Updates on Elmo

It’s been almost 4 weeks since we rescued Elmo from his abusive past and we’re so excited to say that he has improved by leaps and bounds! Back then he was a sad scrawny dog weighing a mere 8kg, but now, he looks so much healthier and bulkier at 11.3kg! Elmo has been so much better, under the care of a fosterer, Michelle, since his discharge from the hospital. We’re always so ecstatic to meet a healthier Elmo and extremely grateful to Michelle for her dedicated care towards him. Unfortunately, Michelle will be leaving Singapore soon and poor Elmo will then need another foster from 22 Dec onward .

Elmo seeing Dr Ly

Checking Elmo's eyes

To make matters worse, we visited Dr. Ly, who informed us that Elmo is almost totally blind. It could be that he was born blind or had a brain / neurological problem. As if that wasn't enough, Elmo is also deaf and has congenital skin problems. He still has slight traces of blood in his pee but it has improved significantly as compared to when we first rescued him. Elmo sees Dr. Ly again in a week’s time.

Little Elmo has almost no sight

Ribs no longer protruding

Dr. Ly reckons that Elmo is a very young dog and probably a Sharpei cross. We’re curious to see what he grows out to be!

Elmo arriving at the klapsons Christmas party, carried by volunteers, Iru and Eva
Elmo's friend, Lois, finally got to meet him
Volunteers fussing over Elmo

Guiding his face to the water trough as he can't see

All Elmo wants is to be loved

Enjoying his Christmas pasta, compliments of klapsons The Boutique Hotel
Exhausted halfway through the event

Thankfully Elmo is still eating and drinking well, although the food and water has to be placed right in front of him, or he wouldn't be able to find it. He has learnt to sit despite his disabilities. When we first rescued him, he showed signs of food aggression and bit a volunteer. We have ruled that as his defense reactions caused by his abuse and starvation. Now, with regular meals, more certainty and routine in his life, he no longer shows food aggression and is comfortable with people cleaning, touching and even carrying him!

Elmo is already on the road to recovery. He is such a talented dog, willing to love and learn, despite his shortcomings. Seeing how much he has improved in such a short period of time, we are desperate to find Elmo a fosterer or adopter soon. He has already achieved so much, come such a long way, and it would be the greatest gift for little Elmo to be accepted into a family that can shower him with plenty of love.

Elmo urgently needs a foster from 22 December 2013 to 11 January 2014.

To adopt/foster Elmo, please contact: hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg