Healing Music CD For Pets

Have you ever felt a pang of guilt when closing the door on your pet as you leave the house, as it pleaded with you through its eyes not to leave it all alone? We know that we will come home at the end of the day (and we don't love our pets any less just because we go to work or hang out with our friends for one night), but your pet may not. As such, your furry friend may be suffering from separation anxiety the moment you step out, and may continue to be under stress until you return.
Fret not, for with the following music CDs, there is Hope: 
Animal Angels
Animal Healing
Music For Pets
These CDs are compiled specially for pets, by world renowned animal communicator, Margrit Coates. With soothing tunes that feature mellow instruments such as the guitar and piano, the musical pieces can be played while your pet is alone at home, as it can lull your pet into a calmer state of mind, allowing it to be less hyperactive, fearful or nervous.
Of course, airtime for these CDs is not limited to just being a solution for stay-at-home separation anxiety. These CDs also come in handy if your pet is afraid of being in the confines of a car or those necessary (or evil, as they think) trips to the vet. Further, if your pet has experienced some form of trauma, perhaps because it was rescued from cruelty, listening to the gentle tinkles and peaceful tunes may also help gradually relieve their emotional scarring.
An essential gift from you to the animal angel in your life. Each CD costs $30 (inclusive of local postage) and all proceeds will go towards our animal rescue projects - sterilization fees, food costs and vet bills. To place an order for these pet music CDs, please email Fiona at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg the following details:
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#3 Music for Pets  : ______ (qty)
Mode of Payment: DBS or UOB Fund Transfer (Please indicate which bank is preferred)

We use these CDs when we work with rescued dogs, street dogs, as well as pets who may have separation anxiety, fear, stress and many other emotional issues.
Just because we lead hectic lives doesn't mean that our pets have to suffer the same stress as we do. We have our iPods and our YouTube; they only have YOU. A little music goes a long way. Get your CD(s) today!