Good am. I m fr (location). Got adog was hit by car tis am. I think bone is broken. Can u please help." This is definitely not the type of sms one wants to receive early in the morning but this was exactly what we woke up to this particular morning. 

That’s just how volunteering in rescue work is. In the midst of rushing to work, we also had to scramble to look for pet transport and volunteers who could go down to search for the dog and take it to the vet.

Coordinating this rescue effort took us almost 2 hours but we finally managed to get the resources required together. It wasn’t easy searching for the location. It was at a farm, with only one graveled lane for traffic and many factories with no unit numbers to identify them by. We had to go from factory to factory to ask if there was an injured dog.

The workers put her there to prevent her from moving and getting hurt further

We finally found the small terrier looking dog. The workers had kindly confined her in a cage. She was lying down and not moving. She would cry out in pain whenever they tried to pat her. The workers said a car had hit her as she played on the farm and they thought she had died on impact as she could not get up. However, they found that she was still alive and carried her away and kept her in a small cage while they looked for help.

They got our contact from other workers who told them that we would come every Saturday night to feed, distribute food and provide medical aid and sterilization. We were told that someone had given them this dog, a 7-month old female who they named Bella and that they would let her run around freely because she was young and active.

In the carrier, we noticed she had poo on her bum. She had probably defecated in shock and fear when the accident happened. There was also blood in her urine which was a sign that she might have sustained internal injuries.

Blood in the carrier

At the vet, she was so scared and in so much pain that it was almost impossible to examine her thoroughly. But we managed to get xrays of her back and sides. Thankfully, the xrays showed no fractures, but the vet did say that the xrays may not pick up any minute tears in her bladder, so she will need to be monitored closely.

On the way to the vet

Examining Bella at the vet

Bella's stomach was very swollen and painful to the touch. It is suspected that this may be due to bruising and internal bleeding. She had internal hemorrhaging in the top of both eyes, probably from impact of being hit or as she tumbled away. Fortunately, her vision doesn’t seem to have been affected. No surgery is needed at this point in time but the vet will monitor her for leaking in bladder, similar to Cammy’s case. Her white blood count was high so she was put on drip to protect her kidneys.

Bella has internal hemorrhaging in the top of both eyes

Bella will be closely monitored over the next 24 hours, and will stay at the vet for a few days. Once she is better, we will also sterilize her before returning her to the workers.

Bella was lucky that she had workers who love her and look out for her, and we managed to get to her in time. However, her accident reminds us that other strays are not that lucky.

To help with Bella's vet bills, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg


Toby (Alyssa’s Family)

Saturday night feeding sessions are not just about feeding. We also check the dogs for injuries, distribute food to workers, educate workers on sterilization and do TNR (trap, neuter, release).

During last Saturday's session, at one of the dark factories, we noticed a reflective glint on the body of one of the black dogs. He was very wary of us and ran further into the factory each time we tried to approach but we managed to catch a glimpse of what appeared to be scotch tape around his torso before he got too far.


This is the factory where Alyssa came from and so, fortunately, we had the workers' contact number. We called the next morning and was told that this dog was bitten a week earlier and was already getting better so he would not need to see a vet. However, we were insistent that the dog be brought to the vet so we did just that this evening after work. With the help of the workers, we managed to catch the dog. We also caught 2 other dogs, a father and son pair, to be brought to the vet for sterilization. The younger male dog happens to be Alyssa's brother. The workers weren't too pleased that we wanted to sterilize the 2 other male dogs as they did not understand that being free-roaming dogs, they could easily find and impregnate a non-sterilized female dog such as Alyssa's mother who is very elusive and hard to trap. Alyssa's mother just had another litter of pups as a result.

Toby, feeling really listless. The patches on his body are caused by the scotch tape that the workers taped on him and his tummy was really distended. 

While waiting our turn at the vet, we noticed the dog with the tape, who we have named Toby, appeared very drowsy and was also panting and salivating more than normal. He was lying down in the carrier so we could not see any wound on him. When he was examined by the vet, we noticed that his tummy was very distended. We muzzled Toby during the vet's examination as we were unsure of his temperament but he was very mellow, though whether it was due to his naturally sweet nature or just because he was too sick to react, we could not tell.

