Uncle Seng And His Pets

Remember Uncle Seng and his pets? We just shared his story two weeks back.

His dogs, Mary and Audi, are sad and miss him greatly. Audi is being boarded commercially while Mary, who was like Uncle Seng's shadow, is currently at a volunteer’s home. We knew that Mary would be more affected by the separation than Audi and so thought that a home environment would help ease some of the stress. Unfortunately, it's not just a home environment that Mary needs, but Uncle Seng's company. At the volunteer's home, she was so scared and stressed that she did not eat for 2 weeks, not even force feeding her helped. She would either clench her teeth or spit out whatever we put into her mouth. All she did was hide and look miserable.

Sweet Mary is actually very cute and affectionate, just terrified and stressed by too many changes

Mary's eyes only light up when Uncle Seng is with her

Look how she tries her best to stick close to him. Unfortunately their time together is very short lived

Worried about her, we arranged for Uncle Seng to visit Mary. She was overjoyed when she saw him and happily ate when he fed her. Knowing she would once again starve herself if we were to separate them immediately after their short reunion, we arranged for Uncle Seng to stay with her for 2 days. It was heaven for sweet Mary.

Vera's brother, Audi

Kind Uncle Seng at last Saturday's adoption drive
Last Saturday, on the day of our adoption drive, we bought breakfast for Uncle Seng and drove him to the event to visit the other dogs that had come from his factory, Amber, who is happily adopted, and Vera, who is still waiting her chance. Vera recognized Uncle Seng instantly and kept showering him with doggy kisses and refusing to leave his side for long.

Uncle Seng sipping tea at our adoption booth
Vera thanking Uncle Seng for feeding her during her days at their factory

Vera desperately needs a home
Uncle Seng spent the day with us at the adoption drive. We had just bought him lunch when we received news that one of his old cats had passed on. This cat had cat flu and was warded at the vet for 10 days. She was recently discharged to a commercial boarding facility because she was feral and not very friendly towards humans. Combined with her sickness, she made a challenging foster case. Her sickness was probably made worse by the stress of the change in environments, from "home" in the factory, to vet to commercial boarding, and she finally succumbed to it and passed on.

Poor meow passed away 
Uncle Seng bidding his final farewell to his friend of almost a decade

When we broke the news to Uncle Seng, he was visibly distressed. He just stared blankly off into space and kept asking how could the cat die. We immediately made arrangements for a volunteer to fetch him to say his
final goodbyes to the cat before her body was sent for cremation.
We desperately still need help with the following.

  • Sponsorship for Audi's commercial boarding 
  • A home for Vera (not HDB-approved) as she has nowhere to go 
  • Uncle Seng's remaining 7 cats. Most are old, feral and sick. 5 of them are currently in commercial boarding at $5/- per cat / per day and require sponsors for their stay. One is with a foster as he is the friendliest. One other has been diagnosed with cat flu and has been warded at the vet for 2 weeks and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. We worry that discharging this cat to commercial boarding may end in the same result as the one that had passed so we fervently urge someone to foster this cat, at least. If you could also help with this cat's vet bills, it would be very much appreciated.

Uncle Seng entrusted his pets to us so we must to do our best to ensure their well-being. Today we brought Uncle Seng to visit his cat at vet. Unfortunately the cat is extremely ill and in isolation thus Uncle Seng could only visit the cat from outside. However, when he called the cat, she immediately recognized his voice and weakly lifted her head toward his direction.
Volunteers printed and framed a souvenir for Uncle Seng 

Of course, we hope that we can find all of Uncle Seng's animals loving permanent homes, and they are all up for adoption. In the meantime, we seek fosterers or sponsors for their boarding. If you can help in any way, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.


Roxy, The Sweet Accidental Rescue

Dogs come into our lives for a reason, as guardian angels to teach us about love, patience and perseverance. Roxy’s rescue was not planned nor intended. Perhaps there was a reason why she came into our lives and soon, yours too.

It was a routine visit to the fish farm to check on dogs there. We were on our way to the farm when we spotted a male dog who looked like he had an extremely severe case of demodex, coupled with infection and open wounds on his entire body. The dog looked tired and malnourished. But within a blink of an eye, we lost sight of the dog.

