The Diaper Club

Thank you everyone who helped make The Diaper Club outing to Sentosa Cove a memorable one!

Happy volunteers & happy doggies! 

Matthieu on his new wheels

The weather was perfect for a day out and so many of you responded to our call to drive The Diaper Club members to Sentosa that even Charlie the Golden Retriever and Mathilda could come along to join in the fun. Some even stayed on to help out. 

And in the black corner we have our favourite old man, Matthieu; and in the cream corner, we have a slightly younger old man, Charlie :-)  *Both are available for adoption*

A big thank you to Jamie for buying her royal highness, Queen SiDa, her purple wagon. It had to be purple of course because SiDa is nothing less than royalty!

Her Royal Highness, Queen SiDa in her new purple wagon. All hail the Queen in her Royal Carriage.

HRH Queen SiDa demanding she be scratched and patted; how dare you stop scratching me? 

Matthieu & Harper also wanted to jump on the band wagon, pun intended, but they were a little apprehensive about being so high from the ground, unlike Queen SiDa who settled right in. You could feel her joy especially since SiDa never really liked her wheelchair and always needed to be coaxed into walking.

Harper and her friend trying out SiDa's Royal Carriage

The original diaper club crew : Mattheiu, Harper and SiDa

Matthieu doesn’t like his new wheels either. Perhaps he’s an old man, and like lots of old folks, he's too set in his ways to get out of his comfort zone.

Charming Matthieu is still waiting for his forever home 

Harper is the only one that absolutely loves her wheels and her independence. 

The Diaper Club's next outing to Sentosa Cove will be on March 18, 4pm to 7.30pm. If you can help drive our Diaper Club members to the venue, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Thorn among the roses? 

Written by : Sam
Photography by : Felicia Lee Photography