Day 6 - The Search For Sunday Continues

Friends have been combing the area every morning, noon and night in search of “Sunday”. A construction worker might have seen a dog looking like "Sunday" walking around a heavy vehicle car park near the junction of Beo Crescent, car park facing Delta House at 8+pm last night (Tues, 27 March). This is directly behind the School Exams Board (SEAB) and Tiong Bahru Park 2.

Sponsored by Melanie

We have had many calls and many leads but these leads led us to "wrong dogs". Nevertheless, we follow up on every lead we get.

We also have naysayers telling us we should not search for "Sunday" because she does not want to be found, or perhaps she prefers going back to the industrial estate where she came from. If everyone starts thinking that, then "Sunday" will NOT be found. Then we might as well conserve our energy, save money and hope she will appear when she is ready.  

To be rescued from the streets is not something that happens everyday. We often feel that they literally have to sacrifice themselves, get really sick, hit by traffic and be in such a pathetic state before we notice them and save them. How many get rescued? How many street dogs are rehomed? You can count them on one hand. The strongest survive the streets. The weaker ones suffer, get bullied and hopefully with some luck, are rescued.

With the help of our friends, fellow animal lovers and the angels that have guided us in our rescue work from Day One, we WILL find "Sunday". It wasn't easy for her to go from street dog to pet. She is our responsibility and we will not stop till we find her.

If you have some time to spare today, tomorrow, whenever . . . . .please walk around the area to look for “Sunday”. She is tired, scared and needs our help. We appreciate friends that have detoured to drive around that area just so they can help to look out for "Sunday".
If you have transport or don’t mind walking on foot, please help search. Print some posters, bring your own masking tape and paste posters around. Thanks.

There is a reward of$1000/- for the safe return of “Sunday”.

Emergency contact numbers : 9839 1308 Fiona  / 90477225 Lisa  /  98806082 Lily
We would like to thank everyone for their kind words of support and encouragement, helping in the search, circulating the messages, and doing their part to help find “Sunday” in one way or another. Everything you do makes a difference. We have been extremely touched by everyone’s concern and we hope to find “Sunday” soon.
We would also like to thank the following friends for sponsoring “Sunday’s” $1000/- reward.  Carol ($600), Veronica ($250), Effi ($100) and Haley ($50); and Lisa (Whiteclip) & Carol for the printing of “Sunday’s posters; Melanie for sponsoring the Chinese advert above in Lianhe Zhaobao.
Thank you everyone. Please continue the search. Keep the faith.

Contributed by Lisa Goh