Poor dog with severe skin issues
Along comes Roxy
Roxy on the left, sniffing for food
Roxy looked as if she has had more than 1 litter of puppies

Volunteers then spent about an hour looking for the dog with the bad skin. When we saw him again, he was very skittish and wary. We tried to lure him closer with canned food but he still kept his distance. While we were trying to feed him, the wind must have carried the smell of the canned food a distance. Soon, a young female dog walked along the road and came by to look for food. She was Roxy. She looked lost and it was apparent that she had given birth recently as her nipples were dark and droopy. Upon seeing her, we left some food for her at this deserted area and left. We then scheduled to trap the male dog with the skin problems the following day.

Have you ever seen such a sad dog? 
The next day we were there early to set up the trap. A volunteer put some food in the trap hoping to lure the dog with the skin issues. After waiting a good half an hour, there was still no sight of the dog. Then, out of nowhere, Roxy appeared again! She sniffed around the trap, and within the next few minutes, she went into the trap and was caught. Although she was not our targeted dog, we still decided to send her to the vet and have her sterilised and released as part of our Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programme. We looked around but as there was dense forestry nearby, we could not find her puppies.

At a glance, Roxy looks like a hound-boxer cross. All our volunteers who have met Roxy shared one common conclusion; she was the saddest, most depressed dog they had ever met. One could literally feel her sadness just by looking at her sweet face. And her sadness is so deep that we think it might take a lot of love and patience to make her smile again. But that day will come, and all our efforts would be worthwhile.

Her deep, soulful eyes tell us of her hardship living on a deserted plot of land, surrounded by dense forest, where food is scarce, and human contact more so. She lived a sad, lonely life, trying her best to fend for herself and her babies. No one knew of her existence. No one cared if she lived or died. She had nothing.

Roxy was scrawny. Her body structure revealed that she had probably not had a decent meal in weeks. Her ribs were protruding, and her teats were drooping. She seemed malnourished and despite her young age, looked tired. Had we not accidentally caught her, she may have had to continue living this miserable existence for the next 10 years, if she actually survives that long.

At the vet, sad, scared and worried
At the vet, there was more news to add to her sadness. The vet estimated her to be about 2 years old and said her blood count was low. She was diagnosed with Babesia Gibsoni which is a strain of tick fever and perhaps that was one of the contributing factors to her scrawny frame and tiredness. Because of this, Roxy could not be sterilized.

She is currently undergoing treatment and it would take a few months to clear the Babesia parasites. It may also not clear completely, depending on Roxy's immune system. Thus, she would need a blood test in a month’s time. Sterilization or any surgery at this point in time is not possible as it would put Roxy’s life at risk.

Terrified of everything. Poor Roxy
Roxy didn't have a caregiver where she was found. In fact, there were hardly any humans in that vicinity. It is a deserted place where street dogs like Roxy can only hope to find enough leftover food to survive. As a small rescue group, funds are often limited. Roxy’s sad eyes pleaded with us not to put her back where she came from. As we could not bear to break her heart, we decided to take her in and rehome her. Like with the many dogs we have rescued, we hope to find Roxy a family that will welcome Roxy into their family with open arms.

There is always a reason why a certain rescue story grabs your attention or touches your heart, isn’t it? Will you be the one to adopt Roxy, regardless of her lack of pedigree? Will you give her the chance to spend the next 10-15 years in the security and warmth of a home, and treat her with the love and respect that all dogs deserve?

Roxy awaits that chance. If you are able to help with Roxy’s vet bills for her Babesia treatment, foster, or even better, provide Roxy with a permanent home filled with many hugs, love and kisses, please contact us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

Written by Lisa G.


Muffin Dog

“Oh do you know the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog, do you know the Muffin Dog, that Hope Dog Rescue saved? Yes I know the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog. Yes I know the Muffin Dog, The sweetest little dog!” (to the tune of ‘The Muffin Man’ nursery rhyme)

Muffin's previous home

A much cleaner and happier Muffin after rescue

Yes, Muffin is the sweetest little dog indeed. She is such a cutie pie isn’t she? Look at her! She is muffin’ but the best. She is small-sized, weighing only 13 kg and HDB approved. Our dear little Muffin is a 1 year old female local crossbreed that lived in a cruddy construction site with Peaches. One day, we brought some food to the construction site to feed the poor doggies there. We were expecting the doggies to run out and greet us in search of food and to bounce up and down in excitement. Strangely, this did not happen. After looking around, we found Muffin hiding under a truck. The poor girl was limping and her fur was coated in so much oil that they were all grey and hard, not nice and fluffy as they should be. Being very concerned about Muffin's condition, we immediately brought her to the vet. The x-ray showed a dorsal hip fracture. Luckily, the vet said surgery was not required and it would heal on its own with some rest. Phew! Sweet Muffin was blessed and found a foster to care for her. A week later, she went for her review, which went well and showed that she had recovered fully. Muffin can now walk, run and jump normally without a limp and has since found a loving family of her own. She is now ‘small and white, clean and bright’ like an edelweiss flower. She is so many shades lighter that one would have thought she was a different dog!

