"Sunday" Is Missing. Please Help Find Her!

Our rescued street dog "SUNDAY" ran out of Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Redhill) on 23 March (Friday) at 6.30pm. According to Dr Ang Yilin, Sunday ran out of the clinic when a customer opened the main glass door. I was on the way to pick Sunday and take her to her new foster home to start a new life and leave her street life behind . . . .but that was not to be.
The receptionist called to inform me of "Sunday's" escape and said she had run out 30 mins ago. I wish they had informed me immediately; 30 mins is precious time when we track lost dogs and how did "Sunday" manage to sneak past 2 doors in the clinic?
Would it have been different if it was a pet and not a stray?
I rushed down and together with 3 other friends, searched the vicinity from 7pm to 3am but there was no sign of our rescued dog.
Today we continued our search but it was futile. We are exhausted and probably, so is "Sunday".
She was wearing a green collar and is microchipped. Please do help us look out for her, circulate this email and walk around calling out for her if you live around Bt Merah, Henderson, Telok Blangah, Tiong Bahru, Lower Delta and Bt Purmei.
It's been more than 24 hours, she could have wandered very far. We didn’t rescue a street dog, spend good money, time and effort saving and helping her, for someone else to lose her.
If you see her, please keep your eye on her and call us immediately : 90477225 (Lisa) and 98391308 (Fiona). She is not aggressive. In fact, she is the sweetest little darling around, but she may be a little wary and is more familiar with us.
Photographs courtesy of Jo-Ann Spitzer and Lisa Goh.