Mommy Emily Bean & Her Baby Beanies

Things are not looking good for the puppies. After their brother passed away, the 9 remaining baby beanies are doubly precious to us. It drives home how fragile life is and how they are holding on to life on only a tiny thread.

Despite being sick, cute like a bear

Rushing all 9 to the vet

After our baby beanie left us, we decided to bring ALL the puppies to our regular vet for a review. The diagnosis is no good and the vet predicted that the weakest (and biggest) puppy may die within the same day. In short, they have roundworms, respiratory issues, pneumonia, nasal discharge and these evil round worms are sucking blood and nutrients from their intestines. The clinic cannot accommodate all 9 puppies but after lots of pleading, kindly agreed to keep them for a few days till Tuesday as we have NOWHERE to house them at all. They're too young and sick to go to the kennels and too expensive to stay at the vet. 

 We DESPERATELY NEED foster homes for the 9 puppies. 

Cute Beanies, cute siblings. 
The sickest puppy of the lot; vet doesn't think he'll live past tomorrow
The puppies are now separated with 4 puppies who are in critical condition being isolated and the other 5 who were somewhat more stable in a cage together. We received a devastating update today that out of the 5 healthier ones, 2 are displaying signs of nasal discharge and respiratory issues. We are heartbroken and so is Mummy Emily Bean, that’s what we’ve named her. Mommy Emily Bean was left behind in the foster’s house when all her puppies were rushed to the vet, leaving her anxious, confused and missing her puppies badly. Mommy is not well either and has mastitis. Her breasts are extremely engorged and she is feeling very uncomfortable. Mommy Emily Bean has been a great mother who always ensures all her beanies are well fed before taking care of her own needs. Whenever any of her beanies cries, she immediately attends to them. We can only imagine the anguish she is suffering and hope that we can bring her to meet some of her puppies, but we cannot afford another dog at the clinic. Her baby beanies are costing us almost $2000/- per day and these are on credit and the bills are mounting mercilessly day by day.

Puppy Power!

It has been a traumatizing week as we lost two of our doggies (Hugo and one baby beanie). They may have been with us for only a short time but that doesn’t make them any less precious and we are all the more determined to ensure that the remaining 9 beanies and Mommy Emily Bean pull through. We are trying our best scrambling around to look for fosters for each beanie as we have to separate them to ensure there is no contagion. We hope to discharge the healthier beanies this Monday but we need your help! Our Beanies are only 3 weeks old and require 4 meals a day. They need to be monitored strictly to ensure their conditions do not deteriorate and observed closely for diarrhea, pale gums, loss of appetite and breathing issues. If any of these signs appear, we need to rush them back to the vet immediately! Additionally, it will be best if you do not have another dog, unless he/she is young, healthy and vaccinated and it is of utmost importance that good hygiene is practiced.

All 9 puppies have been admitted to hospital for respiratory issues

Latest Updates :
  1. One of the puppies had a rectal prolapse caused by constant diarrhea. He needs an immediate surgery. We feel so sorry for the puppies, having to suffer so much at this tender age. 
  2. Mommy Emily Bean has also been warded for mastitis, engorgement and high fever. The vet had said that her condition was extremely painful and had we not brought her in, her breast may be torn. 

Puppy's anus sticking out, caused by excessive diarrhea and round worms

Mommy, Emily Bean, depressed, in pain and confused

As of now, Mommy and her 9 puppies are all warded but they are separated as the puppies are all on IV drip and kept away from their mommy. One can never imagine the amount of stress we are facing at the moment.

If you can help with their vet bills, foster or even adopt, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg


One Death Too Many

We were dealt a heartbreaking blow last night when Hugo left us. Never did we expect that we have to bid another of our charges good bye so soon.

Remember Mommy dog and her ten puppies? They have been in a foster home since all were discharged about three weeks back. Yesterday their foster informed us that the puppies were unwell and needed to see the vet. They were having bloody diarrhea, worms in their poo and nasal discharge. Before we could rush down to get the puppies, the foster had already sent Mommy dog and the 10 puppies to their nearest vet. After seeing the vet, Mommy and 6 puppies were discharged. 4 were warded as they were in critical condition. They had difficulty breathing and all were put on oxygen. It was after some tests that it was discovered they have Round Worms too. 

