What’s Wrong With Black Dogs Anyway?

Black is beautiful. MISHKA is beautiful.

Black dogs are often the last to adopt out, for whatever the reasons, whether it's because they don't photograph as well, or people think they look meaner, fiercer etc. But they are just as sweet on the inside and are also strikingly beautiful on the outside with their shiny black coats. HOPE Dog Rescue has 20 dogs in our care, of which almost half are black dogs.

Today we would like to tell you about MISHKA 

Young Mishka was rescued together with his brother when he was barely a month old, a cute tiny fluff ball the size of our palm, as he had maggot wounds on his back. We have featured him many times on our blog and Facebook page but despite all that awareness, he has not even had a single enquiry for adoption. Even for fostering, it was limited and not all foster homes were conducive for a growing puppy who needed nurturing and guidance. Mishka’s brother, Arslan, (now renamed Terry) was only adopted because of a friend’s recommendation, else we would still have the two black brothers with us.

Is black is too ordinary?

Take a look at these pictures and tell us why Mishka has not found a loving home despite being so handsome and well behaved? Mishka is now 5 mths old, pee pad trained, gets on well with dogs and is not a destructive little puppy. He might be a little shy and timid, but aren’t we all? We just need a little time to warm up.

We know you prefer colours but is that doggy discrimination? Did you know more black dogs die each year than any other colour. They are the first in line for euthanasia. They are also the most common coloured victims on the streets because they cant be seen in the dark. That’s the sad reality for these gorgeous black dogs.

Mishka needs to be out of his present foster home by November 13, this Thursday. We have no idea where he will go after Thursday. Commercial boarding is not an option as that would undo all the good that he has learnt.

We have no plans for him after Thursday because we have that little bit of HOPE that an angel will come and save MISHKA.


Male, local crossbreed. 5 months old, fully vaccinated, sterilized, perfect health.

Email: hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg