Brandy's Update

Once again, we are witness to just what an incredible tool social media can be. After the story of our latest rescue Brandy first went up (read it here if you have not already), her feeder happened upon it and contacted us immediately. We were happy to take her feeder, HP, to visit Brandy at the vet. 

Poor Brandy, in pain and in an unfamiliar place, was just lying listlessly in her cage and did not even know HP had come to visit her at first. But her demeanor totally changed when HP called her. She was as happy to see HP as HP was relieved to see her, and she jumped up to greet HP with her tail wagging non-stop like a propeller. HP told us that Brandy's street name was Puteh, which means white, even though she has her lovely brown patches. Brandy was born some time in 2009, and HP and friends have been feeding her since then. Brandy was 1 of 4 puppies who were dumped at the site by someone in a lorry, according to a security guard who had witnessed it. They were about 4 months old then, and the security guard had taken it upon himself to feed them. When Brandy was 6 months old, HP did the responsible thing and sterilized her and has been in charge of feeding her each night since then. Talk about commitment and dedication!

Imagine spending her entire life as a stray

Of the 4 puppies, Brandy is the only one left on the streets. 2 of her siblings were taken to a shelter after their sterilization, for their own safety, as they enjoyed chasing bicycles and the boss of a nearby factory had lodged a complaint against them. 1 other had taken ill a few years ago and passed on. Brandy loved her freedom and was a little wary of people so was not easy to catch. But she managed to stay out of trouble as, unlike her more enthusiastic siblings, all she wanted to do was take long naps at bus stops or under lorries. 

Brandy has a shoulder (scapula) fracture and the sling is to restrict movement, for her bones to fuse together.

HP reckons that Brandy's accident may have taken place on Saturday night as she did not come out to eat, and they could not find her. She must have been in so much pain after getting hit by a car, and went into hiding. Brandy has since been discharged and staying temporarily with a volunteer as no one has come forth to offer to foster her. She is on pain medication for her injury and is also being treated for her ear infection and heartworm. Though a little depressed, she is eating well, and absolutely lights up when she gets visitors. She also had her first bath experience at the vet. She is fitting her old street name more, now that some of the "brown" have washed off! Her injured leg has been put in a sling, to prevent her from moving it too much or resting any weight on it so that it can heal properly. Her arm would need to be in a sling for 2 months or so for the bones to fuse back; she has a fracture on her shoulder.

Brandy is gorgeous! 

Brandy needs help with her vet bills and a foster who can keep her confined in a room and feed her meals and medication twice daily. Also, since she is used to going wherever she pleases, whenever she pleases, she will try to escape so her foster home should be doggy-escape-artist-proof.

If you can foster Brandy, or help with her vet bills, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

Written by: Sam