Benji The Miniature Schnauzer

We were made aware of Benji's plight by a neighbour, Pam, who noticed that a lump on his leg had grown to a size that made his leg look as if it were swollen. Benji, a sweet-natured 9-year-old miniature schnauzer, once belonged to the daughter-in-law of the elderly couple, Uncle and Auntie Soh, who now looks after him. When the marriage soured, the daughter-in-law no longer wanted Benji and had even wanted to put him down. Fearing for his life, Auntie Soh swooped in and took him in, though she and her husband knew little about dogs. 

We received this photo by email and immediately agreed to help

Despite being in their late 60s, both Uncle and Auntie Soh are still working so that they can provide the very basic necessities for Benji, like food. They even, conscientiously, take Benji for his yearly vaccinations. Auntie Soh walks with a limp. Though her legs hurt, she never fails to take Benji out for his walks, once in the morning and another time at night, because she says he loves his walks. To save on grooming costs, she bought a shaver many years ago just so she can shave him herself. But now, the shaver has grown dull, and she says she will need to get another one soon. Benji eats Pedigree kibbles in the morning. In the night, Auntie Soh rushes home so she can steam some pork and rice to feed him. Benji's harness is very old and his leash is made up of a tattered leash and a rope tied together, yet we can see how much Auntie Soh clearly loves Benji. We were so touched that we gave her a new spare leash that we had on hand. She was so happy and offered to pay for it, even though we know she is not well-off. 

Sweet Benji at the vet with Aunty Soh

His teeth are really bad but this would have to wait as the lump on his right front leg is of greater urgency

We went to the vet last night as scheduled. The whole family, and even Pam, turned up for moral support. The vet saw the lump and warned that it did not look good. It had grown very large and very hard over the last 6 months. Thankfully, it does not seem to be causing Benji any pain or significant discomfort and he was still very happy and active. Thinking that, if it were cancer, it might have spread to his chest, an x-ray was done. If it truly had spread to his chest and bones, then the future would look grim as little can be done. Thankfully, the x-ray results did not show any metastasis. Benji is still not in the clear, though. A biopsy was done and the results expected in 4 days. For now, his wound is stitched up and will need to be kept clean. Kind neighbour, Pam, will check in on Benji regularly to ensure that his wound remains clean and uninfected. She will get Benji an e-collar if required, until his stitches come out in 10 days. 

Poor Benji, such a brave boy. Look how huge the lump has grown to. It's almost the size of his head! (Oh, that's the new leash we gave him.)

Regardless of the biopsy results, Benji will require surgery. If it were cancer, then his whole leg will have to be amputated to prevent it from recurring. If it were benign, then only the tumour will be removed. All we can do now is wait with bated breath for the results. No matter the result, surgery will take place next week. Costs, depending on the surgery, will be around $1.5k-$2k, including a 3-5 day stay as Auntie Soh may not be able to adequately care for Benji during his recovery. 

Poor Benji looks like a wounded soldier with bandages and stitches

Aunty's grooming is pretty good!

Except the shaver is dull so poor Benji ended up with bald patches

Seeing the love Auntie Soh has for Benji, we really want to help them out. Yesterday's vet bill amounted to $790, and we need a further $1.5k to $2k for Benji's surgery next week. We would also like to buy Benji a new harness, shaver and a better brand of kibbles. If possible, we would also like to pamper him with a proper grooming session after his surgery! If you can help with any of these, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Don't worry Benji, we'll do our best to help you.