Kate’s Updates

What did your dog have when he was 5 years old? Love? Toys? Food? A family? For most, your dog was probably the center of your life, showered with love, food and perhaps the best that you can afford. As for our little furry friend, Kate, she was not so lucky. She grew up on the streets but was blessed to be found by Ailing, who then started feeding her every evening 3 years back and sterilized her so she would not be constantly giving birth to more homeless puppies. Sadly, Kate was hit by a fast moving vehicle on high impact, and dragged a short distance. Her right eye popped out of the socket and had to be removed during surgery, her jaw was fractured and she had multiple abrasions under her body.

Kate before her accident (pic from feeder, Ailing)
When Ailing went to feed her and realized she was missing, she asked around and was told that Kate had been taken by HOPE to the vet as she was badly hurt in an accident. Ailing then contacted us to find out more and to visit Kate at the vet. Ailing told us how sweet Kate is and that Kate is the only one among her pack to survive as she described the horrible traps that were set for Kate’s partner and daughter. Kate survived only because the workers shooed her away, but for her family, they weren’t as fortunate . . . . .

It's been 5 days after her surgery but Kate is still disorientated as she tries to cope with the loss of an eye, and will be at the vet for another 7 to 10 days before she feels well enough to be discharged. She can no longer live on the streets as her vision is impacted and it would pose more danger to her life. The other option is that she spends the rest of days living in a kennel and that really isn't a life, from freedom to being confined within 4 walls.

Ailing (feeder) visiting Kate at the vet
Face still swollen from the accident

Will any kind soul foster or adopt Kate? She is estimated to be about 4 to 5 years old, very sweet and mild tempered. She has been through hell and back, all she needs is love for her to recover, accept and learn to live with her disability. She is sterilized and healthy, although she isn't small enough for HDB living.

Thank you everyone who have helped with her vet bills, let's hope she doesn't need to undergo a jaw surgery. We will continue to provide updates on our Facebook page when there are changes to her condition.

If you can adopt / foster Kate, please email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg 

Written by Ryan Chee