Volunteer Wendy carrying Muffin from the work site to the car, to take her to the vet

Poor Muffin, oily, dirty, grimy and in great pain with a fractured hip

Muffin cannot love and thank her adopter e'muff. She hopes that her other fur pals can find their furever homes soon too. To make her wish come true, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Thank you! *puppy eyes, tail wags and licks from Muffin*

Strays often don't have it easy.  If you see a stray, please give him / her a good meal. You never know if he / she will sill be around tomorrow. 

And she lived happily ever after

Written by: Weiling


Jobless & Homeless

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals," as the German philosopher Emmanuel Kant wisely said. And it is his treatment of the animals that he has taken under his wing that we have judged the heart of Uncle Seng to be one that is full of compassion.

Uncle Seng

Uncle Seng is an elderly security guard whom we have known for the past 8 years, since we started feeding strays in this particular industrial estate. He is at the guard house 24/7. He doesn’t go home, not even during Christmas or Chinese New Year. He doesn’t talk about his family, and we don’t want to pry so we never asked. Our volunteers will visit him and eat with him each Christmas and Chinese New Year. He will not accept money but will accept food and clothes so we often collect clothes from our brothers and fathers to give to Uncle Seng.

Volunteers visiting Uncle Seng every Saturday with daily necessities 

Uncle Seng is about 70 years old. On his factory compound, he has 8 cats and 2 dogs.  The 2 dogs are Mary and a black dog whom we call Audi. Audi used to live in the neighbouring factory but moved to Uncle Seng's side as he was often bullied at the other side. Mary, who we think is around 6 years old, spends most of her time under Uncle Seng's bed, only coming out to pee or poo. Audi is the son of Amber  and the brother of Vera. Amber was taken away as she was injured, and has since been re-homed. Vera, who was also injured, was rescued too, and is presently in a foster home.


Uncle Seng used to have 3 other dogs, Mookie, Ah Huay and Tang Tang who you can read about here and here.

You can read about Uncle Seng's other charges of the feline variety here.

These dogs and cats are all Uncle Seng has, and he is all they have, and together they could have lived happily ever after. Unfortunately, fate has decided to throw a spanner into the works. The factory is closing in 1 weeks’ time. In 1 weeks’ time, Uncle Seng will lose his job, his home, and his canine and feline family. Uncle Seng has nowhere to go. He is old and hard of hearing. No company is going to pay an old man to sit around and care for his 8 cats and 2 dogs.

Audi, Vera's brother 

The dogs and cats he leaves behind will also be homeless. Furthermore, most of his cats old, sick, and feral. We have started taking them, 2 at a time, to the vet for full medical checkups and then to commercial boarding. Uncle Seng was teary eyed when we took them away but if we hadn't, they would be left behind to fend for themselves and who knows how much shorter their lives would be then. 

To date we have taken all the 8 cats to the vet :

-      Male
-      8 Years
-      Sterilised
-      Friendly
-      FELV Positive otherwise healthy

-      Female
-      8 years
-      Sterilised
-      Feral     
-      Healthy

-      Female
-      9 years
-      Sterilised
-      Friendly able to pat
-      FIV Positive     

-      Male
-      9 years
-      Sterilised
-      Feral
-      FIV Positive   


-     Male
-     10 years
-      Sterilised
-      Feral
-      FIV Positive, and currently down with Cat Flu (still warded)

-      Female
-      10 years
-      Sterilised
-      Feral     
-      FIV Positive and currently down with Cat Flu (still warded)

-      Female
-      10 years
-      Sterilised
-      Feral
-      Negative for FIV and FELV

-      Male
-      10 years
-      Sterilised
-      Feral
-      Negative for FIV and FELV

The cats are mostly old and unfriendly, and most likely will have to be in a cattery for the rest of their lives. Of the 8 cats, only Tabby, Sofie and Teddy seem adoptable as they are not as wary of humans as the others who may be too feral to be re-homed. Cats are not our area of expertise, and all we can think of is putting them in commercial boarding. If anyone has other ideas or suggestions, please email us. As it stands, our plans to put all 8 cats in commercial boarding will cost us $1200 per month for the rest of their lives and that’s a lot of money.

