Little Duchess’ Update (3)

Remember Little Aziz? We have renamed her Duchess and we think her ears resemble that of a Dachshund! As she looks quite similar to Harper, with the exception of her large floppy ears, we named her Little Aziz then due to similar unfortunate circumstances that we found both of them in and both were found by Mr Aziz.

Before and after. Duchess' long wound on her belly is healing beautifully

Little Duchess has known more pain in her short time here on Earth than we could ever imagine in our worst nightmares. And honestly, she wouldn't even be alive today if not for kind Mr Aziz who noticed her and called us for help.

We can’t imagine how a 2+ month old puppy survived that mind numbing pain and endured on desperately, waiting to be saved.

When she was just rescued and how she is today, less than a month later.

Gorgeous Duchess. She is much smaller than she looks in the photographs. 

Duchess has had surgery on her stomach, 14 stitches to close up the 8cm wound and also a fracture repair on her broken leg where she had 3 fractures. She had 2 pins inserted into her leg to hold the fractured bones together and Dr Ly commented that some parts of her bones were shattered so badly, he had to remove the fragments entirely, thus little Duchess’ right hind leg will be slightly shorter than the left but this is really a minor issue – we are just grateful that she will soon be able to walk, run and play like a regular puppy once she recovers fully.

She absolutely loves basking in the sun! 

Surgical wound from the leg fracture is healing nicely although she still requires weekly visits to the vets to check on the 2 pins inserted  to hold her bones together. 

Because she is young and her bones thin and frail, she should be receiving lots of rest and minimal movement. Dr Ly also recommends she gets double the dosage of calcium so her bones will heal faster. For now, Duchess needs to go back for a vet review every week, just to ensure her leg is healing well. There is some swelling but the tough little princess doesn’t seem to be in any form of pain. She enjoys exploring and is starting to bear weight on her leg.

Enjoying her snooze in safety and comfort
Baby Duchess, just 3 mths old

The staff at the clinic love little Duchess tremendously, commenting that she is well behaved, eager to please and very sweet natured. Duchess is a smart doggy, and a fast learner - she's already pee pad trained! The green paint on her fur have all been shaved off but she does still have lead poisoning, which will take a while to clear from her body system. This tiny little puppy has gone through one of the saddest existence we can ever imagine.

Intelligent and elegant looking

Despite all the abuse, suffering and pain she had gone through, she’s still such a trusting dog, interacting with humans and enjoying their company! We hope that with enough love and care, Duchess will grow up to be a strong healthy dog, much like how her sibling, Harper, is doing now!

It would be a joy for Duchess to have her own family and for her to have someone say “I love you” to her.

For many street dogs, most will never experience love or compassion. They will never know a life without agonizing pain, immense hunger and complete despair. We pray that a family will come forth to adopt little Duchess. Her road to recovery has started, the desperation she had gone through has been replaced with trust and hope. Duchess is enroute to a blessed and incredible life ahead.

Little Duchess falling asleep

If you wish to help Duchess, you can do so in one of the following ways:
·       FOSTER. You can help foster Duchess from 10 Feb 2014 onwards. For now, her movements should be restricted and she is fed 4 meals a day as she is still a puppy.
·       ADOPT. Find it in your heart to give Duchess a loving home. After such an ordeal, all she needs is LOVE! She needs a loving home environment to rest and recuperate in!
·       Help buy Duchess Calcium powder during this critical recovery period.

Please email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg for more information on any of the above.

Written by June Oh