Uncle Seng And His Pets

Remember Uncle Seng and his pets? We just shared his story two weeks back.

His dogs, Mary and Audi, are sad and miss him greatly. Audi is being boarded commercially while Mary, who was like Uncle Seng's shadow, is currently at a volunteer’s home. We knew that Mary would be more affected by the separation than Audi and so thought that a home environment would help ease some of the stress. Unfortunately, it's not just a home environment that Mary needs, but Uncle Seng's company. At the volunteer's home, she was so scared and stressed that she did not eat for 2 weeks, not even force feeding her helped. She would either clench her teeth or spit out whatever we put into her mouth. All she did was hide and look miserable.

Sweet Mary is actually very cute and affectionate, just terrified and stressed by too many changes

Mary's eyes only light up when Uncle Seng is with her

Look how she tries her best to stick close to him. Unfortunately their time together is very short lived

Worried about her, we arranged for Uncle Seng to visit Mary. She was overjoyed when she saw him and happily ate when he fed her. Knowing she would once again starve herself if we were to separate them immediately after their short reunion, we arranged for Uncle Seng to stay with her for 2 days. It was heaven for sweet Mary.

Vera's brother, Audi

Kind Uncle Seng at last Saturday's adoption drive
Last Saturday, on the day of our adoption drive, we bought breakfast for Uncle Seng and drove him to the event to visit the other dogs that had come from his factory, Amber, who is happily adopted, and Vera, who is still waiting her chance. Vera recognized Uncle Seng instantly and kept showering him with doggy kisses and refusing to leave his side for long.

Uncle Seng sipping tea at our adoption booth
Vera thanking Uncle Seng for feeding her during her days at their factory

Vera desperately needs a home
Uncle Seng spent the day with us at the adoption drive. We had just bought him lunch when we received news that one of his old cats had passed on. This cat had cat flu and was warded at the vet for 10 days. She was recently discharged to a commercial boarding facility because she was feral and not very friendly towards humans. Combined with her sickness, she made a challenging foster case. Her sickness was probably made worse by the stress of the change in environments, from "home" in the factory, to vet to commercial boarding, and she finally succumbed to it and passed on.

Poor meow passed away 
Uncle Seng bidding his final farewell to his friend of almost a decade

When we broke the news to Uncle Seng, he was visibly distressed. He just stared blankly off into space and kept asking how could the cat die. We immediately made arrangements for a volunteer to fetch him to say his
final goodbyes to the cat before her body was sent for cremation.
We desperately still need help with the following.

  • Sponsorship for Audi's commercial boarding 
  • A home for Vera (not HDB-approved) as she has nowhere to go 
  • Uncle Seng's remaining 7 cats. Most are old, feral and sick. 5 of them are currently in commercial boarding at $5/- per cat / per day and require sponsors for their stay. One is with a foster as he is the friendliest. One other has been diagnosed with cat flu and has been warded at the vet for 2 weeks and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. We worry that discharging this cat to commercial boarding may end in the same result as the one that had passed so we fervently urge someone to foster this cat, at least. If you could also help with this cat's vet bills, it would be very much appreciated.

Uncle Seng entrusted his pets to us so we must to do our best to ensure their well-being. Today we brought Uncle Seng to visit his cat at vet. Unfortunately the cat is extremely ill and in isolation thus Uncle Seng could only visit the cat from outside. However, when he called the cat, she immediately recognized his voice and weakly lifted her head toward his direction.
Volunteers printed and framed a souvenir for Uncle Seng 

Of course, we hope that we can find all of Uncle Seng's animals loving permanent homes, and they are all up for adoption. In the meantime, we seek fosterers or sponsors for their boarding. If you can help in any way, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.