India Cows

No, you didn't come to the wrong blog. I just wanted to share the plight of these cows and the wonderful work my friends in India are doing for them.  

To find out more about their work, please visit http://www.happyfoundationforanimals.org/projects.html 

The Radha Surabhi Goshala (www.radhasurabhi.com) is a goshala (cow shelter) for abandoned, injured and sick street cows, located in a small village called Radha Kund in Uttar Pradesh, India. The goshala is run by Ms. Sudevi from Germany with a few local helpers to assist her in the daily tasks of feeding and giving medical attention. Many of the cows that reside at the goshala have leg injuries and have learnt to balance or walk on three legs. There are also cows that are paralyzed and supported on specialized cow slings several hours a day to ensure they are upright to help blood circulation. With no medical knowledge prior to the goshala, Sudevi has learnt how to put bandages, clean wounds and straighten broken legs, as there are no vets in the vicinity. There are always between 40 and 50 cows under treatment or surgery. Sudevi doesn't want to refuse any suffering cow that is brought to her. Because of this, she receives between 1 and 3 injured or sick cows every day and the number of cows is always increasing. At present there are about 350 cows in her goshala. When the number of cows becomes too large for her to maintain, she gives away the healthy cows she can't care for to a nearby goshala where cows are also properly taken care of. The most special part of the goshala is the barn where cows who do not have much longer left to live, reside. The Maha-Mantra (sacred vedic texts) chants are played the entire day on a sound system and the cows leave their bodies listening to these sacred chants.



Happy Foundation For Animal Welfare : http://www.happyfoundationforanimals.org/