Oh HAPPY Day!!

It does not take a genius to guess the wish we had for Happy when we named her. We wished for happiness to find her. While she has always been a happy pup, her circumstances were less than happy. Abandoned at a young age, it was only by chance that we happened across her (Read her story here). Her luck quickly ran out as potential adopters kept passing her over. Whether they could not look past her colour to the sweet and happy dog that she is or some other irrational reason, she continued to be overlooked at adoption events and had earned herself the title of HOPE's longest resident.

An extremely happy HAPPY!!

But good things come to all who wait, and this cannot be more true for Happy. After patiently waiting for more than 5 years, Happy has finally found her forever family and home! It must have been fate that brought Happy and her new mommy and daddy, Cassandra and Benny together. Cassandra and Benny are not first time dog owners, but they are first time adopters. After their dog passed away, rather than going out and buying another puppy as they have always done, they decided to adopt to make a difference in a dog's life. And Happy happened to be just the dog they were looking for.

Dreams are made of these <3 <3

Adopt, don't shop. "Saving one dog will not save the world, but surely, for that one dog, the world will change forever." Happy's world is now forever changed because Cassandra and Benny decided to adopt. 

HAPPY family <3 <3

We would like to thank Cassandra and Benny for taking a chance on Happy and giving our longest resident her forever home (finally). We sincerely hope that Happy brings happiness to your lives just as we are sure you have brought to hers. And also a big shout out to Zeke and family for fostering Happy and loving her all this while in-lieu of her forever family. 

How nice to finally have a Papa to call her own <3 <3

Words cant express how happy & grateful we all are <3 <3

Written by: Sam