Update On Prince

Prince recently went to the vet for his usual blood test. His blood count has increased from 28 to 34.5. The normal blood count is 35, so he’s almost there! His platelet count has increased from 49,000 to a whopping 86,000. Still below the normal 145,000 but we feel very encouraged by his improvement.

Prince has put on more weight – he is now 4.3kg. His sores have all healed nicely while the scarring on his right eye is slightly better.
Prince now weighs 4.3kg!

His blood still does not clot well, and so Prince bruises easily. Bruises can just appear and his foster has to constantly be on the lookout. He cannot play rough in case he knocks or bumps into something and bruises appear. He needs to be carried gingerly and cannot be held too tightly.

Some areas the foster is keeping a close watch on: black stools, which indicate serious internal bleeding (if this happens, Prince will need to be rushed to the hospital) and nosebleeds, which also indicate internal bleeding.
Prince is eating well and sleeps better. He has even learnt to play fetch!
Watch Prince preparing himself for bed 

Thank you everyone for meeting Prince on Saturday (May 19) and loving him.

Volunteer, Rina, carrying Prince during Meet the Prince session

We thank Prince's fosters for taking such good care of him.

Update: 22 June 2012
Prince in his foster home 

His tummy is getting rounder

Prince has been recovering well in his foster's home and his fur is slowly growing back. His foster commented that he has been quite a cheeky dog too, always pawing at her chair during meal times. He has even shredded bags of dog food. Despite that, we are so pleased that he is now behaving like a real puppy!

The vet mentioned that Prince's stomach has since gotten much bigger but this is certainly not to be mistaken for fat. As a side effect of his steroid medication, Prince's stomach will remain bloated for as long as he needs to consume this medicine. 

Blood stains in his poop

Prince had blood in his stools for a few days. The vet said there could be too much protein in his food or the medication could have been too strong. Further monitoring is required on this.

Apart from all this, Prince's health has generally stabilized and we are extremely pleased with his progress thus far. This little boy has indeed come a long way.

We thank everyone for all their love, concern, contributions and prayers. We will now channel our efforts to helping other rescued dogs that need our love and attention.

We strongly believe in NOT BUYING pets and NOT supporting puppy mills or pet shops that have sale of pets. If you or any of your friends are considering owning a pet, please email alicia@hopedogrescue.org  

We have many dogs needing homes. Tell us what you are looking for and we may have just the dog for you. And you would have saved a life!