Adopt. Save A Precious Life. Do NOT Buy.

Many of you have probably heard this before; that the most common reason for not buying a pet is the countless shelter animals waiting to be adopted. But there is a darker, and more sinister truth behind the push towards adoption instead of buying: the little-known cruelty behind the pet trade.

Many people are not aware that the pet breeding industry is a very cruel one. The animals are kept purely for the sake of producing litters. They are often kept in appallingly dirty and cramped cages, sometimes with no room to even turn around. They are fed only the cheapest and nutritionally poor food and made to produce litter after litter.

Imagine being pregnant all the time!

And when these dogs have outlived their usefulness, they are discarded like old furniture or abandoned. They have never been patted or shown affection in their lives. They have never had the chance to step on grass, to be taken on walks and feel the sunshine on their faces. They do not know the meaning of love because they have never been loved.

Many of you do not know this because you have never seen, and will never be allowed to see, the back of the nice showroom where the breeding and horror is. You will probably get the shock of your lives if you do.

Poorly fed dogs give birth to defective puppies, and more often than not, these defects only show up when the puppies grow older and you have already bought them.

But what happens to those puppies that cannot be sold? What fate awaits them?

They are either put to sleep (maybe inhumanely as anesthetic costs money), abandoned, or turned into the next generation of breeding dogs.

By adopting, you are giving homeless, abused or abandoned animals a second chance in life. These dogs are very grateful to be given a second chance and they are very grateful and loyal. Adopt one and see for yourself the abundant love and loyalty they give you.

Baby Harper needs a home. She is almost 3 months old.

These dogs have tasted the hard life and they are just very grateful and happy to be alive, to be fed and loved.

These homeless local dogs that some of you call mongrels, are very intelligent and hardy. They do not fall sick easily like some pedigrees do.They do not cost much to keep and provide wonderful companionship.

So next time, you think about buying that cute doggy by the window, stop and think again.