Volunteering With HOPE

We are recruiting animal rescuers.

Loving and caring for animals goes without saying; but what will make you stand out from the pack?

If you don’t mind getting dirty with dog vomit, blood or mud.

Cleaning dog poo, blood and vomit is a regular affair

If you have a dog pee/poo on you and can laugh about it.

If you are willing to commit time to helping out and you don’t mind cancelling dinners with friends or skipping other social outings as rescue work is last minute and ad-hoc.


Having dinner with the dogs because often we rush to the kennels right after work to spend quality time with the dogs

If you can kiss and hug a stray, without worrying about getting dirty or contracting ringworms.

Spending precious weekends playing with street dogs in industrial estates

If you can rescue an injured animal, feel sad about it but bounce back stronger and more willing to help.
Rescued from a puppy mill

Rescue Rangers at work

If you can get down on your knees and do manual labour – bathing dogs, walking / training them, cooking and feeding them, cleaning up after them and more.

If you can put your ego aside and work with different volunteers for the betterment of the dogs.

A lot of our time is spent in industrial estates, educating workers on the importance of sterilization and being kind to the animals.
You would need to start practising to be an alpha dog at a young age!

Young volunteer, Sara, helping out a a flea mart

Treating all dogs as equals, regardless of breed or background

If you don't complain about the kind of work you are given because you know that no matter what you do, everything makes a difference to the dogs, no matter how menial it may seem.

Finding joy in the things we do (feeding street dogs)

Looking at the lighter side of things
If you can work endless days and nights like us, yet still come back for more.


Allowing street dogs into your car!

Eating dog food and clowning around

Then write in to us. We WANT you! Email to fiona@hopedogrescue.org

We would like to thank White Room Studio for graciously hosting HOPE Dog Rescue's studio shoot. Our photographer, Dan, displayed true professionalism in dealing with our doggies despite their short attention span! Our volunteers and doggies certainly had a memorable evening mingling in the cozy studio.