Baby Star

Twinkle Twinkle Baby Star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky, twinkle twinkle Baby Star, how I wonder what you are.” 

Hello everypawdy! My name is Baby Star and I am a 4 months young male puppy. My elder sister is Alyssa, from a different litter. Do you know her? She is very cute too! Don’t you think we look alike? 

I do not twinkle and reside in the skies above but I am still a star. I even have my own fan club! A group of volunteer feeders come to visit me and feed me without fail every Saturday. They shower me and my friends with lots of love and attention and we are so grateful towards them for the yummy food that they feed us every week. One of them likes to sing the song above to me when she feeds me. 

Last Saturday, the volunteers came to feed me and my friends as usual. We welcomed the volunteers with wagging tails and sloppy licks and waited for them to feed us. After we had our fill, the volunteers bade us goodbye and continued feeding other dogs in the area. About an hour or so later, the volunteers returned. We thought they were going to feed us more food but strangely, instead of their food pails, they brought a cage out of the car. What are they trying to do? I had no idea but before I knew it, a gentle caress and hug became a night behind bars. The volunteers carried me and put me into a carrier. Are they bringing me on holiday? Where am I going and are they bringing my best friend Teddy along? Well, it turns out that they were bringing me to the vet for sterilisation. Teddy and my other friends from my factory have already been sterilised. It is now my turn.

At the clinic, the vet discovered lots of tiny fleas and ticks on me. After some tests, the vet also discovered that I have anaplasma, a tick-borne disease. As a result of anaplasma, I have low blood count and the vet is not able to castrate me. I would need to be treated for anaplasma first. 

The volunteers are not able to afford my vet bills. Could you kindly help me pawtty please? I would be so grateful to you! Can you imagine a bright star with its lights being dimmed by hundreds and thousands of black ticks on it? Isn’t that so sad? And I’m just a baby! If you can lend me a paw and help with my vet bills and buy some frontline and medicine for me for a month, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Thank you! 

The vets says I need medication for 21 days and the workers at my factory will feed me my medications and I will be sterilized in a month or so when I am feeling better. ! *innocent grateful puppy eyes and happy licks* 

Written by : Weiling