Babu, The Final Leg (No Pun Intended!)

After battling with a serious leg injury from a hit-and-run accident, and nearly dying of distemper, Babu Boy, as you may remember, finally got his sweet homecoming back in June, when we returned him to the factory and his main caregiver, Sharma.

Handsome Babu Boy

Babu had seemed in reasonably good health when he was brought home, though the steel plate inserted from his two surgeries were not removed as the vet was worried that his bones might not have fused well and his leg wasn't strong enough to hold.

Sore and pus on Babu's leg since his previous surgery

Since then, volunteers and friends have continued to visit and provide food to Babu and the two other dogs he lives with, the Babu girls.

Mid October, a friend visited Babu, and noticed pus coming out from the wound, so we quickly made arrangements to take him to the vet. Due to his distemper history, we could not bring him into the clinic, so volunteers Nick and Iris sat with him outside the clinic for a two-hour wait.

Poor Babu sat there with his teeth chattering, something he has to live with for the rest of his life. The vet had told us that Babu's teeth would chatter even in his sleep, because of problems with his reflexes. Imagine how frustrating it must be to have your teeth chatter uncontrollably every few seconds.

Drs checking on Babu outside the clinic

The doctor gave Babu a check up, and prescribed him a month's worth of antibiotics for the inflammation and to clear his infection. He is to go back in a month for a follow-up. If his wound heals nicely, he would immediately undergo surgery to remove the steel plate. If the wound is still infected and weepy, then he would be put on another month of antibiotics, and the process would be repeated until the leg is good enough to be operated on to remove the steel plate.

If the plate is not removed, Babu will have infections and pus seeping from his wound for the rest of his life.

Poor Babu has been very brave throughout what he has had to go through - the accident that left him unable to move freely, the surgeries, the distemper that drained him of his health - and we hope this is the last round of surgery he needs to go through. We want more than anything for him to live out his days free of pain, illness, and time spent in surgeries and clinics.


Babu has just undergone a surgery to remove the steel plate from his leg. He is awake and doing well. He will be under close observation and warded for the next few days before he is discharged. His surgery is estimated to cost $2000. Please buy our HOPE 2013 calendars, which features Babu and help fund his hopefully final hurdle to good health!

Babu featured in our HOPE 2013 Calendar

Written by Lin Yanqin