Toby feeling really weak & miserable

X-rays show that Toby's stomach is full of gas and bones which he had eaten. Workers said they have been feeding him bones for 10 years. The excessive panting could be due to the discomfort from this, but could also possibly be due to some other health issues which we have yet to uncover. The fur around his middle was patchy, probably due to the fur coming off as the workers changed the tape daily. The tape was meant to cover the deep wound on his tummy which we could see once he was taken out of the carrier. Toby's ears were covered in oil, there was discharge around his eyes and he was full of ticks. The vet estimated Toby to be around 7 to 8 years old. Although workers say he is more than 10.

Tummy full of gas and bones. At high risk of developing twisted intestines (bloat)
Toby's ears

The hole on Toby's stomach, with pus oozing 

Toby is at risk for developing GDV if we left the bones in his stomach. This is where the intestines get twisted and is fatal. So for now, he will be administered laxatives to try and help him pass out the bones. If that fails, they will have to operate to remove the bones. As for the wound on his tummy, the vet was unable to establish just how deep it was but will manage it accordingly. So Toby will be warded for a few days at least while he is treated for these various conditions.

Father & son pair in for sterilization

As for the father (black dog with white patch) and son who we have named Robbie and Terry respectively, they will be sterilized tomorrow and released back to the factory the day after.

To help with their vet and sterilization bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

Get well soon, Toby

Written by : Sam


Adora's Update (Part II)

A big thanks to all who helped out with Adora's vet bills.

Adora went back to the vet for a review. Adora was only 11kg when she was rescued about 2 weeks ago. Now, her weight is up to 12.3kg. It may not be much but for a dog as starved as she was, eating large quantities of food too quickly could kill her. Rather, she needs to be fed 3 small meals a day and build her weight up gradually. The vet recommended that she be fed 400g of meat and 1 egg a day, and even small pieces of apple or papaya, for daily nutrition.

Extremely severe yeast infection

Adora's sterilization would is healing well but she has a very bad yeast infection that is affecting most parts of her body. You can even see it on her face! She is always itchy and bleeding from scratching too much. She has been prescribed steroids and a medicated shampoo to treat the infection. She cannot be vaccinated yet because of how serious her skin condition is. She will be vaccinated once her skin is better.

Happy days ahead! Adora on the way to the vet
The vet commented that Adora seems more confident and happier though she can still be fearful in unfamiliar situations. The vet removed her e-collar to clean it and when she tried to put it back on, Adora barked and squealed so loudly in fear that she could even be heard outside the clinic! Her fear was so intense it made us wonder what she had been through to make her so fearful. It took 4 attempts before the e-collar could be put back on her. Adora also still growls and guards her food but it is not very serious so at this point, we just want her to feel better and be happier soon.

We wonder if she has some Whippet blood in her

Adora weighed just 11kg when found. Her ideal weight should be about 15kg

Is that a smile, Adora?

Adora's next vet review will be in 2 week's time.

If you can foster Adora, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Written by : Sam


Charlie Ol’Boy

Is it better to have known and lost something, than to never have known it at all? "Something" here refers to life in a home. Most of our rescues have never known what it means to live in a home, until they are rescued. Today's story is about the former. A golden retriever found leashed to a lamp post in Tiong Bahru Park. That he was a golden retriever and that he was tied to a lamp post with a leash rather than free-roaming indicated that he was someone's dog. That park goers had seen him there since morning and his gums and mouth were bleeding from trying to chew off the leash pointed to the fact that he had very obviously been abandoned.

Screenshot from Facebook "Lost & Found" page on 10 November 2016

We were informed of his situation in the late afternoon by a member of the public. We advised him to take the dog home to calm him down and feed him some water while waiting for us to come pick him up. We picked the dog up at 4pm and took him to the vet immediately. At the vet, he was scanned for a microchip and while he was chipped, there was no records of him being registered at AVA. However, there was a record for his microchip number at SPCA. Apparently, this goldie had strayed in 2009 and was picked up by SPCA and was later claimed by someone who said he was the owner despite not having an AVA license as proof. 

