Hope Dog Rescue Adoption Drive Happening This Sunday

Ready for a new family member?

Date:       : 1 March 2015 (Sunday)
Time       : 11.00am - 3.30pm
Location: : Cornerstone Cafe, Bishan Park


Blake (Not HDB Approved)

* Local crossbreed, Male, 2 years old
* Sterilised, Vaccinated, Microchipped
* Moderate energy, timid, slow to warm up, grass trained

An act of human cruelty, Blake was found with two huge fish hooks deeply embedded in his legs, causing his legs to swell from a severe infection. That was when he was 6 months old.

Blake is a gorgeous dog and extremely sweet natured. He will take time to trust but once he opens up, you can be assured he'll be your best friend for life! 

Charlotte  (HDB Approved Under Project ADORE)

*Local crossbreed, Female, 8 months old
* Sterilised, Vaccinated, Microchipped  
* Extremely sociable, affectionate and well behaved
* Excellent with young children and dogs

Charlotte is a female dog of about 8 months old. She is an exotic looking crossbreed and we reckon she might have some Collie blood in her. Her coat is an unusual shade of chocolate, shiny and lovely, fluffy ears that you would be tempted to make into a ponytail.

Charlotte is vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped and in perfect health. She weighs 9kg and could afford to put on another kilo or so. Her height is 38cm, thus making her approved for HDB living.
Charlotte was found tied at a HDB multi-storey car park together with her another dog, a poodle mix. They were both skinny and malnourished when found. A passer-by took them to a nearby grooming shop whereby the kind owner took them in thinking that the owners had left them at the car park temporarily. He provided them with food and lodging after no one came to claim them. 

Charlotte is presently with a home foster, learning to walk on leash, and to overcome her fear of sudden noises and movements. She is extremely sociable, affectionate and well-behaved. She gets on terrifically with other dogs and young children.

We are now looking for a permanent home for Charlotte and her new family needs to have lots of kindness and patience for her considering that she had an awful start in life. Her ideal home would be with another calm older dog who could help show her the ropes and a very patient family who would love, guide and nurture this darling.


Kate (HDB Approved Under Project ADORE)

Local crossbreed, Female, 4+ years old
* Sterilised, Vaccinated, Microchipped  
* Calm, gets on extremely well with kids and other dogs
* Grass trained

Our little one eyed cow.

Kate was the victim of an accident that left her right eyeball popping out of her socket and jaw fractured in two places. She was found cowering in fear and blood dripping from her horrific eye wound. It took more than an hour to catch her and send her to the vet. In great pain and fear, she tried to run and hide away from her rescuers. Thankfully, she was caught and sent to the vet. After her eyeball was removed, she had to be tube fed for almost 2 months while her jaw healed slowly.

Kate is now fully recovered and a sweet girl who loves the sun, grass and food! She is playful, yet calm. She loves to run around the garden but she isn’t overly excitable. She is calm and matured, not jittery. She is great with young children and other dogs, although cats aren’t her best friends. She is a fuss-free dog and perfect for first time pet owners or if you have senior dogs, as she won’t drive your elderly dogs nuts as she isn’t a high energy dog. She loves her food, treats and can chew on her chewies for hours!

Honestly, we are surprised this sweetie is still waiting for a home. She has the perfect temperament and in the pink of health, all she needs is love, daily hugs and kisses! Are you the one Kate is waiting for?


Elmo (HDB Approved Under Project ADORE) 
*Special Needs Dog

* Breed currently unknown, Male, slightly over a year old
* Small sized, grass trained
* Low energy, spends most of his days sleeping
* Deaf and blind possibly from neglect 

Elmo was found wandering on the street, all skin and bones. He was so malnourished and dehydrated that all his fur had fallen off and his skin was rough like sandpaper.

However with a bit of love and care, Elmo has now gained weight and his fur is growing back. Elmo is almost totally blind and deaf but he learns to adapt to his surroundings. He loves to nap in the cool breeze and enjoys the presence of his human companions. Copes well with a fixed routine.



*Special Needs Dog

* Local crossbreed, Female, 2+ years old
* Sterilised, Vaccinated, Microchipped
* Moves about with her wheelchair, incontinent

Sida is a victim of a hit and run. She was trying to get away from an oncoming truck when it hit her, its back wheels of the truck rolling over her back, crushing her spine completely, leaving her sadly paralysed. 