Gorgeous Mommy and her precious beanies when they were just discharged
Warded for breathing difficulties
Also warded for breathing difficulties 
Also warded

Nasal discharge.Sadly, this little one passed away

More volunteers rushed down after work and the 4 puppies conditions had somewhat stabilized but when a volunteer visited them again this evening, she noticed the little black pup was gasping for air and his tongue was turning pale. She immediately informed the vet nurse who then put the tiny pup on oxygen but it was a tad too late . . . .the tiny one slipped away . . . .According to the vet, he had contacted pneumonia and the vet suspected canine influenza which means the entire litter is in danger as it is airborne.

Mommy and her precious
Nasal discharge. We hope they make it through the night.

We are heartbroken and we can imagine how distressed Mommy would be as she is an excellent Mommy, constantly cleaning her puppies and counting them. Despite the grim circumstances, we can only push forward as we are rushing against time to ensure Mommy and her remaining 9 baby beanies are treated in time and we need all the help we can get. 

Today, we will be taking all 9 puppies to our regular vet for a thorough medical check up. We just pray that throughout the night, we will not lose any more precious baby beanies.

If you are able to help foster or assist with the medical bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg


Sorry Hugo

This puppy with a head wound was first spotted on 1 April 2015 by a feeder. Our volunteers immediately agreed to help and we took turns going down every evening after work, braving lots of sandflies and mosquito bites to search for him. Despite not seeing him, we never gave up. We combed the area every night.

Just 2 weeks was all it took for the maggots to kill Hugo

He was last spotted 4 nights ago and we were very close to him but a group of cyclist sped past loudly and scared him back into the densely forested area. We continued searching the next few nights, right up to this evening but we never caught sight of him.

At 11pm we received a call from a member of the public who happened to see this young dog. The dog, who is about 7 to 8 months old only, was lying on the grass, very weak; he was dying. The stench of rotting flesh filled the air and we asked the passer by to keep an eye on the dog while we swung into action. 4 volunteers rushed down at 11.30pm and with the help of a dog trapper, we managed to catch him.

Half of his face was eaten by maggots

We rushed him to the emergency vet and in a brightly lit area, it hit us, the extent of his injury was bad. His left eye was gone, part of his head was eaten by maggots and he could no longer open his right eye. The pain must have been so bad. He had endured and suffered for at least 2 weeks. Blood dripped on the floor and maggots crawled on his wound. We felt nauseous from the sight and smell. This, by far, is the worst maggot wound case we have seen. Four nights ago when we spotted him, it wasn’t this bad. But now . . . .the maggots must have thrived in the hot weather because they had destroyed his eye and part of his head. There was nothing much we could do except to let him go. He had suffered enough . . . .two long weeks. We guess he must have been stuck in the forested area and not been able to find his way out because he could no longer see, which is why perhaps we had not spotted him the past few nights. It was a good thing he came out tonight . . . rather than die a slow death in the dense forestation.

Farewell Hugo, may peace be with you

We said a silent prayer for this young, handsome puppy, whom we named Hugo, as the vet injected euthanasia into his vein. I write this with a heavy heart; how sad a stray’s life is.

We will hold a private cremation for Hugo on Friday. His vet bill for the night, inclusive of the cremation, is $998/-. If you would like to help with Hugo’s bill, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

Rest in peace, little Hugo. We’re sorry we couldn’t find you earlier and save you.

At 2.40am, sleep is the furthest from my mind.


Sick, Senior Factory Cat

During one of our regular feeding rounds at a factory, our volunteers noticed a poor female cat who was obviously unwell, weak and sneezing with a runny nose. Her tongue was sticking out and her eyes were red and watery. Our volunteers felt so sorry for this senior girl who deserved our respect after managing to survive over 10 years on the streets.

On arrival at the vet, dirty and covered with grime 

They knew they had to act quickly as they suspected she had cat flu and gum disease which is serious especially for an older cat. The volunteers were advised that this senior cat had not eaten for 3 days despite the security uncle, Ah Seng, pounding and mashing all her food for her. Despite poor living conditions in the factory, Ah Seng tries his best to give the cats and dogs the best possible care. Ah Seng is 70 years old and lives in the guard house 24/7. The cats and dogs are his family; they are all he has.

Mouth full of ulcers
Despite us being low on funds, the volunteers decided that they needed to get this cat to the vet, especially since it was a senior cat and meant the world to Ah Seng.

On arrival at the vet, she mewed loudly from inside her carrier, obviously showing her disdain in not wanting to be caged up. The volunteers noticed she had mucous discharge from her nose.

