Jaspar's and Fudge's Updates

Jaspar's Updates

Jaspar the gentleman

We are so relieved to say that Jaspar's condition has stabilized. He eats like there's no tomorrow! However, despite being fed so regularly with such nutritious food, Jaspar has instead lost some more weight and is thinner than ever. The doctor told us that it’s due to a condition called proteinuria. His body is not able to absorb protein, and he pees it out instead. To get him well again, Jaspar will be put on a special k/d diet for a few months, and undergo urine and blood tests every week. Luckily, it isn’t chronic and can be treated, but it’s likely that he may die if he returns to a life on the streets as the workers may not monitor him as closely as we would like them too, and not notice if he becomes too anemic.

Jaspar's wound is much smaller although his health isn't all that good

Just the tip of Jaspar's fear of being caged up

Jaspar, however, has been a very naughty boy. He was transferred to a new clinic, The Pet Doctors, as he was being too mischievous at the previous vet. The boy chewed on an air-conditioning pipe till it broke and flooded part of the clinic! He also broke the metal cage in which he was kept. The vets were not amused, although we were. It was really quite funny! Having worked with strays for so many years, we aren't surprised by their antics any more. Since they are used to having their freedom, they really dislike being confined. Poor Jaspar must have been miserable. Anyway, the silly boy was discharged earlier than he was due to be; no prizes for guessing why.

He has been totally living it up in the new clinic though, enjoying lots of human company and attention. He loves rolling on the grass, although the vet tech needs to clean his wound again each time he does that! After which he spends up to 18 hours snoozing.
Look where he sleeps at The Pet Doctors
Thank you for making Jaspar smile
Although we're glad that he seems to be having fun, we can't help but be bothered by the nagging thought that it would be cruel to return him to factory life after he has gotten used to being treated like a king. We feel terrible about it, and we would like to implore you to consider adopting him. Rescued strays are really just homeless pets waiting for a loving family to claim them.
Jaspar is sweet and estimated to be around 6 to 7 years old. His rate of survival is not high without someone to care for him and nurse him back to health. The rescue process isn't truly over till they have found their forever homes, so will you please save their lives and help to give them one?

Fudge's Updates

Gorgeous Fudge. All of 10 months old

Little Fudge's wound was not healing so well, so it was stitched up two days ago. His wound is still bleeding. He really hates wearing the e-collar, like most dogs, so the doctor put a shirt on him instead. He has also been sterilized, and is still at the vet recovering. He has been allowed to stay on because he wasn't destructive like Jaspar. He loves attention and wants to be patted all day long. He is really well-behaved, given his young age, and we're so impressed! Fudge is really just like a baby; he loves being massaged and patted, and often hams it up and flips upside down to offer his belly for pats and attention. Whoever thought that strays would behave this way?

Fudge enjoying his pats from volunteers

Tough little Fudge's huge wound, all stitched up

When we rescue street dogs who need to be boarded at the vet, we try as much as possible to return them to the streets within 7 to 10 days. We feel that anything longer than that would be unfair to the dog as he would have gotten used to human contact and regular meals. Putting him back on the streets would be tantamount to abandonment in our opinion. Then again, there is no way we could afford to keep every dog we save or help. If we ran our own kennel or shelter, we definitely would. As it happens, we can barely afford our vet bills, let alone the costs of running a shelter, or even just renting one.
If nobody is able to foster or adopt these two sweeties, we will have to return them to the streets soon to minimise the emotional pain they will feel. We really don't want to do that.

His wound is not entirely dried
Fudge needed to wear a shirt as he truly hates the e-collar

Handsome little Fudge
We at HOPE Dog Rescue implore you to seriously consider adopting one of these dogs. Fudge is an energetic and affectionate dog, a loving addition to any family willing to have him. Jaspar is happy and playful, and will definitely amuse his new family to no end. They may not be pedigree breeds, but we can ensure you that they will give you as much love as them, if not more. All they need is a chance and a loving family.

Please contact us immediately if you are keen to adopt or foster Jaspar or Fudge.

Written by Elena Lin