George Has A Foster

George has found a foster! Yesterday we picked George from the boarding kennels and took him to his foster home, where he will stay till this coming Saturday. Karen Soh had read about George on our blog and wrote in to offer to foster and feed him his daily medication. We are grateful to Karen for offering to help George. We would also like to thank the many other concerned friends and readers who called and wrote in to offer help. We are extremely touched by their kindness. 

Karen has given George a good scrub and says it took two showers before he was rid of the smell of oil on him. This smell is a familiar smell on many strays and it stems from them living under lorries and trucks to get away from the sun and rain.

He is only happy when we visit him.

George was at the boarding kennels for a few days and was extremely depressed as he didn't like being alone or caged up. He didn't eat for two days and has lost even more weight on his skinny frame. He is only happy and his eyes light up when a familiar face visits him.

George doesn't like being in the foster home either
With the new HDB ruling on strays and local breeds being allowed to live in HDB, George now has hope of finding a permanent home, which he so desperately longs for. Would you consider opening your heart and home to George? He is extremely well-behaved and really doesn't ask for very much. All he asks for is the occasional pat, a roof over his head and regular meals.

News from Channel News Asia (12 November 2011)

News from the Straits Times

George goes to the vet this Saturday and if his blood results are normal and he is no longer anemic, he will be returned to the streets to live life as a stray again.

If you can adopt George and make a positive difference in his life, please email fiona@hopedogrescue.org George will be waiting and hoping...

Thank you to all the animal lovers and good friends who have helped contribute to George's medical bills.