobby’s penis is amputated, he has started using his new opening to pee and is finally off painkillers!He loves his food especially meat and salmon. This picky boy will actually pick the fish and meat to eat and leave the rice and vegetable in his meals that volunteers have painstakingly prepared for him. Last night when I visited with some meat balls for supper, he stood up in excitement with his tail wagging and gobbled up the meats balls in a jiffy. After he cleaned the bowl, he looked around expecting more and when that didn’t happen, he gave me a mournful look and went back to sleep. So much for gratitude…

Dear Bobby, thank you so much for recovering. There were times when we feared for the worse and wondered if it would be kinder to put you to sleep. There were times when bad things just kept happening to you and infection upon infection inflicted you and it seemed you might never get well again. There were times when we feared you might never leave the clinic alive, but apparently life has other plans for you. Good luck to you Bobby boy, enjoy your stay at your foster and perhaps, one day you will find your forever home.

If you can provide Bobby with a forever home and give him the love and care he deserves, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg


Written by Wendy Yeo


Milky’s Last Chance

Our last call for a home for Milky has been futile. Although we really cannot bear to let her go, we have no choice as we do not have a shelter, available fosters or funds to maintain all her life if she does not get adopted. We will be returning her back to the factory this Saturday after her final vet review.

When we first took on Milky, we were aware that we could not take in any more doggies. Saving a dog is a long term commitment, but looking at her condition, we could not say no to her, she could hardly open her eye from the pain. She is so young and her eye must be hurting her so  badly. If we had not stepped in, she would have turned blind eventually. For the past 3 weeks, she has had a roof, consistent food and a family albeit temporary. We are very concerned if Milky can fend for herself back at the factory and if her pack of dogs recognize and accept her back into their pack.

Therefore, we decide to cringe tentatively to hope and try one last time to appeal for a home for her. Milky is a young puppy who needs a pet parent who will guide her and teach her right from wrong. She is a big baby, playful, friendly and a joy to be around. Milky needs a home, welcome her into your home and she will fill it with joy and erm…poop?

Milky is actually very well-behaved and calm, unlike most puppies her age. We would highly recommend her!

On a serious note, an adopted dog is always different in the gratitude they feel. They do understand that you have saved them from a fate that is unknown and filled with dangers, rainy days and empty stomachs. Please change Baby Milky’s fate. Adopt, don’t buy. Save a life today. Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

She has till Saturday.

Name : Milky
Breed : Local Crossbreed
Age : 3+ mths old

*We can't be sure if she will be HDB approved as she is still young and growing.