Matthieu Needs A Miracle (3rd Update)

Dearest Matthieu has been staying in his cage at the vet's since the last blog update on 3rd of November 2012 as no offers of fostering came in. For a dog who is used to the outdoors all his life, Matthieu is depressed being cooped up in the confined space of the cage.

Sweet Matthieu
The volunteers try to bring him out for fresh air and exercise once or twice a week but the weather has not been cooperating, raining each time when we were there. So we ended up sitting with him outside the clinic, patting, massaging him and getting him to walk a few steps every now and then for hours each time. He loves the attention and being out of the clinic environment. We saw him progress from trembling slightly with fear at the beginning to having a big grin on his face, looking totally relaxed. Sometimes he would fall asleep while we chatted. 

Enjoying all the female attention
Sherry and Leslie encouraging Matthieu to walk

Taking a breather
Matthieu has been tested positive for ringworms and because of this, is unable to proceed with his spinal surgery. Unfortunately there seems to be one delay after another for his surgery and we are terribly worried about his well being. We are praying that his ringworms will clear so he can proceed with the surgery but being cooped up in the cage at the vet is not the best of deals.

If only we could have someone to foster Matthieu for 2 weeks, that's all we ask. Two weeks and we are pretty sure he would be rid of the ringworms and he can have his much needed spinal surgery.

Will someone please foster Matthieu? His muscles have wasted away. There are red fluids in his pee, a result of his muscles wasting away and the delays are really just working against poor Matthieu.

This is not blood in his pee. According to the vet, this is muscle wasting away.
Like all surgical procedures, there is a risk but the positive results can be life changing for this poor boy who has gone through so much in his life.

According to orthopedic specialist, Dr Ben Landon, Matthieu's condition might improve or remain the same after the spinal surgery but it will not get worse. We were concerned that he might also lose the use of his front limbs but Dr Landon assured us that the 2 front limbs will not be affected. We will take the risk and hope for the best.

He has gone through way too much
After the surgery, Matthieu will need hydrotherapy, massage and acupuncture regularly to awake and strengthen the muscles, improve mobility and the blood circulation in his body. Hopefully we will see positive results in about 6 weeks after the surgery.

Trying to get Matthieu to exercise
Matthieu has been receiving acupuncture 2 to 3 times weekly since he was warded. While the progress has been slow or insignificant, he has had made attempts to stand even though he did not succeed. We hope that with the continued treatments of acupuncture combined with hydrotherapy and massages, we will see a more significant progress.

Please pray for Matthieu that his spinal surgery will be a success and year 2013 will be a brand new beginning for him. Thank you all for your kind support and concern for this gentle soul. 

To foster or adopt Matthieu, please email sherry@hopedogrescue.org.

Written by Leslie Kok. Photographs courtesy of Buveneswari.