However with the love that her previous caretaker and current foster have given her, she has fought hard to survive this incident, She is very affectionate to humans loves being in their company.

Asher (Not HDB Approved)

* Local crossbreed, Male, 8 months old
* Calm and affectionate

Asher (Previously known as Mishka) was rescued together with his brother when they were both just 6 weeks old. At 6 weeks old, Asher and his brother had already known a world of pain when we found them with deep maggot wounds all over their bodies.

Fortunately, they have both made a full recovery from their horrific injuries. A well behaved young dog, Asher is great with kids and also a very excitable and playful pup! While Asher’s brother has been adopted, Asher is still waiting for someone to give him a forever home. Could you make him as happy as his brother?


Walter (HDB Approved Under Project ADORE)

* Local crossbreed, Male, 2.5 years old
* Sterilised, Vaccinated, Microchipped 
* Moderate energy, loves runs, grass trained

Walter was found abandoned and tied to a park bench at Woodlands park. Left overnight, he was finally discovered by joggers the next day and they called HOPE in.

Walter is sociable and gets on with most dogs. He has never ever stepped into a home and has been living in commercial boarding since we rescued him about 11 months ago. We hope that Walter will find a patient and loving family to love and care for him for the rest of his life.


Cassie (Not HDB Approced) 

Local crossbreed, Female, 1 year old
* Sterilised, Vaccinated, Microchipped  
* calm yet playful, obedient, pee pad / paper trained
* Excellent with children and dogs
* Preference to be rehomed to a household with dogs

Found with a huge maggot wound around her neck, Cassie had been living her life in fear. She trembled whenever anyone even went close to her and dared not even sniff at the most tantalizing treats. Her external wound healed after 6 weeks, but emotionally, she was still a wreck. She never let her guard down and cowered when anyone even went close. When she is frozen in fear, she defecates and pees in fear.

After just 3 months of patience, Cassie is finally emerging from her cocoon. Cassie loves liver and treats, but not baths. She gets along well with other dogs and thrives in their presence. She takes comfort being with other dogs and should be rehomed to a household with dogs. She has no food aggression and enjoys human interaction. We are currently teaching her to walk on a leash and she is improving each day in leaps and bounds. Although it will take a while, we are confident Cassie will finally learn how to let her guard down and enjoy her life as only a dog can!

In her eyes, you will see sadness and worry. Will you erase it and put a smile on her cute little face?



Escape From Hell (Little Miss Schnauzer)

In January we rescued a schnauzer lying by the side of the road. http://hopedogrescue.blogspot.sg/2015/01/lost-or-abandoned.html

Ally when she was just rescued 

She was found with burns on her stomach and a hip fractured in two places. We believe that she must have been abandoned, and that she dragged herself to a nearby park to lie on the hot pavement for 2 days, in too much pain to even crawl somewhere cooler. It was heartbreaking to imagine her lying there getting her skin ‘fried’ by the pavement and extremely distressing to see burns on the tummy and underside of this extremely sweet girl.
Help arrived (albeit 2 days later) as some NEA workers saw her and carried her to a nearby shelter at the park. They then approached neighbours asking for someone to help her. A neighbour called Hope and we decided we had to intervene.

"Fried" alive as she lay on the hot pavement for two days, in too much pain to move, waiting for help

Waiting to see the Vet

We brought her to the vet and she had to be put on a drip as she was severely dehydrated and her condition needed to be stabilized. The vet reckoned she was hit by a stick or something with a hard force, or maybe she had been hit by a bicycle or motorbike. She was in shock so the vet could not operate on her immediately.

We reported that we found a dog to SPCA and AVA. Two families contacted us only 3 days after she was found, it was as if she was the last of their priorities. Both families had no proof of ownership, so we could not hand over the dog to them.

We decided to rename her Ally. Ally is the sweetest dog you will see. She is submissive and shy –as if she has been ruled by an iron hand previously. Her surgery and vet bills amounted to $6000/- but we only managed to raise a fifth of that. Nonetheless, once we set our hearts on a rescue, we never turn back. After Ally was discharged from the vet, we found out a few horrific facts about her and her previous living conditions.

