Amber; Happily Ever After

Amber came to us on 22 August 2015 and we decided to adopt her because of the connection she had with us, she walked right up to my husband and lowered her head for cuddles when we visited the rescue dogs for the first time.  Read her rescue story here.

Amber and baby sister, Lotta. Best friends 

She is a very respectful and grateful dog; she would come to thank us every time she finishes her food and run to greet everyone in the house after her walks. Even today, after being with us for almost 3.5 years, she is still the same and adopting her has been the best choice we made.

She takes two walks a day, morning and evening and sometimes, we take her to the park and for hydrotherapy during the weekends as she has an old injury on her leg. Our neighbour saw her one day and said that they did not even realised we have a dog because Amber never barks.

2 years after adopting Amber, we welcomed our baby daughter Lotta into the family. Amber was the perfect sibling, she would help to babysit Lotta when she is asleep and get our attention whenever Lotta cries. She is also very patient towards her, Amber never ever barks nor bites when Lotta tries to be naughty towards her. (pulling her tail or chasing her). The unconditional love and companionship she provides is truly the best. Lotta loves her very much, and we are glad that she is growing up in an environment where she has a loving paw sister and can learn to be compassionate towards all dogs and animals.

Story & photos contributed by Amber’s Mama, Heather.