Update on Benji the Schanuzer

2 years ago, we helped an elderly couple treat their equally senior pup Benji for a massive tumour in his leg (Read the story here). While the tumour turned out to be a non-metastatic type, given the size of the growth, the vet had warned that it may recur. And recur it did. Just a few weeks ago, we were contacted once again to help as Benji's family had noticed a lump growing on the same site

The vet advised surgery as soon as possible lest it grows as quickly as it did the first time. Given that this is a recurrence, should the tumour grow again to the size it did, Benji may lose his leg this time. So, rather than wait to gather the funds, Uncle and Auntie Soh decided to go ahead with the surgery, borrowing some money from their kind neighbour.

Benji is a happier, tumour-free dog after the surgery so it was all worth it. However, Uncle and Auntie Soh now owe almost $2000. 

Benji still needs to go back to the vet to have his dressing changed every few days and he will also need to be put on a special diet for the rest of his life. We would like to help Uncle and Auntie Soh keep Benji healthy and happy for the rest of his days. We do not know if the tumour will recur again but Benji is taking it one dog-day at a time. For now, we are appealing for funds to help Uncle and Auntie Soh pay for Benji's vet bills.

If you can help with Benji's vet bills, please email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg to find out how to pay directly to their vet. Any amount will go a long way to help Uncle and Auntie Soh, and Benji!

Written by: Sam


Remember Benji?

It was 2 years ago when we were first made aware of Benji, the Schnauzer. Pam, a neighbour to Benji's family, contacted us when she noticed a fast-growing mass on Benji's front leg. Benji's elderly caretakers, Uncle and Aunty Soh, who love him very much, did not have the means to take Benji to the vet, so Pam approached HOPE, hoping that we would be able to help. HOPE took Benji to the vet and helped with the bills. Read the story here.

The mass on Benji's leg turned out to be grade 1 soft tissue spindle cell sarcoma. These tumours normally do not spread and if removed, tend not to recur. However, given the size of Benji's tumour, the vet had warned that a recurrence might be a possibility in Benji's case. Benji was further treated for kidney stones and sent back to his family. He had to be on a special diet. 

It has been 2 years since we have heard from Pam or Benji's family, and we had hoped that no news is good news. Unfortunately, what the vet feared might happen have come to pass. Pam contacted us and told us that a lump had reappeared on the same leg. Edmund, Uncle and Aunty Soh's son, had brought Benji to the same vet as before, where the vet advised to have the lump removed immediately before it grows any bigger, given the speed at which it grew before. Otherwise, they risk losing the leg if the lump grows to the size it did before. The vet also advised dental cleaning, which they had put off 2 years before due to the cost of the surgery. As the vet had advised urgency, they went ahead with the recommended procedures as they did not want to waste any more time and put Benji's leg at risk. Poor Benji also had 24 rotten teeth removed!! In total, the procedures cost $2000/-.

Aunty Soh herself had recently undergone heart surgery and only just been discharged. She is no longer working due to her condition. Uncle Soh was also involved in a motorcycle accident so the family has had alot to deal with recently. Yet, despite all this, they have not neglected Benji and are concerned about his health. We cannot turn a blind eye after seeing their determination to care for Benji despite their own plight.

A huge mass on Benji's leg

Please help Uncle and Aunty Soh save Benji's leg to allow him a good quality of life in his golden years. To find out how you can help with Benji's vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Written by: Sam