Obviously not too pleased with being manhandled. Grouchy but still cooperative
The regular blood works were run and it was then found out that she had cat flu, gum disease, her kidneys were slightly small but functioning, and her liver was a little irregular. Perhaps this was why she felt so unwell and was unable to eat.

Drawing blood to run some tests
Mouth ulcers and pale gums

As a result of her diagnosis, this senior cat needed to be warded for a few days and to be put on drip as well as she was slightly dehydrated. The vet wanted to treat her for all the ulcers in her mouth before returning her to the factory.

She has been kept in isolation, away from the other cats, and needs to be syringe fed by the staff. Despite all this, she is still alert and full of character, constantly mewing and making her presence felt.

She will be returned to Ah Seng when she has fully recovered.

If you can help with this senior cat’s vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg


Save Kimmy

The golfers threatened to call AVA to take Kimmy and her friends away, simply because they felt that these dogs were a nuisance, a sight for sore eyes on their lovely putting green, despite the dogs minding their own business. Calling AVA would mean the end for Kimmy and her friends’ life. The workers became worried and built a temporary shed to house the 5 dogs, hence their life imprisonment started, locked her up 24/7 in a tiny cage. Was it to save their lives, protecting them from AVA? Or was it ending it because they lost their freedom and became prisoners for life?

The workers could not afford to feed the dogs, so poor Kimmy and friends did not have a proper diet. She lived on white bread, occasionally, a little kibbles or canned food. When we found her, her anus was protruding so much and it was dripping blood, her little cage filled with bloody diarrhea and flies, not to mention the unbearable stench of blood and poo all over. Her fur was infested with fleas and ticks. We decided we had to take her to the vet.

Poor Kimmy was in pain with her anus sticking out and yet all she cared about was gobbling up her food

Kimmy was scared and did not know what to expect. It was her first time being in a vehicle. Our volunteers then brought her into the vet clinic and everything looked strange to her – the air-conditioner and the smell of disinfectant. Our volunteers found so many ticks and fleas on her and Kimmy was scratching profusely. She left a trace of blood because her anus was still bleeding. We brought her for a variety of tests and found that she was anemic because the ticks had got a great amount of blood from her. Her abdomen and spleen were both enlarged and she was tested positive for heartworm. Our vet bills have rocketed to about $3,000. She is currently still staying at the vet for treatment of her rectal prolapse, as well as heartworm and our bills will continue to increase. We would really appreciate it if you can help us with Kimmy’s vet bills. Kimmy would be thankful too!

One sweet doggy! (HDB Approved)

She had a cut on her ear as well

Anus dripping poo and blood on the floor at the vet

Kimmy is a sweet girl and she looked at us with very doleful, asking us to love her. Yet, on the other hand, a little apprehensive at being patted as she had never been shown affection. Eventually, she allowed us to pat her, carry her, and lay her on her side for her x-ray and ultrasound scans. She even fell asleep during her ultrasound scan because our volunteers were stroking her and for once, she probably felt safe. Her trust in us was amazing, considering she had never met us prior to this vet appointment. Such a sweet dog like Kimmy deserves a loving home. We would be delighted if we could find her a foster home or a family to adopt her, so that she need not go back to being locked up 24/7, to find someone who would love and care for her and feed her a proper diet, instead of white bread, lest her anus gets pushed out again.

Falling asleep during ultrasound scan

If no one steps up to foster or adopt Kimmy, sadly she will be returned to her cage for a lifetime sentence. We have no means of taking Kimmy because if you recall, we recently had a mommy dog give birth to 10 puppies and there is no way we have space or funds for another dog and that’s the sad fact.

No aggression whatsoever and allowed a total stranger (the vet) to check her gums

Kimmy is estimated to be about 4 years old, very small sized, just slightly taller than a Cocker Spaniel size and definitely HDB approved.

If you can SAVE KIMMY, please do not hesitate to help. If you can SAVE us from drowning in vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg


Adoption Drive This Saturday and Harper’s Birthday Bash!

“How much is that doggy in the window? Woof woof! The one with the waggly tail. How much is that doggy in the window? Woof woof! I do hope that doggy's for sale.” We’re not into selling puppies and we definitely don’t promote that but have you, like Patti Page, always wanted to bring a dog home? If so, do come down to our a-dog-tion drive at Cornerstone CafĂ© in Bishan Park on Saturday, 4 April 2015! 8 of our dogs will be there to meet you and volunteers will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

While we will not be bringing cute little puppies that you would swoon over, we do however have one Baby Lily that will be coming by and our adult dogs who are just as charming or even more charming than puppies and less work than puppies. Instead of supporting the cruelty of puppy mills, you would be saving a life (make that two lives since you would free up our resources for another dog to be rescued, perhaps even three, since the addition of a fur baby to your home could change your life for good) and gaining a loyal companion and unconditional love. So what are you waiting for? Adopt a dog and save two (or three!) lives today!   

