Rei of HOPE

Rei’s recovery has been nothing but remarkable! His will to live has amazed us and he has since been discharged from the clinic. We thank everyone who has contributed to Rei’s well-being in one way or another. You’ve all made a difference in his life and shown him a side of humans that he has never seen or experienced.

Discharged from the vet

Looking healthier and happier

Loving his Lunar New Year treat
Rei has been living at the kennels for the past one week and we were fortunate to be able to find a place for him, as he was discharged just before the Lunar New Year and all the boarding kennels were fully booked. Sadly, we still have not found a foster or adopter for him. Letting him go back onto the streets is definitely not an option, as he isn't very street smart at all. Rei has also been warded at the clinic for so long now that it isn't fair to release him back into a life as a stray, since he has gotten used to regular meals and human contact. The regular meals are doing him good, and he is finally putting on weight and regaining his confidence. Although still very skinny and far from his ideal weight, we are proud of him for having put on 2kg! Since he has recovered well, he has undergone sterilization. We have decided not to amputate his toe, as he doesn't seem to be in pain any more and has learnt to cope with the fracture.

His wounds have healed nicely and we are just waiting for his fur to grow back!

Almost as good as new

His broken toe
Rei is only one of the many street dogs that we help here at HOPE. Each month, we take care of many injured street dogs requiring medical attention. We also rescue breeding dogs, as well as neglected and abused dogs. After we have given them the help that they need, we try our best to find homes for them, a permanent home where they will be loved, where they would not need to fight for survival each passing day, and where they will finally be happy.

Saving Rei
What a strong will to live!
We aspire to create a society where all dogs have a home and a family to call their own. Our street dog sterilization program (Spay It Forward) advocates a catch and release method to lower the stray dog population in Singapore. We really hope that no more puppies will have to be born on the streets into a world of pain, where survival is a daily struggle. We do what we can with the limited resources that we have, and we sincerely thank you for reading about our work and showing an interest in helping us help the dogs.
A big thank you again to everyone who has helped Rei, for renewing his faith in mankind. However, he still urgently needs a foster or a forever home.

The amazing dog
Will anyone please adopt sweet Rei? He will be happy as a garden dog, or even a factory dog, as long as he doesn't need to be back out on the streets. If he gets attacked on the streets again, he may not be as lucky as he was this time. He is a wonderful dog and all he wants is pats, love, and attention. He is very sweet to people, and is slowly learning to get on with other dogs, as he has had a tough life fighting with other dogs on the streets.

Should you wish to meet Rei or adopt him, please come visit him this Saturday 2pm as he will be at the vet for his second vaccination. For more details, please send Fiona an email at fiona@hopedogrescue.org

Read Rei's full story, from the moment we found him, hurt and helpless, to his amazing journey to recovery.

We long for the day that every dog has a home and every home has a dog!

Written by Elena Lin