Elmo & April

Elmo was one rescue we thought we would never be able to re-home. He was as blind as a bat, but without its ultrasonic hearing. In fact, his hearing was as good as his sight, which is to say, not very good at all. He was also thought to be intellectually disabled and has congenital skin problems. In short, Elmo was the poster pup of special needs dogs. 

We had resigned ourselves to the fact that he may never be adopted. But we were glad to be proven wrong! It has been almost 2 years since he has been adopted by April and her family. 

Elmo just celebrated his birthday over the weekend

It was also Elmo's Mama's birthday 

Little Elmo looking better than ever <3

Re-live the awesome adoption here. Elmo's mommy loves taking him out and showing him off and we were lucky to be able to catch up with them at our recent adoption drive as Elmo came by to wish his fellow HOPE rescues luck. See how he has flourished in a loving home. He looks nothing like the scrawny creature we rescued 4 years ago. Elmo gives us hope that every dog will have its day! We hope miracles like Elmo's will happen to all our dogs! Thanks to April and family for giving Elmo his miracle, and for giving us the strength and hope to continue doing what we do!

Thank you April, for inviting our doggies to Elmo's birthday pawty and for all the lovely goody bags <3 <3

Written by: Sam