Valentine’s Day With A Four-Legged

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we sometimes get carried away with all that hype but the best part about having a four-legged partner is that their love for you is unconditional, something you get all year round, not just on Valentine’s Day!

Jaspar and his mommy (Read about Jaspar's rescue)


Not very much that they ask for and in return, you get their devoted love and a forever family!
How often would you find someone crazy and madly in love with you! You’ll easily find that in your four –legged partner, regardless of whether you’re feeling up, down, happy or sad.

Lulu's new mini owner, whom she loves very much.
Cooper, a true gentleman, has been adopted and so loved now.

Your best furry pal would love to spend this special day and everyday with you. No need for expensive holidays, cruises or flowers. Especially NO CHOCOLATES! He’s a cheap date and too good a friend to pressure you into fine dining and expensive dates – in fact, a walk in the park and getting dirty in the mud would be the best gift he could ever have! Lying on the grass, basking in the sun, tossing a few balls – way cheaper and more exciting than golf. He may expect a kiss from you at the end of the night, but he sure won’t tell you your breath smells!

Sparky and Momo - siblings who were adopted as cute puppies and then returned, finally found true love after more than a year in the kennels.

Although your dog loves routines, he is happy with your flexibility. Come home late without an excuse and he is still happy to see you. You can even celebrate Valentine’s Day with him another day and he won’t even mind at all! He probably won’t even notice!

So dogs make the best loves in the world!! If you have a dog, go give him a big hug and kiss. They may seem like they don’t understand your words, but they definitely understand the feelings behind a hug.

Watch a happy video on our doggies that have found love. 

Our wish for all our rescued doggies who have yet to find homes and a family of their own, we hope they find the love and happiness they deserve REAL SOON!

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