Of the 2 dogs he has, Mary will be the hardest hit. She is like Uncle Seng’s shadow. She will be placed in commercial boarding. We have never had the chance to fully assess her temperament but we believe she is shy and wary of people. Poor Mary, this separation will prove to be very traumatic for her. We hope she doesn’t pine away for Uncle Seng.

Such fear in sweet Mary's eyes

Handsome Audi
Audi, Vera’s brother and Amber’s son, will also be sent to commercial boarding as we have no available foster space for him.  He is timid and slow to warm up but shows no aggression. We have yet to catch him as we can’t get near him, and neither can Uncle Seng.

This project is not only heartbreaking, it is also costly. Medical checks and long term boarding for all 10 animals into the foreseeable future will prove to be financially challenging. 

How nice if someone would employ Uncle Seng to work in their factory, despite his age and poor hearing and all his 8 cats and 2 dogs could go with him. Dreams have sometimes come true, perhaps this one will too.

To offer help in any way to Uncle Seng, his 8 cats and 2 dogs : foster / adopt / help with cats vet bills / sponsor cats boarding, , please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.


Chai 2.90

Remember the badly neglected Dachshund we picked up in Ang Mo Kio yesterday? He had been seen wandering the estate for a few days but no one stepped forward to help, and even complained about him being a nuisance. We picked him up and brought him to the vet, and have named the little guy Chai, meaning “life” in Hebrew. More on his background here

This was the photo sent to us by a member of the public

Despite obviously having been abused by humans, Chai remained trusting and allowed us to pick him up. As soon as we carried him, he snuggled so close to us, relieved and knowing that he was finally safe. As we used a towel to wrap and hold him, we were concerned that we would accidentally hurt him. He body was so frail, just skin and bones, we held him gingerly, afraid that our touch may cause him pain. He reminded us so much of Prince. As we waiting for our turn, he lay down, exhausted and weak from his past torture. He could hardly keep his eyes open and focused.

We rushed down to pick him up

At the vet when we weighed him, he was a mere 2.9kg, less than half of what he should be. Chai is estimated to be only about 3 years old. He is currently warded and put on drip to stabilize his condition. His blood count is 16, less than half of what the normal count should be. If it drops lower to 11, he will need to undergo a blood transfusion. The vet will do what they can to raise his blood count overnight and do another blood test tomorrow. Just in case, we need a blood donor dog on standby. His gums were terribly pale, almost white, probably due to the low blood count and malnourishment, or something else that the vet has not picked up yet. The vet has scheduled an abdomen ultrasound on Thursday, just to make sure there is no foreign body or mass in his abdomen. His bad diet or lack of it, has also resulted in a set of bad teeth. His fecal tests came back positive for amoeba and his liver count is a tad high. He has been starved for so long that his stomach has shrunken. As we carried him in our arms, we could hear his stomach rumbling pretty loudly and felt so sorry for him. For now, he can only be fed about a third of a portion of his normal meal. His portion size will then be gradually increased over the next few weeks to a normal serving in order to allow his body to get used to it. He also had some pretty deep sores on his hind area which appeared to be caused by sitting in a small cage for a very long period of time with no room for movement and because he is just skin and bones, his sores are very bad as he has nothing to cushion his hind area.

A bag of bones

Dirty ears
Terribly exhausted and weak

Another huge sore on Chai

Thankfully, there were no maggots in the wound. His neglect is also clearly evident in his long nails and matted fur, both signs that he has not been groomed in a while. His paw pads are very soft, more signs which point to him never been taken out for proper walks. Some good news though, he tested negative for tick fever and heartworm. Other than the physical signs of malnourishment and neglect, Chai is otherwise healthy.

Deep, weepy sore on his left rump

Weak and almost fainting

Despite all this, Chai is very affectionate, and craves love and attention. When we reach out to pat him, his tail goes off like a propeller. So happy is he to receive any sort of affection. 

For now, our immediate plan is simply to bring him back to health, and then perhaps 1 or 2 months down the road, find a family to love him forever. 

Chai is in such a sorry state, we can’t even begin to imagine how his owner could do this to him, to lock him in a small cage and starve him for a very long period of time. He is expected to stay at the vet for at least a week and we are requesting for help with his vet bills, for a blood donor dog if a blood transfusion is required and also a foster that can feed him 4 to 5 small meals day. If you can help with any of the above, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

Written by: Sam