Kembangan-Chai Chee Pets' Carnival 2012

Come meet us and and some of our beloved rescued dogs Gorgeous, Emma, Gabriel, and Ashley at the Kembangan-Chai Chee Pets' Carnival this Sunday. We'll be there to talk to anyone who wants to know more about our work and our dogs, and we would love to meet all our dear friends and supporters who have stood by us, believing in the work we do.

The organizers have informed us that there will be no sale of merchandise at this event, thus this event will be purely an adoption drive as well as to share our work with the public.

There is also a carnival with games and snack stalls to entertain the kids while animal welfare organizations and various government agencies involved in pet issues will be present to answer your concerns and questions about pet ownership.

Dog owners can also enter their dogs in contests such as Fastest Eater, Fastest Runner and Fancy Dress.

Date: Sunday, November 25, 2012
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Interim Park (bound by Lengkong Tujoh, Jln Selamat, Lengkong Empat and Lengkong Enam)
Address: 5 Lengkong Tiga, Singapore 417408
Map Link: http://www.pa-nc.com.sg/whats-up/locations/interim-park-bound-by-lengkong-tujoh-jln-selamat-lengkong-empat-and-lengkong-enam/

It's an outdoors event, so check the weather, and don't forget to bring your dogs along!

Find out more about the event here: http://www.pa-nc.com.sg/whats-up/kembangan-chai-cheepets-carnival/

Dogs for Adoption:
Name : Gorgeous
4 months old
Local Breed, her siblings have died from a virus but she is in good health. Full medical check by Vet.
Name : Gabriel
8 years old
Breed : Miniature Schnauzer (abandoned)
Sweet natured, craves love.
Name : Emma
5 years old
Breed : Miniature Schnauzer (rescued from a breeder)
Name : Happy
10 months old
Breed : Local Breed (loves playing)
Name : Sparky
1 year and 8 months old
Breed : Local breed (rescued from construction site. Completed Basic Obedience Course)
Name : MoMo
1 year 8 months old
Breed : Local Breed (intelligent and agile)
Very small local dog, HDB approved.

Name : Ashley
5 years old
Breed : Ministure Schnauzer (rescued from SPCA)