Come Meet Prince And Other Rescue Dogs Tomorrow

Pets' Day Out 2012 is happening tomorrow! Our darling pooches will all be there to meet you, so bring your friends and family down!

Remember our rescue dogs that touched your hearts? Sunday and Rei (now known as Sapporo)?

Bet you've been wondering what this frail skeletal dog with no fur looks like today. 

Struggling to hold himself up to eat

He is no longer a pile of skin and bones... Come down and see for yourself how our little Prince looks like today :)

Come meet our little Prince
While you're there, don't miss our photo booth where you can take pictures with your pets and have them framed for only S$8. 

When you take more pictures, more proceeds will be channelled towards our rescue efforts.

It takes time and effort to nurse these abandoned dogs and street canines back to good health, and we certainly wouldn't have been able to do all this without our dear volunteers and big-hearted donors. 

Buy our HOPE 2013 calendars and help save more dogs!
 Although we can't rescue every injured or abandoned dog out there, we want to help as many as we possibly can. This takes much time, effort and of course, money for vet bills and transportation of animals (for when we run rescue missions in the wee hours of the morning, or when they are too large to fit into our cars). 

Events like Pets' Day Out 2012 help us not only gain proceeds through our merchandise sales, they also allow us to educate more people about our work and why we do what we do every single day come rain or shine, because this is the most important and challenging task for any rescue/welfare organization to accomplish.

Our doggies and volunteers are very grateful for all the love and support we've been receiving thus far, so we hope to see you TOMORROW!

Written by Kyna Tan