Date : 4 April (Saturday) 2015
Time : 11.00am to 3.30pm
Venue : The Cornerstone Cafe (Bishan Park) 

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the darlings who are still looking for their forever home. *drum roll* First up, we have Attractive Asher

Rescued when he was just a palm sized puppy with maggot wounds almost as large as his tiny body, Asher is now 10 months old and extremely suave looking. He is tall, dark and handsome – what more could you ask for? Asher is well-behaved and well-mannered. Although he is still considered a puppy, he is polite, sweet, charming and obedient. Asher walks well on leash, gets on with other dogs and love being a family dog. He is fine with toddlers and shows no signs of any aggression whatsoever.

Asher resembles a Great Dane and because he is tall and lanky, he is not HDB approved.
Come on down and meet him, he would love to give you a lick!

Next, we have Bashful Blake

Blake has been waiting 16 months for a home of his own. He is a sweetheart and gets on with dogs as well as young children. He is non-confrontational and easy-going. Blake is a little wary with traffic and loud noises but with time and exposure, he will soon overcome those fears.

Read his rescue story here.

Blake is a male local crossbreed, estimated to be about 1 ½ years old. He is fully vaccinated, sterilized and in perfect health. He enjoys long walks in the park and is outdoor trained. He has no separation anxieties and can be left home alone while you are at work.

Will you give handsome Blake a home? Come meet him and maybe he’s just the one you’ve been searching for.

Charming Cassie will also be attending our adoption drive!

Amongst our team of volunteers, Cassie is known internally as the world’s best dog and trust us, she truly is! She is just about a year old and had gone through hell and back with a neck wound so large that her head was almost falling off.

Completely healed, 100% rehabilitated, Cassie is the sweetest, goofiest dog you will ever find. She is easy going, knows her boundaries, extremely obedient, knows when to play and when to chill. She is affectionate, extremely loyal and has zero aggression. She gets on excellently with any dog and is non-confrontational. She also loves children and allows us to open her mouth, feed medication, touch her food etc – you couldn’t ask for more.

You must meet her to believe us and we reckon that the family who adopts Cassie would be the luckiest people on earth because that’s how good Cassie is.

Dawn the Dame will be at the drive to meet potential adopters too! 

Dawn is a senior dog who spent all her life being a watchdog in a factory. She was ferocious and guarded her factory with pride. Three years back, a car hit her and snapped her leg. After amputation, she returned to the factory and continued her job as a guard dog. She was not only an excellent guard dog, she was also the alpha dog in the factory.

Finally last year we decided that she should retire as she seemed very tired and her three legs were getting weak. She was still pretty ferocious and territorial and it took the foster a month or so before she could pat her and gain her trust.

Today, Dawn is a changed dog; she is affectionate, sweet and well-behaved because she has finally realized that she is no longer a guard dog. She has retired and she is a pet.

Do you want to be happy? Adopt Happy

Happy is a fun, extremely easy going dog. She is easily contented and keeps herself entertained playing with toys or in the garden. She gets on well with dogs and older, calmer children.

Happy is a female local crossbreed, estimated to be about 3 years old. She is tall, gorgeous and can be a possible blood donor. That would mean you saving her life and she saving more lives!

Happy is fully vaccinated, sterilized and in perfect health. She is tall and pretty well built, thus not HDB approved.

Lovely Lily will also be there! 

Always wanted a puppy? Baby Lily is going to make her first public appearance (and Dawn too!) so if you would like a gorgeous, intelligent puppy, come on down and meet this cute puppy in “dogson”. She is just about 3 months old and a bundle of joy to have in anyone’s home!

Smart Sida will also be attending the adoption drive! 

Having had her life shattered by a careless, irresponsible driver, brave SiDa has managed to forget about her past, rebuild her life, and move on. She no longer has the use of her hind legs and is incontinent but SiDa is one dog that has amazing resilience and fighting spirit.

Read her rescue story here 

She is still the alpha dog, feared by many dogs and commanding great respect from the younger dogs, despite not being too old herself. As a special needs dog, SiDa really isn’t too difficult to care for; all she needs is her daily walks on her wheelchair, hydrotherapy to keep her limbs from wasting away and a loving mommy to clean her up whenever she pees / poos. That’s really not very much to ask for, for a dog who had her entire future taken away in a moment of recklessness.