Uncut nails 

Extreme neglect

As it turns out, Ally doesn’t know how to eat from bowls. She needs to be fed by hand or food has to be put on the floor. She also doesn’t know how to eat cooked food and eats kibbles only, even if we mix in a bit of cooked food, she will not eat. Her ears were filthy and infected, probably not cleaned for a long time. Her nails were long and the fur on her paws and paw pads were also so long, it was impossible for her to walk. Worst of all, her hind legs have very little muscle tone which means she hardly walked – demonstrating that she was very likely caged up.

At her first vet review

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that Ally managed to ‘escape’ from her living hell. Fortunately for Ally, her surgery was successful and her leg is recovering well. Currently she has a steel plate in her leg and she will have another review in a week’s time. She will forever walk with a slight limp, as one leg is shorter than the other. Her stomach burns have healed completely. She is currently in a foster home, in “cage rest” as her movements need to be minimal while her leg heals.

Recovering well, Ally is very curious about her surrounding. Its obvious she had hardly been out 

Will you consider giving this sweet girl a new lease of life? Her new family should ideally be one with kids and will not leave her alone for long hours. Due to her surgery, she may need hydrotherapy to build up her muscle tone in her hind legs in about 1 or 2 months. Ally may also develop arthritis in her senior years and may require supplements and extra love and care. The bottom line is she needs a family to give her everything she deserves, especially after the hell she has had to experience.

Ally is estimated to be 4 to 5 years old, female, microchipped, sterilized and vaccinated. If you would like to help with Ally’s surgery bills or even better, welcome her into your family, please contact us. Only shortlisted families will be contacted for viewing.



Our little black beauty has finally found her forever home!! After waiting for 2 years, Sasha has found somewhere that she can finally call her own. Our patience and Sasha’s has finally paid off, as she embarks on a new chapter of her life – one filled with love, care and a permanent home.

We would like to thank all of Sasha’s previous fosters for taking such good care of Sasha in the interim between her rescue and her adoption. We would also like to thank our fellow volunteer Diane, for introducing Sasha to her new family and helping Sasha to find her forever home.

We would also like to thank Rae and Siang Yo for adopting Sasha and giving her the love and care that she deserves. Gorgeous and intelligent Sasha absolutely adores her new family!

This is the best Christmas present that Sasha could receive, and is also an excellent end to the year for us - as we look forward to finding forever homes for our dogs in the coming year.

Thank you Rae and Siang Yo.


Abandoned Again

If there is anything worse than being abandoned, it is being abandoned multiple times.

Sometimes all puppies need is a little bit of patience and nurturing. It is sad how people view pets as toys to be passed around and if they require a bit more effort to nurture or train, they are then abandoned and neglected. It is strongly advised that individuals realise what is at stake when adopting a puppy- the teething, multiple meals and walks, paper training and not to mention the destruction to your property. Love and patience. That’s all that are needed sometimes.

And so this very sad story of abandonment goes. Two gorgeous female cross breeds were found tied at a multi storey car park in a HDB housing estate. Both, approximately 6 to 7 months old, were found with no collar and no microchip. This looked like a clear case of abandonment.

Both of them when they were just found (Renamed L to R : Trisha & Charlotte)

A passer-by saw them looking helpless and took them to a nearby pet grooming shop and asked for assistance. The owners kindly agreed to keep them for a while, thinking that their owners might step forward to retrieve them or maybe hoping they were somehow lost. Various animal welfare groups were asked to spread the word on their Facebook pages. 

Two separate families stepped forward to adopt these two cross breeds.

However within a week, the shop owner contacted HOPE, saying one of the dogs was returned because the family commented that they “couldn’t click with her”. It was horrific to believe that she was abandoned yet again for such a ludicrous reason. We decided to intervene and this gorgeous girl was then adopted by one of our volunteers and renamed Trisha. Trisha is the sweetest, most pleasant puppy we have ever met. She is not attention seeking, is extremely good-natured, sociable and well mannered. Why she was abandoned twice is a question that no one will ever know. Perhaps she and the other puppy were from home breeders and were bred wrongly by mistake?

