Do They Know It's Christmas?

Thanks to Doggiestyle Café and HOPE Dog Rescue, they might have known, even for just one night.

Ivy of Doggiestyle Cafe mixing food
Christmas is the season for HOPE and giving, and that's just what the fine folks at Doggiestyle Cafe have been doing. For the past month, they have been taking orders for special doggie log cakes and allocating part of the proceeds towards feeding the street dogs that HOPE Dog Rescue cares for.

Staff of Doggiestyle Cafe

It took 6 staff of Doggiestyle Cafe 10 hours to painstakingly prepare the sumptuous feast for the dogs. No expense was spared that day. They used 332 cans of canned food, 40kg of kibbles, 5kg of rice, 150 eggs, and 26kg of delicious cooked liver and beef. The total weight of all that food was a whopping 87kg!

So on 27 Dec, the owners of Doggiestyle Cafe, Ivy and HP, and a team of volunteers from HOPE (consisting of Fiona, Lisa, Esther, Nicholas, Iris, Buven and young 11-year-old Megan) went down together to deliver the feast to the street dogs. It took 3 hours to get every dog fed, and everyone was smiling the whole time.

HOPE Volunteers

HP and Ivy of Doggiestyle Cafe

A happy and grateful customer!

Christmas is a time for happiness, and for helping the less fortunate. While most of the world was celebrating Christmas at home, warm and cozy with their families around a glittering tree, our furry friends were wandering the streets like they do any other day of the year, sniffing the ground and wondering where their next meal would come from. Although they may not understand the meaning of Christmas, it was a privilege to be able to bring them that tiny bit of joy with our hearty Christmas feast this special time of year.

Factory dogs, brothers Karyi and Moet, cared for by Myanmar workers
Stray puppies. Adopt them?

Dear canine friends, you were not forgotten this Christmas. We hope we succeeded in bringing you some holiday cheer and making you feel special and loved, if only for the one day this year. We look forward to the year ahead with you, and we'll be working hard to make sure each and every one of you gets the life you deserve!

All of us at HOPE Dog Rescue would like to sincerely thank Ivy and HP at Doggiestyle Cafe for their initiative, and their wonderful customers for ordering the log cakes and supporting the effort. We wish you a Happy Christmas, and a Merry New Year!

Thank you for remembering me!
Note : HOPE Volunteers feed the street and factory dogs twice weekly throughout the year, rain or shine. Should you wish to donate canned food or kibbles to these dogs that we feed, please email alicia@hopedogrescue.org and fill their empty bellies with a proper meal.

Written by Elena Lin. Photography by Esther Low.