Dogs At The Vet

We may not always highlight or share the work we do because often we just have too many cases on hand and too little time to write about every case but what we do is almost round the clock, rescuing, sterilization, answering to calls for help etc.

Recently we have 6 dogs at the vet, for various reasons.

ASHLAN & MISHKA , the two little puppies with maggot wounds, rescued when they were just 6 weeks old. They are now about 2 months old, having stayed at the vet for the past 2 weeks. Their wounds have now healed and we are hoping that angels would come forth to adopt them, to save them from having to go back to living in the worksite.

Ashlan & Mishka. Look how tiny they are, all of 8 weeks.
Ashlan & Mishka for adoption (both males, 8 weeks old, healthy)

KOPI – a dog we feed and sterilized, from the industrial estates. A worker called to inform us that Kopi had not been eating for 2 days and that he was limping. Our volunteers went down after work to check on him and noticed many puncture wounds on both his hind legs. The wounds had pus and was badly infected. He was immediately taken to the vet where he underwent GA to flush out the pus. He is now warded at the vet till he is in a stable condition. He is still susceptible to septicemia and is under observation. Kopi is a young, tall, handsome lad with mesmerizing eyes. He is sweet and shy. He will be returned to the factory when he recovers and HOPE will continue to provide him and his furry friends with food on a weekly basis.

Kopi, puncture holes on both his hind legs

Kopi's one handsome lad

POLKA DOT & BLACK GIRL – two female factory dogs that we sterilized 2 weeks back. Usually after every sterilization, our volunteers will check on the dogs a few days later to ensure their wounds are healing well and that the dogs are fine. So when our volunteers went to check on their wounds, we noticed both of their wounds were red, raw and infected. Black Girl’s wound was slightly open! Both female dogs were immediately taken to the vet to be warded for a few days as where they live is muddy and dusty and we didn’t want to risk further infection. They will be on a course of 2 weeks antibiotics and when their wounds are drier, they will be returned to the factory. We would love to keep them till their wounds healed completely but unfortunately with 6 dogs at the vet, finances are an issue.

Black Girl's sterilization wound was infected and slightly open
Polka Dot's wound was raw and infected as well 
Gorgeous Polka Dot at the vet
Polka Dot is very sweet and affectionate, she looks like a Pointer and is a very rare, good looking street dog. She is young, perhaps slightly more than a year old although looking at her body, you can tell she has given birth at least once or twice. She would make a lovely pet and if anyone would like to give her a home, we would be more than happy to give her a good scrub (she is rather oily from living under trucks) and a complete medical check.

Look at those eyes!

DAWN – The 3-legged dog that we recently bailed out from AVA. Dawn has been warded at the vet for a few reasons;

Dawn leaving AVA

1)      She was very traumatized after her experience of being caught and held at AVA’s pound. She has not stopped trembling in fear.
2)      While at the vet, we noticed she peed blood and is now being treated for that.
3)      She had nowhere to go. We have not found a foster for her and we didn’t want to put her at the kennels for fear of traumatizing her further.

Dawn, at the vet. She is estimated to be about 8 or 9 years old

Dawn peed blood while she was at the vet
We will be featuring Dawn’s story in our next blog post, but for now, we would like to appeal for help with our vet bills. Presently, we owe $6000 in vet bills and that’s a pretty hefty sum. The clinic has been very kind and gracious in allowing us credit but we need your help before this amount escalates to an even scarier figure. We thank you all for all that you have done for us and our rescues. We would not have been able to give so many dogs a second chance without your support and compassion.

Here’s what we need help with :

1)     Adopt Ashlan and / or Mishka (unlikely to be HDB approved)
2)     Adopt Polka Dot (not HDB approved)
3)    Foster / adopt Dawn (she is a little wary of people and will try to snap but given space and time, she is alright. She needs a patient foster to teach her to learn to trust humans again)
4)      Help with vet bills