Good Samaritans

There lived a family of 5 dogs in the East, where passersby like me will occasionally feed them. Over the years of feeding, some of the dogs were either knocked down by passing cars or went missing (could have been caught). What started out as a happy family of 5, ended with 2.

I had gone for reservist during early September and when I returned from my training, I was told by the uncles working over there that the mama dog was caught by people in a white van. We later found out that she was caught by AVA and the 2 year old son went missing soon after. We soon contacted a number of associations / groups / shelters / individuals for help regarding this matter hoping to find a suitable place for her to stay once we bailed her out of AVA. When we did manage to get someone to temporarily foster her, we decided to rescue her from AVA. I brought her for a groom and a check up and she was diagnosed with tick fever and heartworm. That was also when I met volunteers from HOPE Dog Rescue at the vet and found out more about the dog rescue work they do. As heartworm can be passed on from one dog to another dog, the foster's pets which are not on heartguard, were therefore put at risk and we decided to board her instead at a boarding kennel, while continuing with her medication and treatment.

Mama and son. Border Collie lookalikes.
Our search for her son continued and after a week, we managed to locate her son whom from the East, ended up at Little India. He was brought to SPCA where we had to bail him out as well. He was relocated to another address in Woodlands but he somehow managed to escape. Luckily a good samaritan spotted him walking towards Sembawang and managed to bring him home and they contacted us.

Both of them are now together in a boarding kennel. They have been through very hard lives and have been saved and given another chance in life. We cannot adopt them or take them home with us but we are hoping that kind souls who read this will understand their plight and open their hearts and homes to them.

Longing for a home to call their own

Mama dog is around 6 years old, while her son is probably around 2 years+. Her son has been to the vet and is in good health. Both of them deserve a loving home after living on the streets.

Name: Lucky (Mama dog)
Breed: Local Cross (Border Collie lookalike)
Age: 6+
Sex: Female
Sterilized: Yes
Temperament: Based on our observations, she is of very mild temperament and gets on with humans. She is quiet, calm and wants very much to be out of her kennels.
Contact: Chang Ming (96176422)

Name: Hebai (son)
Breed: Local Cross (Border Collie lookalike)
Age: 2+
Sex: Male
Neutered: Will be soon
Temperament: Gets along well with other dogs and because of his past as a stray, going on for days without food, he loves eating and is rather greedy.
Contact: Hui Ying (90276151)

We hope that kind readers will contact us if they have room in their hearts for one more dog.

Written by Chang Ming.