We did not subject him to too much at his first vet visit and we checked him into commercial boarding as we did not have a foster space available. A couple of days later when he was more settled, we took him back to the vet for a thorough checkup. He was found to have long term skin issues and an ear infection. His ears were crinkled, which implied the possibility of hematoma in both ears, and he had a chipped tooth. He also had tick fever and was also suffering from arthritis and weakness in his hind limbs. We also noticed that he drank more water than what a normal dog would so a blood test was done to check his kidney and liver functions. Thankfully, those results came back fine and we reckoned perhaps he was not given enough water in the past. He now drinks a more regular amount of water. 

Crinkled ears, possibly from hematoma

The vet gave him topical creams for his sore skin, and he was also given a shave all over to allow the cream to be more easily applied. There was oral medication for the itch and a medicated shampoo to be used 3 times a week. He also had medication to treat his ear infection and tick fever.

Two weeks later, he was back at the vet for a review. Thanks to his fosterer who kept him cool in a air-conditioned room to soothe his itch, his skin was looking alot better. He also had dental scaling done and fortunately, his chipped tooth did not need to be extracted. He was also sterilized and will be back at the vet to be vaccinated in a few weeks. 

Looking good, Mr Charlie Brown

With lots of tender loving care from his foster, Charlie is now looking good and feeling great! No longer is he depressed or scratching non-stop from his severe skin irritations.

His case of abandonment was reported to both AVA and SPCA. AVA had written back that the dog is not licensed or registered and is officially the property of HOPE and we were given the green light to re-home the dog. We have since named him Charlie which means "free man". We hope that Charlie will be free from the shackles of his unhappy past, and will be re-homed to a loving family soon.

Charlie is an absolute sweetheart who still plays and behaves like a baby

Easy going and laid back

His new family must be aware of his needs, physically and financially, for Charlie is a senior dog:
  1. Estimated 12 years old and relatively healthy
  2. He is on home cooked meals (2 meals a day, 600gm of meats per meal plus a serving of vegetables and fruits)
  3. He is messy with his food and water
  4. He tends to hump men, a behaviour we are in the midst of correcting
  5. Minimum of 2 walks a day, more would be a bonus
  6. Air-conditioning or fan when he is home as it helps his skin
  7. Mild separation anxiety – barks for quite a while if he doesn’t see humans around
  8. Fear of rain / thunder / loud noise
  9. Curious about cats, although we don't know what will happen if he finally gets close enough to them
  10. Not good with young children
  11. Early signs of cataract 
  12. He will need to be on supplements for his kidney, liver and joints
Charlie absolutely loves human companionship
Charlie is not HDB-approved and should also not to be kept as an outdoor / guard dog.

If you would like to give Charlie a home, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Written by: Sam


Adora's Updates

ADORA, looking like a whippet

Adora's surgery was a success. The vet has updated that she is eating and drinking well. She does have some mild food aggression and growls when you try to take her food away from her, but after having been starved for so long, what else do you expect? She weighs a mere 11kg. 
Her surgical wound is also healing nicely, though it is still a bit swollen. She will need to be on e-collar for 10-14 days to prevent her from licking and disrupting the healing process. Her poop was slightly soft so the vet has de-wormed her, just in case. Her overgrown nails have also been trimmed so she must feel a lot more comfortable now! Her vulva still drips blood and the vet reckons she has an infection and that the bleeding should stop in a few days.
Had she not been found and had a life-saving surgery, she may have died in a matter of days.

Blood still dripping from her vulva
Her skin is so raw that the slightest touch and she bleeds
Bleeding skin. Poor Adora

Her skin is really raw and itchy. It is difficult to stop her from scratching but we hope once the medications take effect, she will start feeling better.
She has been discharged to a temporary home but the family can only foster her for 2 more weeks. She will need a foster home to continue recuperating in. She is currently on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain medication. Adora is a slightly nervous dog so actions will need to be slow and small so that she is not startled. She did allow the vet to draw blood from her without nipping as long as they kept patting her and assuring her. Her slight food aggression also stems from this insecurity and with time and patience and a lot of TLC, she can overcome her fear and anxiety to become a confident dog. Will you be the one to guide her transformation? 
To foster or adopt Adora, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg
Thank you to all the kind fellow dog lovers who helped save her life.