Growing Up With Dogs

In honour of the upcoming National Kids and Pets Day, which falls on April 26, here are three advantages of children growing up with dogs.

Learning Responsibility

Having a dog is a daily commitment and taking care of their everyday needs teaches a child the importance of being responsible. A dog trusts its owner to look after them with proper care and love, offering them food and water, cleaning their home, and taking them out for walks. This enables children to learn about care giving and the significance of dependability, allowing them to grow and become a trustworthy pet owner.

Sharing is Caring

The act of caring for another leaves a tremendous impact on a child, enabling him/her to grow and become a more compassionate and empathetic individual. Gestures like rewarding their dog with delicious treats and squeaky toys or even unexpected hugs allow a child to practice being selfless, whereby one places another’s needs before their own. Moreover, when taking their dog out for walks, passers-by and fellow dogs would approach them which, in turn, creates conversation. As their lovable dog receive pats on their heads, the sharing of one’s dog teaches a child generosity and patience towards others. This would better their social skills, making them friendlier and boosting their self-confidence.

Bettering General Health

Growing up with a dog not only betters a child’s physical health but also his/her mental health. When it comes to physical health, taking a dog out for walks encourages a child to head outdoors. Living in the digital age, some might have forgotten the beauty that is nature. The crisp air and lush greenery are those that simply cannot be found indoors. Heading out for a walk, a run or even a game of fetch, encourages a more healthy lifestyle as it gets the heart pumping. Once they have exercised, the child and his/her dog can head back indoors and lounge on the couch for some Netflix.

When it comes to mental health, dogs provide constant companionship throughout the ups and downs that life brings. Life may seem like a nightmare when you’re a kid. However, a dog brings comfort and unconditional love to people. No matter how they are feeling, sad, angry, or anxious, one can always find a friend in a dog. A little petting and cuddling session is all one needs to reduce and relieve stress, calming their nerves and relaxing their mind.

Written by: Debbi