About HOPE Dog Rescue

We are a group of animal lovers who strongly feel that all animals should be treated with love and respect. Animals who are abused, neglected and abandoned  just makes us want to do something to change their lives for the better.
We are volunteer animal rescuers.
HOPE Dog Rescue and its blog were created for several reasons:
We hope that this blog will serve as a means to help the animals who so desperately need saving, by creating an awareness on their lives and sharing their stories with you. 
This blog also serves as an avenue for us to vent our frustrations in animal rescue, the sometimes inefficient laws, the lack of help and the cruelty that goes unseen, be it in breeding farms, in homes, or on the streets.
Ever hopeful, we also hope to share our joys of animal rescue, the successes, and the lives we have touched. We hope that others who share our passion will find solace in our stories, and people who have never felt the need to get involved, will now decide to do so.
It is important that people who care for animals, band together to help and save them, to tell the animals, “you are not alone”.
As we look to the future, we hope our efforts in ending animal cruelty will mean less suffering for the animals.
Join us in this journey as we try our best, within our means and resources, to save the animals and to rebuild their trust in humans again, to try to protect every animal against unnecessary suffering.