SiDa is a local crossbreed, estimated to be about 4 years old and in perfect health, save for the occasional UTI which is common in dogs who are incontinent.

Of course, how can we forget our showstopper, Harper? Guess what? We think Harper's birthday might be in April and we always find reason to celebrate!  The little one would be so happy if you could come down to our adoption drive and bring her dog pals home. That would be the best birthday present for her! We will be throwing a surprise party for her at the adoption drive at 3 p.m. and all our dogs are looking forward to that . . . someone must have leaked that secret. Harper's cake is kindly sponsored by The Barkery so come and soak in the fun and to join paws with Harper in her celebration! For those who do not know who Harper is, you may watch her video here and read her story here. Her German Shepherd appearance belies her cheeky and fun nature. Even though life has not been the kindest to Harper, she has persevered on and been a fighter. She has brought cheer to all our volunteers. We never fail to be amazed by Harper’s resilience and determination and are so proud of how far she has come. Harper has never given up in the face of adversity and has embraced life with her cheeky smile and active hops. It is amazing how she is able to hop quicker than some of our dogs run and how she has proven the doctors wrong when they said we should put Harper down and she will never walk. Even though poor Harper has no family to celebrate with, she celebrates life and is cause for celebration herself. When we look at her, we see the bounty of life and are inspired to hop on with her, no matter how tough life gets at times. 

Harper cannot harp enough on the significance of the upcoming adoption drive and hopes to see you there! Won’t you attend it fur her? *puppy eyes* We are sure you will fall head over heels in love with our lovely dogs and the love you experience will endure and be more than just puppy love. Do paw-p by our a-dog-tion drive! On behalf of our dog pals, bow wow (thank you)! 

Written by Ng Weiling


A State Of Emergency

It was during one of our feeding rounds when we spotted a heavily pregnant dog. Our hearts sank. Puppies are cute but it also means they will grow up to be stray dogs who will most likely never experience how hugs, pats or even a full stomach feels like. They will face ostracism, hunger and be exposed to the harsh weather at all times.

It was on this very depressing day that we were dealt with another blow. The factory is moving as the government is reclaiming the land back in a month or so, even the electricity will be cut off in a week’s time. What is going to happen to the 25 dogs living on the premises? And there will probably be more with more pregnancies and more puppies. We have to sterilize them and fast. In the past week our volunteers have been going down every evening after work, spending hours at the factory, trapping dogs for sterilization. To date, we have sterilized almost 10, but we have to stop for the time being due to a lack of funds.

This dangerous site is their home

As for mama dog, we had no choice but to bring her to the vet as we do not wish for her to come to any danger. It’s not a good environment, there are heavy vehicles everywhere with mud and debris covering the ground. There are snakes too, hovering below the tyres stored there and so we made the decision to send her in the very next day. It was a close shave because mama dog delivered that very night she was admitted. Honestly, we never expected to receive the news we did the next day. We were probably expecting 5 puppies or max 6? Hold on to your seats guys, we now have TEN PUPPIES!!! We already have 22 dogs and we are trying our darnest best to get them rehomed and overnight we have just increased our numbers by 50%! OMG!

A very sweet mommy. We're not sure if this is her first litter but she definitely knows what to do with her puppies.

Mommy discharging from the vet after a week's stay
Going to her foster home

We think Mommy is one gorgeous Mama! Look at her mesmerizing eyes.

We were very fortunate to have found a foster temporarily (just for 1 month) to house mummy dog with her ten babies while she nurses them. This has given us some breathing space but not much. Puppies grow like balloons fed on helium, just look at Lilliput! Even while we worry about finding them good homes, we also start fretting with potential issues; what if people adopt cute puppies and decide to abandon or return them when they are no longer cute? We can’t look into the future and often when people want to adopt a dog / puppy from us, they promise us the world, but it may or may not turn out the way we expect it to.

We are declaring a state of emergency because there is no way we can afford to keep 11 dogs – mommy dog and her 10 puppies. So if you can help with the following, please email us.

1) Adopt a puppy in a month’s time (we won’t know if they will be HDB approved)
2) Adopt Mommy when she is done nursing
     3) Contribute to mommy vet bill during her stay in the maternity ward
     4) Help sponsor some dogs for sterilization, there are about 15 more to be sterilized