URGENT: Sweet Cat Needs a Home

“Meowww, meowww” *rubrubrub* Every Saturday, as we pull up in front of a factory to feed the doggies inside, a friendly ginger coloured cat would position herself by the side of the factory, purr very loudly and rub herself against our legs. How can anyone not fall in love with her and go “awwww”? She is so adorable. Even the stoniest heart would melt upon meeting her. We have temporarily named her Ginger.

Friendly Ginger

Last Saturday, we caught Ginger for sterilisation. She was so sweet and did not protest at all. Being the dog people that we are, we were so afraid that Ginger might scratch or bite us but she did none of these. She just allowed us to carry her and put her into the carrier. She is such a sweetheart.

Our dedicated volunteer, Qin Wu, the hero who helped to catch Ginger

On Sunday, we sent Ginger to the vet for a check-up and admission. Upon feeling her belly and closer inspection, the vet suspected that Ginger might be pregnant, so she sent her for an ultrasound scan. It turned out that Ginger had a pseudo pregnancy, meaning she was experiencing hormonal changes that made her think she was pregnant and gave rise to signs of pregnancy. That explained why she had slightly engorged tits and appeared to be nursing herself. We heaved a huge sigh of relief upon hearing that as it meant that no abortion would be required.

The next day, the vet performed some blood tests and other checks before proceeding with the sterilisation surgery to ensure that Ginger was fit for surgery. The results were heart-breaking. As it turned out, Ginger had abnormally low red blood cell count and high white blood cell count, indicating possible infection. She also suffers from feline leukaemia virus. Poor Ginger. 

The vet recommended that Ginger be kept in a clean environment and fed well for one to two weeks so that she can beef up her health and increase her red blood cell count before proceeding with the sterilisation surgery. As we could not afford to keep Ginger at the vet for so long, she was transferred to a volunteer’s home and is still staying there now, but the volunteer can only keep her at her house temporarily.

Will you take me home with you?

In another week’s time, Ginger will be back at the vet for a further check-up to ensure that she is ready for the sterilisation surgery. After the surgery, sweet Ginger will need a place to recuperate in or better still, a place to call her furever home, or at least a foster home she can stay at until she finds her furever home. Otherwise, poor Ginger will have to revert to the life of a stray. She does not even seem to belong to the factory that we visit to feed the doggies. She just loiters around that area and there does not appear to be cat feeders in that area. Poor Ginger. Ginger is estimated to be about 6 months to a year old. She is super affectionate and is always asking for head scratches and pats. If you can help with Ginger’s vet bills or help to foster or adopt Ginger, please email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Thank you so much! *kitten eyes from sweet Ginger* *meowwww* *rubrubrub*