Adoption Day This Saturday - Come Save A Life!

Adopt A Dog. Save A Life.

Please do NOT buy puppies or dogs. You can never start to imagine the sad lives these breeding dogs lead; caged up all their lives and made to breed twice yearly from the time they are 6 months old, till they are old and white and when they have outlived their productivity, they are simply discarded in an extremely inhumane way. Think! Stop breeding cruelty.

The dogs we have available for adoption are all rescued. Some were lost and never claimed. Others were abandoned when their owners had babies, got tired of them or simply when they no longer wanted a dog. HOPE Dog Rescue believes that all dogs should be given a fair chance at happiness and a life they truly deserve. Dogs are loyal, intelligent and selfless animals and not only do they bring us tremendous joy, they have so much to teach us as well.

Read about Crystal's heartbreaking story here and love her for the rest of her life! 

Keen to adopt Rei? Read about his fight for survival and his amazing road to recovery!

Teddy was found wandering along Paya Lebar some weeks back. His vision is poor and he now needs a new home and a new loving owner that will care for him.

Sparky and Momo were rescued from this pile of rubble in a construction site when they were less than a month old. Will you give them a home after what they have been through? 

All dogs are well behaved and and a pleasure to have and be with. There are no naughty dogs and no badly behaved dogs. If there are, it is the owner's fault for not having guided and nurtured the dog.

Should you wish to adopt a dog, please email us at fiona@hopedogrescue.org and we will email you a questionnaire to get to know you better. We will then provide you with more details on this Saturday's viewing of the dogs. After you have met the dog you intend to adopt, our volunteers will carry out house checks over the next two weeks, after which we will inform you if the dog has selected you to be his / her guardian for the rest of his / her life!

Please note that viewing of the dogs this Saturday is strictly by appointment only.

Thank you for choosing to adopt. You have saved a life.