A Christmas Cat Named Abby

This Christmas, we have a new HOPE rescue joining the family: Abby the cat.

We received a text message from one of the factory workers who used to care for Babu, before he was taken in by a foster family. The message read, “cat leg injured bite our dog if u want to help her please send some one for her treatment and send some food for the 2 Babu girl dogs”.

This was followed by more text messages:

“cannot walk and don’t want eat”

“3 days to go” (meaning 3 days ago)

“male cat”

“this no my cat just want help”

“my worker keep inside room leg swollen”

The factory workers had found a cat with a wounded leg, and they think that he might have been bitten by the dogs living on the work site. Due to the injury, the cat had not eaten for 3 days, and the workers were worried sick. So they alerted HOPE.

Worker, Balu, waiting for us to come take the cat to the vet

Abby, young, extremely sweet & docile

Very trusting... and we're off to the vet

Despite his stress, he was calm and did not struggle to be freed when the worker carried him, nor did he resist when we put him into the carrier. He didn't even whine during the uncomfortable 40-minute car ride to the vet. Every time his watery eyes met mine, I wished I could chase away his fear. All Abby wanted was to feel safe and secure after his ordeal.

An extremely deep and infected wound 

At the vet, Abby was sedated so that his wound could be treated without causing more pain. Right now, he is being kept under observation in the animal clinic. He will require at least 3 nights of medical boarding to keep him safe while he recovers. He will also be neutered before his release. Being cooped up in an unfamiliar environment with a cone around his neck will be difficult for Abby to bear, but it's necessary.

Warded at the vet

His total medical bill is estimated to be about S$1200, inclusive of wound management, sterilization and ear tip. Please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you can chip in to pay in part or even in full for Abby's medical bill. It will be a heartwarming Christmas gesture for Abby and everyone at HOPE.

Abby is urgently looking for a new home. He is slightly over a year old. With his sweet face and calm, gentle nature, Abby is a suitable companion for everyone, including new cat owners. He is undemanding and not at all anxious around people. We hope someone will come forward quickly to bring him home, as he runs the risk of being injured again or even killed if he has to return to the factory. Please write in to hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you are able to foster or adopt Abby! It'll truly be the sweetest Christmas miracle if Abby could find a good home before getting discharged from the clinic.

*Abby will be discharged on Tuesday and returned to the factory if he doesn't find a home.


Elmo & April

Elmo was one rescue we thought we would never be able to re-home. He was as blind as a bat, but without its ultrasonic hearing. In fact, his hearing was as good as his sight, which is to say, not very good at all. He was also thought to be intellectually disabled and has congenital skin problems. In short, Elmo was the poster pup of special needs dogs. 

We had resigned ourselves to the fact that he may never be adopted. But we were glad to be proven wrong! It has been almost 2 years since he has been adopted by April and her family. 

Elmo just celebrated his birthday over the weekend

It was also Elmo's Mama's birthday 

Little Elmo looking better than ever <3

Re-live the awesome adoption here. Elmo's mommy loves taking him out and showing him off and we were lucky to be able to catch up with them at our recent adoption drive as Elmo came by to wish his fellow HOPE rescues luck. See how he has flourished in a loving home. He looks nothing like the scrawny creature we rescued 4 years ago. Elmo gives us hope that every dog will have its day! We hope miracles like Elmo's will happen to all our dogs! Thanks to April and family for giving Elmo his miracle, and for giving us the strength and hope to continue doing what we do!

Thank you April, for inviting our doggies to Elmo's birthday pawty and for all the lovely goody bags <3 <3

Written by: Sam


One Voice (Summer Ong)

It only takes a spark to get a fire going. And only one voice to start a successful petition. Meet Summer Ong, HOPE volunteer and spark of the petition to Sistic against the sale of tickets to the Chinese New Year Dog Circus 2018. Circus animals are often forced to perform in ways that are not natural behaviors and that can have detrimental effects on their mental and physical well-being. Not everyone may be aware of this, and it is up to animal lovers to educate them. We are glad that Sistic heeded our concerns and responded positively. (Read the story here)

Thank you, Summer, for the courage to stand up for what's right, and everyone who signed the petition. Alone, our voice may only be a whisper, but it took every single whisper for our message to be heard, that animal cruelty in any shape or form, will not be tolerated. 

P.S. Summer is also the creative mind behind our 2018 calendars. All proceeds from calendar sales will be used to pay for medical bills and feed our strays. We still have some calendars in stock so head down to the following locations to get yours today:

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Hydro Paws Plus
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The Animal Doctors
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Simone Perele
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Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Center
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Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (Gelenggang)
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MAD about Grooming! 
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Canine Wellness
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Groomer Of Pawz
BLK 88, Bedok North Street 4, #01-153
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O2 Medical Clinic
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