The Dark Side of the Puppy Trade

Tucked far away from the beaten track, is a puppy farm with hundreds of dogs kept in appalling conditions.  These dogs are not loved pets; they are breeding machines.  Never ever let out of their small cells, they are used to make their owners rich through sales to pet shops.  

Longing for attention and freedom

Imagine your own pet living in a cage all its life. Can't imagine? Then STOP buying pets! ADOPT.

 I am tucked away in a corner. All I do is get pregnant and have puppies, only to have them taken away from me.
 'How could they be so cruel?’ was the only thought running through my mind as I drove the five breeding dogs to the vet. We had received a tip off that they were due to be discarded, so we immediately stepped in to save them. Their eyes, when we carried them out of the breeding farm, showed eyes of terror, telling a life of confinement and deprivation suffered by them their entire lives!  They were wet, smelly and sticky; drenched in their own pee and within a few seconds of entering the van, the stench of urine filled the air. 
Leaving the breeding farm

Where are you taking us?

Just rescued
Intensive puppy breeding is the hidden cruelty behind the pet shop window. The general public are unaware of these puppy breeding farms where thousands of dogs are kept imprisoned for life, churning out litter after litter of puppies. Female dogs come on heat at approximately 5-7 months of age and this is when many unscrupulous breeders mate them for their first litter, when they are still mere puppies themselves.
Imagine this little 5 month old puppy (Fifi) giving birth?
Leslie carrying Murphy at the vet
Lisa arriving at the vet with Ally
Murphy at the vet
Checking how old little Murphy is
Mother dogs are not given any rest or reprieve between litters and are kept in a continual cycle of pregnancy. Stud dogs live their entire lives locked in cages and are let out only when it is time to mate. Both the mother and father dogs spend day after day after day ceaselessly pacing back and forth in small enclosures, their only way of coping with endless despair. These intelligent animals are never walked, socialized or given any love; they are simply breeding machines. Puppies are weaned from their moms between 4 and 5 weeks of age and transported to pet shops for display to the unsuspecting and uneducated public. What the buyer doesn’t see is the puppy’s mother imprisoned miles away in her small cage, awaiting repeated pregnancies.
Ally, sadness in her eyes.

 Drawing blood for a test on kidney, liver, heartworm and tick fever.

Despite being only about 3 + yrs old, Ally's teeth have decayed 
These four puppies and a mother dog were taken from the breeding farm, straight to the vet, then to the boarding kennels for temporary housing.
At the vet, it was discovered that the adult female Scottish Terrier (Ally) had an ear infection and is possibly a carrier for tick fever. Although estimated at only 3 years old, her teeth were showing signs of decay, possibly from poor nutrition. Her front legs are slightly bow-legged, from standing on the wire mesh in the cage all her life. She was due to be discarded because according to the breeder, she was fierce and fought often. We have not seen that side of her as she has been an absolutely darling since we rescued her. Perhaps it was just her ploy to get out of the hell-hole. It was a good move.
Scott, his fur is very sparse and he is lethargic
Scott, being an extremely good boy.
As for the puppies, aged between two to six months, we are concerned as they are young and weak. The youngest girl (Little Lea) is extremely thin and weak, while the male Scottish Terrier (Scott) seems a little lethargic. Both these dogs were also throwing up their food, but we attribute it to the fact that they may not have been fed for some days and so their little stomachs were very empty. You should have seen the way they gobbled their food, as if there was no next meal. The two weaker puppies will be closely monitored and if need be, taken to the vet again.

Little Lea at the vet
At the kennels. Despite removing the top of the carrier, they still feared coming out.
Scotty, looking terribly miserable
Tun Ling and Vivien bathing the pups

Volunteers let the puppies play, run and bask in the sun but the puppies just sat huddled in a corner. Someone asked why the puppies didn’t play. They didn’t know how to. They sat staring blankly into space, just like what they have been doing since they were born. That’s the only life they have known.
After their bath, despite having so much space to play in, they huddled together, not knowing how to play or what to do with themselves.
Each puppy had to be bathed two to three times, and even then, they still reeked of urine. Their fur was badly matted and sparse; you could see that they have not had proper or regular meals. It was sad, at this tiny age, their life of misery had already begun.
Some good loving after his bath; you're safe now Murphy.
Breeding dogs live a sad life. A life of confinement where they are either pregnant or feeding puppies, and this goes on from the time they themselves are puppies, until the time they die. Imagine the damage all this does to the dog's body.  The cruelty is indescribable.
It was only after MANY hours that they realized they could run!
In Singapore, we kill thousands of dogs every year because they are homeless, lost or abandoned.  Why are the authorities on one hand spending money euthanizing dogs and on the other hand, allowing breeding farms to operate, especially at sub-standard? It is time we get them to stop breeding misery.
The next time you or a friend wants a Designer Dog, think how much is that doggie SUFFERING in the window?

Ally (Scottish Terrier / female) – Estimated age 3 years old. Ear infection, tick fever carrier. Due for dental, sterilization, follow up on tick fever and ear infection.
Little Lea (Pekinese x Terrier / female) – Estimated 2+ mths old. Underweight.
Fifi (Maltese x Poodle / female) - Fifi and Murphy are siblings.
 Murphy (Maltese x Poodle / male) - Estimated 5 months old

Should you wish to help with their vet bills, please email Fiona at pops_snaps@singnet.com.sg

If  you're interested in adopting any of these dogs, please stay tuned to our blog for adoption details, which would be up in a day or two. Our preference is for Murphy and Fifi to be adopted together; while Little Lea and Scotty be rehomed together as they are extremely attached to each other.
Little Scotty, clean and happy after his bath!
(Scottish Terrier / Male / 6 mths old)
Thank you for saving our lives
With appreciation

Lynette, for immediately opening her heart and home to fostering Ally.
Photo Credits by Leslie Kok and Lisa Goh
Written by Fiona