Animal Rights - Earthlings

Not everyone will be able to sit and watch this video from start to end.
Despite working so much with injured strays, puppy mill dogs, animal cruelty cases – what I have seen and experienced is nothing compared to what you will watch in this video clip.
I had great difficulty watching this till the end but the real difficulty is not just watching it, it’s about forcing you to think about your role in the horrors being depicted. And I don’t know how anyone can watch it without feeling compelled to do something to stop the cruelty.
For those of us in animal welfare, watching Earthlings will reinforce your convictions and show you things you’ve only read about. If you’re not already in animal welfare, this video clip might convince you to do more.
Earthlings takes an unflinching look at the many ways in which animals are used and abused as companion animals, as food, as clothing, as entertainment, and in animal testing. Seventy percent of the footage is from undercover videos, taking the viewer to places where video cameras would probably never be allowed, places you would never see.
Most of the footage speaks for itself, showing scenes from factory farming, slaughterhouses and puppy mills; it might shock you when you see how our society treats animals.

After watching the video, I learnt something new. Animals are actually the same as us, human beings. We inhibit the Earth and this makes us all earthlings. We may not look the same or behave in the same way, but we all long for food, water, love, comfort, support and companionship. Being able to defend ourselves better doesn't give us the rights to mistreat the animals. Infect, we are all considered as animals in science. Animals are no different from us. They are just another nation. Mistreating animals is equivalent to racism and sexism. This I definitely agree. I hope people will not buy animals as pets just because they are cute and abandon them later on when they outgrow their cuteness. I hope people can put themselves in the shoes of the animals and not allow more and more animals to be put to sleep or be killed, abused, or neglected.

This video makes me feel really sad for the animals and I feel so upset that people fail to see the value 'responsibility'. More animals are going to die if people continue being so irresponsible. The animals do not deserve this. They deserve to be treated the same way as how we would treat our love ones. They should be loved and cared for like little kids no matter how old they are.

Thoughts by Zoei Ong (19 years old)