Updates on SiDa (After Surgery)

Remember we left off mentioning that SiDa will be undergoing surgery? SiDa is still warded at the vet. It has been 6 days after her surgery. Dr. Ly has performed the surgery whereby SiDa had steel plates and screws inserted into her back. This will stabilize her back and minimize movements. She also has a drain on her back to let fluid out. SiDa is currently in a body cast which means she doesn't move too much. She might have to rely on a catheter for life.

SiDa isn't eating much but at least she's drinking. To prevent her from straining her back by moving about, we placed her into a giant carrier. She sometimes tries to sit up for a few seconds but flops back down shortly since she’s still pretty weak. She cried in pain on the first day post-surgery but we're glad she seems more comfortable now.

Recovering at the vet, wearing a body cast

She has a drain on her back for excess fluids

We made the carrier as comfy as possible

As she can't reach her water bowl, our volunteers have been on shift duties from 9am to 10pm daily since the surgery last Friday, to feed her water and food. Our volunteers have committed themselves to accompany SiDa, pat her, talk to her, and making sure she is not alone and is recuperating well from the surgery.

Watch how her HOPE "maids" care for her http://youtu.be/OmCq71sF3LM 

Through these few days, we have witnessed how strong SiDa was and we're amazed at how tough these dogs are and their tolerance for pain. Their strong spirits touch us. We have so much to learn from these beautiful animals.

Yongyurt visiting SiDa
Dr. Ly mentioned that it will take 2-3 months later to tell if the surgery was a success. It would have to depend on SiDa's willpower to overcome her injuries. Thankfully, SiDa will be discharged to a foster home this afternoon (Friday) and we are grateful towards her fosterer for agreeing to take SiDa in. SiDa is truly a blessed girl. Her fosterer will act as her caregiver, occasionally turning her over so that she doesn’t get bed sores, expressing her bladder and feeding her etc. Hopefully, SiDa will be able to gain some sensation in her hind legs in 2-3 months' time and maybe even walk again! Even if she can’t ever walk, at least she will not be in pain by then and we can get her a wheelchair. That way, she can be more mobile and not lie down every day feeling despondent.

We will still fetch her best friend, factory worker Yongyurt, to visit her every Sunday, so that they don't miss each other too much. We are hopeful for her recovery.

Thank you so much everyone, for your help towards SiDa. We are most grateful and touched by your kindness and generosity. Please continue to keep SiDa in your prayers.

SiDa says Thank You!

To adopt SiDa, please email : hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg