Every Dog is Potentially a Therapy Dog

We must all have read, heard or experienced for ourselves, at some time or other, the marvels, the miracles and the unfathomable mysterious abilities, love and loyalty of dogs.  What makes them so totally attuned to us and what joy, healing and pure love we experience in the company of our dogs, or of any dog for that matter?  Read on to find out.

Talk about dogs and people remember how guide dogs can help their vision-defective human friends navigate roads, stairs and all the challenges that come with walking, dogs that can sniff drugs, bring a criminal down and dogs that rescue humans in earthquakes and other disasters, sacrificing their lives in the interest of their human friends, unflinchingly, loyally, steadfastly.

Button with a resident at Assisi Hospice 

The wonder of all, though, are the therapy dogs.  These are our canine friends whose temperament, good sensing, sociability, adaptability and affection for humans bring immeasurable joy to us.  

Bring them to a hospital, a hospice, an orphanage, a home for the elderly and witness the miracles they bring.  

Their cuteness, their receptiveness and their love for our pats drive out loneliness, depression and all other negativity.  With appropriate training and lots of affectionate guidance, therapy dogs break down all barriers and bring radiance into any place.

One such dog is Button, a rescued dog, trained in Hokkien.  

You will be surprised that dogs can learn any language or dialect easily.  Button wasn’t even a puppy when her owner taught her Hokkien and trained her to be a therapy dog!  She was about 6 years old then and since then, has become Singapore’s little big star wherever she goes.  

Button is proof that every dog is potentially a therapy dog.  Trust them and give them the opportunity.  In an age when people are in so much need for a little joy in their life, why not consider training your dog to be a therapy dog?  Read the article here@ST or here@Zhaobao on how Button's “mama”, Fiona, of HOPE Dog Rescue trained her to become every man’s sunbeam!

Watch her video here.

Written by : Juliana