Gorgeous Trisha, happy ever after with her new family on her very first beach outing

Another week later, the other dog was also returned to the shop – this one had been passed to 2 families within a month. Poor, poor girl.  The reason was that she tugs on her leash. How ridiculous! Did these people forget that she is only a puppy and merely needed a bit of guidance?

There are so many unanswered questions. Why did both the families give up so quickly?

HOPE decided that enough was enough and has now taken the second puppy under our charge, even though we do not have the means to keep her and we literally cannot manage financially. But the poor puppy has been abandoned and moved to 3 places in slightly more than a month and we cannot say no to helping her find a home.

Such a pretty looking Charlotte

Fortunately she is being fostered by Henry and we have just sterilized, microchipped and vaccinated her – the clinic staff say she is super sweet – and is again ready for adoption! Should you wish to adopt Charlotte, please email us. She looks like she may be some sort of Dachshund breed and is about 38cm tall, but slightly underweight at 9kg. She is also HDB approved. As per HDB rules, only one dog per household is allowed. 

Harper and Charlotte taking a stroll together

This cute little puppy has done no wrong and deserves a loving and patient home. We need to put a stop to abandoned puppies and insincere adopters. Let’s not forget they have feelings too.

Cute little Charlotte is so exotic looking and her looks totally mesmerize you!

How could anyone possibly abandon such a sweet puppy? 

To adopt Charlotte, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg  Screenings, interviews with family members, house checks and home visits are part and parcel of our adoption procedure.

Exhausted after playing the entire day with our other rescue dogs.


*Adoption fee, T&C applies.


Creamy, just another sterilization?

As part of our sterilization program, we had caught a female dog last week. She was named Creamy and is a sweet and docile little brown girl. She amazed us when we first visited her at the vet, bringing her nutritious food after her sterilization. She had zero food aggression and is calm and friendly. She already had a litter of puppies and we managed to bring her in for sterilization before she got pregnant again. Another pregnancy would mean more unwanted puppies and a growing population of strays fighting for the same amount of limited food.

Creamy didn't want to leave the carrier. She doesn't want to be a stray! 

Creamy is very small in size and most definitely HDB approved. She totally did not demonstrate any signs of being a stray and in fact, is so domesticated that she loved it when we hand fed her treats! Last night, we released her back to her home in a very dusty factory at an industrial area as her wound has fully recovered. To our surprise, she is the first stray whom we released that did not bolt away from us and make a mad dash for their friends. Instead, she hung around and occasionally went forward to lick the volunteers’ hands and caper around them. After a while, she disappeared and the volunteers assumed she went back into the factory, but when the volunteers went back to retrieve the dog carrier after speaking to the guard, they got a huge surprise. Little Creamy was lying inside! She wanted to follow the volunteers back! She wanted a real home! It seemed as if she was telling us to bring her home.

Poor Creamy trying so hard not to look at us, hoping we would close the carrier and take her home. 

This is the first time we are appealing for a family to come forward to adopt a stray whom we have sterilized. The standard procedure has always being catch, sterilize and release. If you have been following our work, you would know that our rescues are usually old, injured, paralyzed and even if there are any healthy ones, they are usually a result of abandonment which means they are unable to survive on their own if released. But Creamy is different.

She tried so hard not to go back to the industrial estate 

When the volunteers were leaving, she followed them to their car and looked on sadly as they drove off. She ran after their car for a short distance before giving up chase. Her eyes seemed to pierce right into their hearts and their hearts broke. It seemed like they were abandoning her as she looked on with her sweet brown eyes. She is so sweet that we wondered if she could survive on her own? With no food aggression and being submissive, she hardly got to eat whenever people left food for them. She would pace up and down to try to eat but by the time she got in, the food was almost always gone. These thoughts zoomed around in our minds and we could not help but to at least try to appeal for a home for her. 

Volunteer, Jozelle, telling Creamy she could not take her home 

Perhaps you have been considering adding a furry companion to your family, instead of buying, why not give this darling a home? It was only one week that she had known us and she only met our volunteers 3 times and yet she had already opened her heart to them.

Such a sweet, pretty little girl

If you will like to grant Creamy her wish, make her dream come true and give her a warm home, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Creamy is a female local crossbreed, estimated to be about 7 mths old. Vaccinated and sterilized. She IS HDB approved.