Our Saddest Dog, Roxy, Is Now The Happiest! (Renamed Joy)

Who is the saddest dog in the world? Well, it's no longer Roxy that's for sure!

Roxy (now renamed Joy) with her new family and her megawatt smile! 

The dog with the big smile on her face now is a far cry from the sad-looking dog who hid in the corner and did not know how to eat and drink from a bowl. It was a long and slow process to get her to where she is today. Her 180-degree transformation is all thanks to our ever patient and dedicated volunteers and fosters. It's their love and patience that have turned turned Roxy's frown upside down. 

Rescued in November 2015 and happily adopted 1 year later.  How blessed she is! 

That million dollar smile that makes everything worthwhile!! 

Read her story here.

Joy in her new home, with her queen sized bed

Best pals! 

Roxy has also been adopted by Peter and family. We always knew that Roxy would do well in a big family as she loves children. Now, she not only has her own human mommy and daddy to love her, she also has a human brother and sister to always get into mischief with together, and an "ah kong" to spoil her as all grandparents do! It is no wonder she can hardly wipe that big grin off her face. That million dollar smile is what makes all our efforts worthwhile.

Forever home

Roxy is now called Joy. Her new name reflects the newfound joy in her heart. Thank you Peter and family for adopting Joy. May your hearts and home always be full of joy (pun intended)!